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  1. Yeah, but you've got to admit, the inability to move them is a bit of a handicap...unless our government wants to waste more money on adequate second hand transports, but that's bordering on a political debat so I'll stop right there. I'm just wondering...did they consider the Challenger design at all?
  2. I don't actually think the M1 is a good pick for us. Firstly, they're too damned big for our transports. That's right: we can't move them offshore without American help. And since all our current conflicts are elsewhere that's just a bit of a problem. Also, these supposedly indestructible behemoths have proved themselves not quite so indestructible in Iraq - I remember clearly pictures of an American tank crew crawling out of what was left of their M1 Abrams. And many of them have been disabled temporarily by RPGs. In my opinion, the Leopard 2 was a fine choice. Sure it didn't have the rep of
  3. I think perhaps he means defining a custom reticule in the .gun file. Try notepad
  4. Tasmania? Enlighten me... No Canberra either? Then again, they rarely contact the outside world except when there's a fire...
  5. Thanks for the help. I think I've narrowed the problems I'm having down to an incorrect .rsb plugin, so I think I'll put GR modding on hold until I've got Gold Edition.
  6. Yeah, this is sad - even an Australian doesn't know of films about Australians in Vietnam. This is very sad...sad...
  7. Uh oh, Indonesia has steyrs...say, those'd make a good christmas decoration!
  8. I'm busily planning a modern warfare mod for Warcraft 3 (or another engine if I can find a suitable one). It's going to be set in about 2020, I'm just wondering if anyone knows where I can find information on weapons that are still in the production and design stages?
  9. Go to www.google.com.au (note the .au) and type in something like "Australians in Vietnam". That should give you some results somewhere on the first 10 pages... EDIT: Only film I could think of was "The Odd Angry Shot". I wouldn't rely on it for accuracy though...
  10. Indonesians? I thought they used M16s? I thought that was the only reason we'd stand any chance at all of owning them!
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