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  1. i have seen many skins done by the pros, but can we get someone to make a 3 color desert (dcu) for the ghosts with a black helmet. leave the boots, body armor and tactical vest the same, just change the helmet to black and make the uniform in a 3 color desert camo (not the chocolate chip). would greatly appreciate it if any you guys can hook this up.
  2. ok, good to hear and i definitely was not questioning your research. i just can't wait to install this mod and use it. have you ever thought about adding little touches like "butt numbers" on the buttstock and adding scratches. also, would be cool if you could explore the possibility of having the camo paint look worn. i like the weps to have a bit of a worn look due to all the training we did the weps began looking worn quickly. just throwing out some ideas.
  3. the pics look nice, but you do seem to have a layering problem and i can't really make out the paint in the first pic, but the woodland looks awesome i had only seen one operator paint his sidearm and we all ribbed him for it because it just was not necessary. i would have recommended leaving that alone, but to each their own. anyway, nice to see the pics and i will definitely add your camo schemes for the m4, thanks!
  4. i changed over to the sig and i was with one of the SF groups before i left active duty. i'm now an infantryman/paratrooper in a LRS unit.
  5. it is true that we switched after the deployment, but the weapon defintely has it's plus side. like i said before i had to get used to it and i did, just like any other weapon. the ###### was damn accurate though, no lying about that.
  6. yep, that was my sidearm in afghanistan. it is very accurate, pretty big in my medium hands, but i got used to it.
  7. how about some pics of the weps you retextured?
  8. i have yet to be able to have fun with this beast and i was hoping if you guys could post some action screens of the mod.
  9. nice job i hope this spurs some guys to possibly make a m14 DMR, sr25 or SPR for GRAW. those sniper systems would be more suited given the offensive nature of the missions you are given in the game. the barretts would be used primarily in a defensive role and i think the lighter sniper weapons would be better suited.
  10. Just do it youself. Switch to the marine character already in the game. Check this topic. You can apply it to any character, just switch apperance in the XML files. i think he meant more guys like these http://media.militaryphotos.net/photos/Spe...sk_Force_20/aak http://media.militaryphotos.net/photos/Spe...Afghanistan/aam
  11. snow, i told you that you would light a fire with this addon great job and i'm not surprised that you have put out another top quality piece of work you da heat!!!!!
  12. i freakin' love the game! the MP is simply hilarious and the SP is cool. the gore and violence being mixed in with the tactics is what sets it apart from other shooters. the graphics is off the chain and i have yet to have any problems. if you got a 360, go out and get this beast
  13. what SOF mod are you talking about? what i like most about the chr is that he is using the half-head helmet used by navy seals (army sf has a version also) and the footwear is accurate also. it would be a great addition to some missions because i like to make missions that feature different sets of units doing other objectives, like a joint operation.
  14. does anybody have this chr or one similiar: could really use it for some mission making. by the way, it's argyll's SOF chr.
  15. Where did you get this intel, m4's are bein phased out, and yes, there wont be any, they will be going to NG and big Army units. sent you a PM on this issue, mate
  16. well, i for one hope that this mod will start a resurgence in other mod makers to come back to GRAW and release some content. it would also be nice if GRIN could be able to provide a patch that will provide more weapon and character options in SP and MP. it is a shame that it took Snow to be the one that will provide the m4 for us. yeah, i know that GRAW is set in the future, but if you think that m4's won't be around in SF in the next 5-8 yrs, you are sadly mistaken. the devs should have known that they should have included the m4, m14, SPR, and sr-25 because it is in the special operations arsenal and it should have been in the game from day one. most in the GR community are gun freaks and they love having a squad with various weapons, not the handful we got with the original release. i think that is why GRAW pc is doing "so so" and the graphical overload made it even worse. i wish i had modding skills because you can bet that i would be doing exactly what Snow is doing and those of us that are left around here need to support him and others for doing this work for US. this m4 is going to be sweet and i hope it will inspire others with modelling skills to come in and start modding the ghosts (getting tired of the futuristic look, especially for MP). Great work, Snow
  17. i know it has been out awhile, but i was deployed during that time and i was away from ghost recon. i have started playing ghost recon again due to the fact that GRAW is not up to par with it's mods (not enough character or weapon models to keep it fresh). i was trying to get chem's little bird mod, but all those links on the forums are dead and i was hoping if someone can be able to post here or send me a D/L link. thanks!
  18. nice start, the camo looks good, can't wait to see the final product!
  19. here is the examples of some skins that would be perfect for GRAW: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v495/bug...0003888vz-1.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v495/bug...20world/tf6.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v495/bug...0world/asfq.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v495/bug...ld/pj0415lg.jpg some seals: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v495/bug...0world/aac1.jpg some woodland versions: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v495/bug...seals0021gc.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v495/bug...orld/af13qq.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v495/bug...ld/afsir8xd.jpg yes, these are US special operations forces and i think that the community could use some skins that look like these. i'm truly surprised that noone has made them yet.
  20. great job , i sent you a PM about the skin and i also added some more examples for possible future US SF skins. i hope you can do it, thanks!
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