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  1. I'm starting to like them more and more, but it took a while to get something that looked balanced. Still going to tweak a few things like the flag. I might be able to take the Mitchell head and do a few texture variations to represent the different guys. I would just use their heads, but the helmet is part of the mesh on the other guys. At least his neck shouldn't poke through. It seems that the small majority here likes them so it might be the way to go. I do like that they are different enough from the mercs and sf and not too space age. Only problem with using the merc and sf bodies is you look like the enemy kind of. How about giving some of the operators unshaven faces. They look a bit too clean cut and I think that some beard stubble would be perfect.
  2. Mine are similar to yours, but your work is better. If possible, could you post the xml files so that I could update mine? I really like those better than I do the merc uniforms, because the merc boots just look ridiculous to me, and your gear setup was done exactly the way I tried to do mine. I really did not mind the neck through the collar, a very small flaw in my eyes.
  3. It did look a bit big. I shrunk it down some. Man, I wish you could be able to give the Ghosts unbloused boots, because they look a bit weird with the boots bloused. That was the only problem I had with using the merc outfits, so I switched back to ghosts uniforms, but I definitely kept your helmets. Is there any way to let them keep the merc look, but also give them unbloused boots?
  4. Bro, just ignore us and finish what you got almost done. I think the MK18 and the other additions are good enough, and I think that you should just concentrate pushing those out for now. You are doing us a great service by sharing your work, which I'm sure takes up most of your time. Please concentrate on what you have now and worry about the other requests for future stuff down the road. By the way, did you ever consider hooking up with someone that has texturing skills, so that maybe a couple of your weps could be given a camo paint job down the road?
  5. I think he is designing the mk18 to be used with optics and that the backup iron sights are there for realism. The iron sight will be flipped down and is completely accurate given the fact that many soldiers use them on their m4's. Now, it is possible that Brett could make it where you could have the backup sight without the optic, but I'm not sure about that. Either way, he should leave the mk18 the way it is with the backup iron sights and optics, and look into making it possible to have a variant with the backup iron sight flipped up, but you can't use any optics on it.
  6. It's a good idea, but i'm barely getting this one done, still need to fix things up: With the SCAR and Mk18, its more adding and editing. Sounds good, just something that you may consider down the road. Please continue with this great work you got going on right now. Can't wait to get it.
  7. Brett, Since you are in the middle of adding new weapons to the mod. I figured why not throw out the idea of adding the MP7 as a secondary weapon. I do not know if you can do it or even have the time, but I figured getting your opinion on it. But, if it means delaying what you are doing now for a very long time, do that project later and spit out these new weps.
  8. Wow, just wow. One question though, is the barrel a bit too long? I also forgot to comment on the crane buttstock and I have to say it looks sweet, and it will go well with the other weapons in your pack. Simply awesome work, mate.
  9. I'm definetly leaving the BUIS on because that's what gives the weapon its character imo. The ironsight is not an attachment and doesn't take up a mod id# thankfully. However, the way I have the weapon rigged up, you can just turn it off in the xml if it really bothers someone by setting gfx_ironsight_loda(b) to hidden="true". You can do this with the side panels as well. By default they are hidden. <graphic_group name="bp_ras" culling_object="gfx_rasside_loda"> <lod_object name="bp_ras_side"> <object name="gfx_rasside_loda" shadow_caster="true" max_distance="500" hidden="true"/> <object name="gfx_rasside_lodb" shadow_caster="true" instance_struct="world_tm_ambient_cube" hidden="true"/> </lod_object> </graphic_group> <graphic_group name="bp_sight" culling_object="gfx_ironsight_loda"> <lod_object name="bp_sight"> <object name="gfx_ironsight_loda" shadow_caster="true" max_distance="500" /> <object name="gfx_ironsight_lodb" shadow_caster="true" instance_struct="world_tm_ambient_cube" /> </lod_object> </graphic_group> So, if I'm understanding your post, the little (0-2) sight flips down when not in use, when a scope is attached? That's kind of how I had it working, with my xml editing tricks. I can make it flip down in either one actually. The rear sight that you are using is not the same one that I used with my m4A1. I used the flip up backup iron sight that was not a replication of the iron sights that are the carrying handle. Here is the SOPMOD graphic that shows it: http://www.botachtactical.com/maba60si.html I have seen some guys use that backup sight that you have on the weapon now, but I just stuck with the regular flip up sight. Great pics BTW!
  10. They are left on because they are the backup sight for if your eotech or other optic is disabled, or the batteries run out. I left my backup sights on for that very reason and any soldier that uses an optic on their weapon that requires batteries should leave their backup sight on the weapon. So, Brett, please leave on the rear sight and make it a flip up. It should be down and is there for realism, but the player would have to use a optic in the game, or you can make a version with only the rear sight (ala MGS4) to go with the pack as well.
  11. Brett, You continue to amaze my brother! The weapon looks awesome.
  12. Looks awesome! Could you do a pic with the eotech?
  13. Great work, bro. It looks very good and it will be an awesome addition to the mod. I really think it would look great with a crane buttstock, but I can live with whatever you decide.
  14. Actually, yes. I was planning to add it as a secondary this time around. I don't know about the crane stock though. For various stocks, one thing I've thought about doing is putting them all in the model and having only one commented as on. So you could essentially pick your stock, but you've have to do it in the xml. It's pretty easy actually. Not sure how that would effect mp though. Problem is, each new mesh requires build and texture time even for a stock, then getting it into the game. During the week I don't have too much time to work on this except at night and usually tired. I have a list of things that I never got around to, that was one of them It is great to hear that you are considering it and I hope that you will do it. The reason I brought up the crane buttstock is the fact that your other m4 variants have different buttstocks already, and I just feel that the crane buttstock for the mk18 would be perfect. The only request that I have is that you reconsider on making it a secondary. I think it would be great in the primary slot, despite the size of the weapon, but either way, I'm definitely getting it if you make it.
  15. Bret, Great to see you doing more work for your weapon pack. One question, ever thought about adding the MK18 to compliment the m4 variants? I love the crane buttstock and the shorter barrel, and it is just the type of weapon that would go perfectly with your mod and GRAW2.
  16. What happened with the skin? Is it going to be released?
  17. I think he is bypassing realism in order to make some skins that feature some form of unit identification. I see where he is coming from. Well, if they show up on both sides, I would recommend no unit patches and have velcro instead. Make the units sterile (which means no patches), which could lend credence to their covert status.
  18. The skin looks great, but I would recommend losing the Ranger tab or putting it in the right spot (which is on the left side above the ghost unit patch). The tab needs to be much smaller and I would also include the Special Forces tab given they are a SF unit. If you need some proper ACU tabs, just shoot me a PM with your email. tailer76, Sent you a PM.
  19. Ok, here is what I got: I updated the ages, but I made a few changes that I want you to think about: - MSG Parker is not going to be a automatic rifleman because as the ranking NCO in the Ghosts, he would be in a Team leader (Team Sgt) slot. - Would be best to assign team leaders instead of stating what position they are in, For example, I made Parker a Team Leader and not a demo specialist or automatic gunner. It would be nice to pick two team sgts (my choice would be Ramirez and Parker) and split the rest of the squad. You could then assign each member to a team (like Alpha team or Bravo team) and have the position show like this: CPT Mitchell Position: Ghost commander BRAVO TEAM: MSG Parker Position: Bravo Team leader SFC Brown Position: Automatic Rifleman, Bravo team SSG Allen Position: Sniper, Bravo team SSG Smith: Position: Rifleman, Bravo team SSG Jenkins Position: Communications, Bravo team ALPHA TEAM: SFC Ramirez Position: Alpha Team leader PO1 Rivera Position: Demolitions, Alpha team SSG Hume Position: Sniper, Alpha team SGT Beasley Position: Rifleman, Alpha team SGT Kirkland Position: Grenadier, Alpha team I'm not very big in giving them titles like grenadier or automatic rifleman because in a unit like this, guys will be able to fill out most of those roles. In any SOF unit, most guys will be cross trained in each specialty. That is why you will see many operators with sniper training, commo training, etc. Each team member will have a taste of the other memebers assigned job, but I will leave that up to you to decide.
  20. Damn, I wish you had pointed those out to me, lol. I did not see those profiles mate and I'm going to edit the post ASAP.
  21. Yeah, its true that some people do not care, but I like having the characters have a background. What would be the point in having a character, if you are not willing to have story of the character. Graw is actually character driven in some respects and that is why giving them a good background is important.
  22. Here is what I got so far: SMITH: <string id="bio_smith" value="&lt;c=txt_pos7&gt;SMITH\n\n&lt;c=txt_pos1&gt;DATE OF BIRTH: &lt;c=txt_pos7&gt;08/13/80\n&lt;c=txt_pos1&gt;AGE: &lt;c=txt_pos7&gt;28\n&lt;c=txt_pos1&gt;RANK: &lt;c=txt_pos7&gt;Staff Sergeant\n&lt;c=txt_pos1&gt;SERVICE: &lt;c=txt_pos7&gt;US Army, 2nd Ranger Battalion, RRD\n&lt;c=txt_pos1&gt;POSITION: &lt;c=txt_pos7&gt;Rifleman\n\n&lt;c=txt_pos1&gt;PROFILE: \n&lt;c=txt_pos7&gt;Paul Smith is quiet and polite, never forgetting his manners. In combat Smith transforms into an intense no nonsense warrior. He understands the chain of command and follows orders without question. Growing up in the woods has made him into an efficient battlefield hunter. Smith is usually the first to see or contact the bad guys as he always walks the lead.\n\n&lt;c=txt_pos1&gt;MILITARY BACKGROUND:\n&lt;c=txt_pos7&gt;Graduated the Airborne and Ranger Courses at Fort Benning, GA. Served as a Ranger squad Leader with A co. 2/75th Ranger Battalion and was later selected to the RDD (Ranger Reconnaissance Detachment). While with the RDD, Smith led teams on deep reconnaissance missions in Afghanistan during the hunt for Bin Laden and other top Al Qaeda operatives, and was awarded the Silver Star for his actions when his team was compromised during a recon mission in the mountains near the Pakistan border. He was recruited to serve in the Ghosts and has performed several covert operations with the unit."/> KIRKLAND: <string id="bio_kirkland" value="&lt;c=txt_pos7&gt;KIRKLAND\n\n&lt;c=txt_pos1&gt; DATE OF BIRTH: &lt;c=txt_pos7&gt;06/13/82\n&lt;c=txt_pos1&gt;AGE: &lt;c=txt_pos7&gt;26\n&lt;c=txt_pos1&gt;RANK: &lt;c=txt_pos7&gt;Gunnery Sergeant\n&lt;c=txt_pos1&gt;SERVICE:&lt;c=txt_pos7&gt;Marine Corps, MARSOC \n&lt;c=txt_pos1&gt;POSITION: &lt;c=txt_pos7&gt;Rifleman, Communications \n\n&lt;c=txt_pos1&gt;PROFILE: \n&lt;c=txt_pos7&gt;Kirkland is excitable and heavily motivated, yet slightly rebellious. He is an odd combination of two extremes. On one hand he is an adrenaline junkie who enjoys extreme sports in his spare time, on the other he is a high-tech gadgets and information technology freak. Kirkland is very outspoken and not afraid to speak his mind in any situation. \n\n&lt;c=txt_pos1&gt;MILITARY BACKGROUND:\n&lt;c=txt_pos7&gt;He enlisted in the Marines as an communications specialist on Aug. 15, 1999. He was first assigned to the 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit (SOC). He served in Iraq and Afghanistan, as a member of the newly formed MARSOC (Marine Special Operations Command) and conducted many operations against the Taliban and Al Qaeda terrorists. In 2007, he was selected to the Ghosts. Kirkland was assigned to Ramirez's team and they were secretly dispatched to Pakistan as part of a four man team (Brown and Watson) to conduct covert missions against Al Qaeda operatives that were operating within the country. Dressed as Pakistani Security Forces, the team launched a pre-dawn raid to capture a high value target. But during the assault, Watson was killed and the others in the team were wounded, when they came under withering fire from the terrorists. The firefight lasted for 8 hours and the Pakistani forces were able to kill the Al Qaeda members, but the team was quietly returned back to the United States. After recovering from his injuries, Kirkland returned back to the team and continues to serve on Ramirez's team."/> PARKER: <string id="bio_parker" value="&lt;c=txt_pos7&gt;PARKER\n\n&lt;c=txt_pos1&gt;DA TE OF BIRTH: &lt;c=txt_pos7&gt;06/11/71\n&lt;c=txt_pos1&gt;AGE: &lt;c=txt_pos7&gt;37\n&lt;c=txt_pos1&gt;RANK: &lt;c=txt_pos7&gt;Master Sergeant\n&lt;c=txt_pos1&gt;SERVICE: &lt;c=txt_pos7&gt;US Army, JSOC\n&lt;c=txt_pos1&gt;POSITION: &lt;c=txt_pos7&gt;Team Sergeant\n\n&lt;c=txt_pos1&gt;PROFIL E: \n&lt;c=txt_pos7&gt;Derrick Parker is the oldest of the Ghosts. He’s a career soldier with a lots of field experience and prides himself on being professional. Parker is rock-solid in combat and has a seemingly unlimited stamina. He earned his degree in Political Science while in the Army.\n\n&lt;c=txt_pos1&gt; MILITARY BACKGROUND:\n&lt;c=txt_pos7&gt;MSG Parker is a SFOD-Delta (Delta Force) operator assigned to JSOC (Joint Special Operations Command) at Fort Bragg. Served in Iraq and Afghanistan, as a paratrooper in the 1st/325th AIR, 82nd Airborne Division,where he earned a Bronze Star with V device during a gun battle against Al Qaeda and Taliban militants in Afghanistan. In 2003, Parker was selected to 1st SFOD-Delta (Delta Force) and assigned to B squadron, where he participated in covert operations in Iraq and the Horn of Africa, including a classified mission where he and another Delta operator led a Ethiopian Special Forces unit to target Al Qaeda operatives in Somolia. He was later assigned TAD to the Ghosts for their operation in Asia and led a Ghost team conducting sensitive operations in Iraq. MSG Parker was awarded the Silver Star and purple heart for actions during a raid in the Al Anbar Province. Parker led a Ghost assault team to the target building, but was wounded by enemy fire during the insert while fast-roping from a MH-60 Blackhawk. Despite being wounded, Parker led his team into the building where they captured Ali Asad Masri, a known insurgent leader, and killed four of his top operatives. Upon extracting the HVT, he was alerted to make his way to the snipers (SFC Allen and SSG Hume), who were in an intense firefight with insurgent forces closing in on their position. Parker led his team down dangerous alleys and intense enemy fire to reach the snipers. Parker and his team secured the perimeter until forces from the 2ID Stryker BCT were able to extract them."/> RIVERA: <string id="bio_rivera" value="&lt;c=txt_pos7&gt;RIVERA\n\n&lt;c=txt_pos1&gt;DA TE OF BIRTH: &lt;c=txt_pos7&gt;05/18/76\n&lt;c=txt_pos1&gt;AGE: &lt;c=txt_pos7&gt;32\n&lt;c=txt_pos1&gt;RANK: &lt;c=txt_pos7&gt;Petty Officer 1st Class\n&lt;c=txt_pos1&gt;SERVICE: &lt;c=txt_pos7&gt;US Navy, Navy EOD\n&lt;c=txt_pos1&gt;POSITION: &lt;c=txt_pos7&gt;Demolitions, heavy support\n\n&lt;c=txt_pos1&gt;PROFILE: \n&lt;c=txt_pos7&gt;Miguel Rivera fears very little and shows it. Although he specialized in heavy weapons and demolitions, Rivera is also a linguist, which makes him a strong asset to the team when operating in foreign parts of the world. Speaks fluent Spanish, French, German, Russian, Serbian and Arabic, as well as passable Mandarin and Swahili. \n\n&lt;c=txt_pos1&gt;MILITARY BACKGROUND:\n&lt;c=txt_pos7&gt;Following EOD training at Recruit Training Command, Great Lakes, IL and completion of Dive school, Naval Explosive Ordnance Disposal School and the Airborne and Freefall courses, Rivera was assigned to EOD Mobile Unit One. After serving in Iraq, he was selected to be a member of the Ghosts as a demo specicialist. In 2008, Two Ghost strike teams were attached to a Joint Special Operations Task Force in Iraq hunting Iranian Special Forces operating in the Baghdad area. Rivera was the Ghost Demolitions Team Leader when the task force got a tip of a possible safe house for Iranian Special Forces in a Sadr City slum area. Along with Bo Jenkins, operators from Seal Team 6 and Delta Force, and a platoon of Army Rangers, the task force lifted off on blackhawks and MH-6's to take down the target. Rivera and Jenkins were to go in with the Rangers to assault the second objective that housed the explosives and other devices, while the Seals and Delta took down the safe house. The assault went as planned and the assault team killed 4 members of a Iranian Special Forces team in the safe house, but as the Rangers and the Ghost demo team assaulted the building, they came under fire from inside and one of the fighters detonated a massive bomb that leveled the building. Nine Army Rangers lost their lives and the Ghost operators were seriously wounded in the blast. Rivera and Jenkins recovered from their wounds and returned to duty, but Rivera carries the scars from that day, both physically and mentally, which only fueled his desire to accomplish any mission. "/> ALLEN: <string id="bio_allen" value="&lt;c=txt_pos7&gt;ALLEN\n\n&lt;c=txt_pos1&gt;DAT E OF BIRTH: &lt;c=txt_pos7&gt;10/19/80\n&lt;c=txt_pos1&gt;AGE: &lt;c=txt_pos7&gt;28\n&lt;c=txt_pos1&gt;RANK: &lt;c=txt_pos7&gt;Staff Sergeant \n&lt;c=txt_pos1&gt;SERVICE: &lt;c=txt_pos7&gt;US Army, 7th SFG\n&lt;c=txt_pos1&gt;POSITION: &lt;c=txt_pos7&gt;Sniper\n\n&lt;c=txt_pos1&gt;PROFILE: \n&lt;c=txt_pos7&gt;Richard Allen comes from a family with a long tradition of military service and joined right out of high school. He is soft-spoken, quiet and intense, focusing on his job at all time. Allen has been an outdoorsman all his life and competes competitively in service-wide rifle competitions where he places first quite often. Speaks fluent French. \n\n&lt;c=txt_pos1&gt;MILITARY BACKGROUND:\n&lt;c=txt_pos7&gt;Allen joined the US Army and began his career as a tank mechanic in 1st Armored Division. After his promotion to the rank of specialist, he decided to try out for Army Special Forces and was selected as a 18 B (Weapons specialist. Upon completion of the Q course, he was assigned to 1/3rd SFG on ODA 351 and participated on many missions in Afghanistan with the unit, before being selected to join the ranks of the Ghosts as a Sniper Team Leader. During a direct action mission in the Al Anbar province, Allen was awarded the DSC (Distinguished Service Cross) for actions while providing critical sniper support to a Ghost assault team and infantry personnel from the 2ID Stryker Brigade Combat team during a raid to take out a heavily armed militia force that was responsible for a rash of killings in the area. Allen was credited with killing over 18 enemy personnel that advanced on his sniper position and for providing critical medical support to his spotter, SSG Hume, when he was wounded during the firefight. The sniper team held off advancing insurgents with precision fire from their custom sniper and assault rifles, before relying on their sidearms when they ran out of ammo. A Ghost team led by MSG Parker, fought their way to the sniper's position and took out any remaining threats and extracted the team."/> The reason you guys see a mixture of branches of service is that the Ghosts fill their ranks with operators from other special operations units. You could be Army, Navy, or Marine, and the Ghosts would still recruit you. The idea was to give the operators a background that shows how they progressed from other units and shed a little light on some past missions they have done. I wanted there to be a link between Hume and Allen because they are the two snipers on the team and I wanted there to be a history. I also gave Parker more of a personality and a bit of leadership qualities that seemed to be lacking in some of the characters. The most important thing is showing them to have served in different countries while in other units and the Ghosts. I wanted to show the Ghosts as being part of the war on terror and that is why I added it in some of the bios.
  23. Brett, I'm loving it and I have no problems . Excellent work and now I'm interested in the game again, even more than I did since I had the game, and that is the biggest compliment I can give you. Thanks!
  24. Brett, Great work The units look awesome and the lineup should stay that way. I'm not a fan of the boonie (they look great, just don't want them for my units), but I'm sure that I can give him a MICH 2001 myself. By the way, would you consider giving the helmets a norotos nvg mount http://www6.ocn.ne.jp/~devgru/Helmet.html ? I think it would go well with your outstanding helmets.
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