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  1. yeah ,I like to look up into the eyeball of space and watch the cosmic events that happen daily, I do not have a telescope to look through but i don't mind. where i live here in the northern united states the northen lights dance on the horizon and at times a spectacular light show can be seen for hours. but the alignment of the cresant moon and the planets are cool.
  2. I may have the time to do a mission for ya ,. What sort of script are you looking for ?
  3. lol I do that even when I'm not playing ..
  4. the journualist describes his scenes well ,,but really said nothing to which the the helicopter's were targeting..doesn't that seem odd that their was no mention of the militants involved, the militants must have been in and around the area for such things to be happening..The outcome of the conflict doesn't come from a sided view of a camera man,.War is hell on earth and must not be toiled with in a foolish way. The Iraqi people should put down their arms and rebuild what they got to better themselves and to show the world that they can participate in mankind as a society of honest and respectful population.
  5. ..Slaughter.. The force is everywhere.
  6. Is it time for a mission contest now that fall has arrived?
  7. I suppose I could come up with a script to solve this problem for you all. +force+
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