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  1. I sign. Just look at the Unreal and Half Life communities to see what can be done if the right tools are given to the gaming community. Hopefully this petition will bring more awareness to the GR developers and marketers and future games will give us the right tools.
  2. Set ThePlayerPlatoon to (The player-controlled platoon). Set ThePlayerActor to (The player-controlled actor). Set ThePlayerTeam to (The team including (The player-controlled actor)). Group: <Default> Comment: Blackhawk at Zone Insetion Trigger Event: Blackhawk is within 1 meter(s) of Zone Insetion. Responses: Set Timer_Fade_Screen_After_Drop_Off to expire in 4 second(s). Set Timer_Blackhawk_Hide to expire in 60 second(s). Group: <Default> Comment: Zone Around House Trigger Event: A member of ThePlayerPlatoon is within 1 meter(s) of Zone Around House. Responses: Enable the Group_Blackhawk_and_Ambush script blocks. Continue executing responses if (Actor Spy Friendly is active). Set ThePlayerActor to (The player-controlled actor). Display "Where the hell is Tallon?" to ThePlayerActor for 3 second(s). Enable the Group_Troops_Around_House script blocks.
  3. The easiest way to learn is to open missions other people wrote, and press the script button on the edit menu / panel. Be careful not to save the mission inadvertantely. Every person starting mission editing has asked how to spawn etc. I only know scripting for single player. You have to hide the teams you want shown until you need them. When a team or actor dies it triggers a deathteam or deathactor. Use that to show your actors / teams / platoons. You can do the same with proximity trigger. You must variable set a platoon var to the player platoon. Then proximity player platoon triggers when a player team member goes into the zone you specified.
  4. You can test this by writing a quick mission. I could be wrong, but any team in the same platoon as the dead tango will now be on high alert and investigate. If their plans are paths and their movement is set to all costs, I think they run along the path like crazy, unless off course they are set and LOCKED to walk. They don't investigate unless the problem persists. I think GR's AI is set to mimick real AI as much as it can. Make yourself SHADOW (only 1 team member) then walk around and study them. I often have the problem in reverse. I want the members of the other platoons to become aware, and thus have dealt with this many times. I wrote a mission where I use the Actor sees other actor response in a timer looping every second. This then allows for all sorts of creative scripting. I found that when AI sees you, it does the same as a human. It will pause momenterally. Maybe even a second sometimes. Anyway, if you want I can see if I have the script text of the mission, as IGOR crashes when I try to load the mission. Cheers.
  5. Possibilities are endless for this feature. Think of a mission without NV, or one that starts at 4am. As morning awakes, enemies start their day.
  6. It would be nice if environmental sounds also alerted to enemy activity, you scaring some birds etc. GR does a wonderful job with footsteps and it's AI listening to you. Great.
  7. I agree with Matt03, OFP's sights are good. Would be better if the target was the focus and the rest blurry, but only if you actually aim. Many times you shoot aiming in the general direction of the enemy as you take cover, as you don't have the luxury of a few seconds to take a look and see where the shots are coming from, you just hit the deck, or take cover and then fire back. Of course sometimes firing straight back gives your position away, as the enemy does not always have an exact handle on you and is firing in your general direction. If your squad is spread out, depending on the enemy etc, they may not be able to shoot at entire squad. Many soldiers keep both both eyes open while shooting. If you guys want a nice book to read, Firefight by Chris Cocks, search google. My national service training was geared towards bush / guerilla warfare (lucky for me I ended up in an office), so after the initial training I just listened to the guys talking. South African bush war.
  8. MONOLITH, how can you tease us like this??? Do you want us to turn into drivelling beggars scurrying with groping fingers and trembling mouse as we search and wait for a download time and link?? Have you no mercy on our poor depraved GR souls??
  9. Howzit everyone, and Ryan243 and The_Slink. Truly amazing. Mamon, I don't know much about the American Civil War. I watch the History Channel a lot as I work (half an eye and ear) and they sometimes have a show on that war. Will tape it next time. As I've said before, I think you're doing great work. If you need any mission scripting that you don't have time getting to, I'd like to help. I can email you the missions of my campaign, Vladov's War, that I'm working on. You can then check if the standard is ok. No probs if you're not interested or if the mission scripting doesn't match up to scratch. Cheers.
  10. Thanks Matt03. I'll get around to that one day. I've decided to set to AI seeing distance. It seems that it also changes the player's viewing distance, but I could be wrong. This is on the 2nd map in IT, the camp one.
  11. Howzit everyone and The_Slink and Mamon and Ryan243. Before Rocky tells us to keep it English I can't help but throw in my own little sentence Ek is 'n Afrikaner / boer. I more or less understand the German you guys wrote. Great stuff, tried to learn it once and found my head to be a little flat at the time. Ich wohne auch dem Ost Kuste. On the Natal South Coast. I think civil war mods will bring a total new dimension to GR. It will also bring a bit of education / history and better understanding to how the world's nations have evolved and still are evolving. I'm busy with a mission campaign for GR (only missions). I find Igor scripting fun and easy, but as this is my 1st foray into graphics, (for the command maps), I'm struggling. I've got the world maps sorted out. Mamon, your weps and stuff are looking great - holding my breath for the release. Maybe once you're finished, you'd be tempted to do a Boer War mod? Pleeeaaaase?
  12. Many thanks Don Miguel for such a wonderful mod. The many hours you've put in will be rewarded by the pleasure of all the GR addicts. I'll be making some misisons (hopefully enjoyable ones) once I've played through the mods. THX.
  13. Fog's three colours? Their combinations, anyone experimented with them. I found a post by Viper_Talon and Jack57 that explained a nice way to gradually change the fog, but the colour is white. Yes I know I can go thru the permutations, but I'm tired. Thx
  14. This is not producing any visible results. Anyone know why? I'm trying to know in game (in the script) who the player is at all times, so I can take action depending on the character name. Is that at all possible with the script engine? This is just a sort of test to show me what happens when a player team is selected. Group: <Default> Comment: UITeamSelected so set ThePlayerRef to actor Trigger Event: The player selected a fire team. Responses: Set ThePlayer to (The player-controlled actor). Display ("Player is " + (The owner of ThePlayer)) to all players.
  15. PSP 7 pluggin gives a protection fault when I change Rc02_military_camp.rsb in folder CommandMaps and then save it. I put a number on each of the "square" pics and tried to save it. Has anyone done a change to the CommandMaps in PSP 7 ? I'm a newbie and managed to do the world maps ok, thanks to the posts by Jack57. I'd like to change the other pics as well. Any ideas? Thx.
  16. I've been to your site many times, in anticipation DonMiguel. Many many thx for this beautiful mod. Can't wait to play it and do missions for it. Yhx.
  17. Try using the latest real winrar Windows rar archiver. I've had the same problem in Powerdesk4 (which is a fantastic prog). Mamon - I can't wait for this mod. I've long wanted to make a mod of the Boer War - Between England and the Republic of the Transvaal, basically South Africa 1899 to 1902 or 3. I believe the first commando style war (could be wrong). But unfortunately I don't have a hope in hell, for by the time I know how to do it, I'll be close to retirement.
  18. Me too. I got nearly all my mods from there on 56K. Anything the GR community can do to help?
  19. QUOTE (BrandonKappel @ Mar 16 2004, 21:39 ) Thanks, I just started playing online and it is FUN. The only problem is everybody wants to kill me. Does anyone have any pointers on how to kick these peoples asses? this post really ought to go into some sort of hall of fame. I really enjoyed this, my thoughts exactly. Reminded me of virgin Bamby in the big forest. lol I find that GR's AI is so good that some missions I replay from a different angle (maybe different weapons, more stealth or lure the enemy etc) and get a totally new exprerience.
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