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  1. you go into the data/units/beings folder and open up the u_teammates.xml. this file shows what each team member uses as it's model file. when you open it up, just look for these lines for each character: <!-- BEASLEY --> <unit type="being" name="teammate_beasley" slot="5"> <model file="/beings/ghost_lead/ghost_lead.xml"/> you can see the model file and where it states what model this team member uses. you just open up the u_mex_guerilla.xml and the model file from the rifleman and it should look like this after you copy and paste: <!-- BEASLEY --> <unit type="being" name="teammate_beasley" slot="5"> <model file="/beings/mexican_army_rifleman/mexican_army_rifleman.xml"/> and then your ghost operator will look like the rebel fighter, just like in my pic, but with the default skin
  2. by the way, the reason i gave them unit patches is because in combat i smoked one of my guys because i thought he was an enemy fighter, so i added the patch to offset this. To get rid of the plastic effect, copy over the Alpha Channel from the original unmodified .DDS. thanks
  3. well, i want to touch up the patch first and align it better. you also get the same face of the rebels , but i can live with that. it looks cool to see the team wearing bdu's and not all the future warrior stuff. also, i don't know how to get rid of the plastic look by the way, the reason i gave them unit patches is because in combat i smoked one of my guys because i thought he was an enemy fighter, so i added the patch to offset this.
  4. i decided to change my ghosts camo and look. so, i switched my ghost team to the mexican rebel rifleman look. i changed the camo scheme of the mexican and turned uniform into woodland BDU's .
  5. i said "oh, what the hell" and posted some of these textures for ya, enjoy!
  6. Is what I was looking for!!!!Thanks a lot bugkill!!! to give you guys a heads up, you click on the camo you want and it will take you to the next page. you will see a bigger version of the camo at the bottom. you have to click it with your middle button on your mouse and then right click to "save picture as". it is a bit tricky
  7. your camo is off, you may want to try this website http://www.imsplus.com/ims7.html
  8. actually, the dev's got the camo all wrong for the NPC's. they should have used desert MARPAT, not the 3 color desert camo because the NPC's are supposed to be marines so, i would recommend you request that camo if you want true accuracy.
  9. here is a couple of updates. still trying to get better with making the tabs better :
  10. gonna update the tabs here soon (need to be better)
  11. here is the pirate patch: and another shot of the tabs:
  12. here is a couple of screens of me screwing around with the textures. would like some pros to tell me how to texture different camo textures that acutally look good (want my ghosts to have 3 color desert camo). gave my operators the pirate's patch on the right shoulder and special forces and ranger tabs above the unit patch:
  13. 1) new skins for MP (should have the choice to pick the look of your character) and SP (after completing the game, would be nice to play again with a different look). 2) more weapons for SP and MP that are in the US SF arsenal (several variants of the M4, M24, SR25, M14, SR47, SPR, etc.). 3) need gunshot wounds and dismemberment from explosions (nothing overly excessive). 4) you got everything else covered in the patch for june
  14. dude.....you awake? This thread is about people who have it and are already bored by it. ← read post above yours
  15. damn, i could have sworn that i read a post about not buying it for a year. my fault
  16. to the guys dissing the game without ever playing it, please shut the hell up ! i'm getting tired of reading posts by guys who refuse to buy it, but want to sit here and make statements about wanting to see things changed on a game that they don't have. you don't want to support the game? fine, it is your right, but you don't have the right to tell GRIN or UBISOFT on what to do with it, since you refuse to pay for it. i forked over my money and i'm satisfied with their work (having a good time with SP), but like others, i have my requests for future mods. the difference is that i actually supported the game and the GRIN/UBI team. so, i can post on here some things that i would like to see because i actually bought their product. i don't care how much of a fan you were of GR1! that was then, this is now. you can either sit there and continue playing GR1, or you can fork over your money and get GRAW. please make up your mind and stop posting about "i'm gonna wait a year or until the next patch is released". it does those of us with the game no good because you don't have the damn game to play against us on MP. then some of you want to talk crap about the Domination mode and it's lack of tactics. buy the damn game first and bring us your tactics!!!!!! those of you who don't have GRAW, but want to flame it, are not part of the community (the GRAW community), so stop fakin' as if you are and stay with the old games!
  17. i am really enjoying the SP campaign (will do MP later, once i'm satisfied with my skills) and GRIN has done a great job i'm not going to compare it to GR1 or the others because they are all part of the same series and GRAW is an extension of the previous games, not in competition with them. the pacing of the story is good and the AI is very good (they are also put in very good spots in SP). the graphics look great on my comp (p4 2.6ghz, all in wonder x800xt 256mb) and i'm able to play with texture settings on high (tweaked the render_settings), but i had to put the post effects on low, works and looks fine for me. if anyone from GRIN happens to read this post, i will only ask that they could add some more weapon choices in SP and MP (like the m4, sa80, etc.) and skins like the ones used in GRAW on the 360. would love to do this campaign again, but some new skins and extra weapons will go a long way in making the experience better the second go around . i truly love this game and it is great, it's worthy of the GR series.
  18. No dedicated servers Nothing other than DOM mode, which sounds like it runs poorly = no purchase until the MP patch comes out in June, if it comes out, I don't trust, I verify then trust. Liked the DEMO Grin, now come on, deliever to the MP community! ← semper, don't sweat it and just do what you want, which is to wait those of us who got it already (just installed it) will not be going anywhere and we will continue to play this game, and we hope to see you soon. some of you guys don't need to post about not getting the game because it is your choice not to buy it. you cannot give an honest opinion about the game because you do not have it. you are basing your opinions from second hand info and you should not do that. you choose to stay on the sidelines and not get the game, and i understand that you want to make a plea to GRIN on fixing some things. i just don't agree with the fact that you liked the demo, but won't purchase the full game? oh well, to each their own
  19. i will get my copy today and domination mode is definitely better if you have more people. the mode is built for having large teams and once we all get our games, you will see more people online they also said that the MP patch is coming out next month and it will add a map editor, new COOP missions, and deathmatch modes. so, i expect this game to pick up some steam in the next month and i'm really looking forward to it.
  20. negative the uniforms would be preset (like in the 360 version) and you will not be able to change the color. you would only be able to change your face and headgear. GRIN would be the ones that would create the different camo schemes and different model types.
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