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  1. How are the corsairs in the Max-3? I had an IS7 before with corsair and would get tons of errors. I have a Max-3 now but decided to buy the OCZ 4000el's with it. Runs like a charm at FSB255 1:1.
  2. Just got this game, I don't normally play rts type games but this one is fun, online is even better.
  3. that corsair xms 3200 should be top notch ram for what you got.
  4. Love college football, the people in school, how's your teams looking this year?
  5. what is this for? benchmarking? got a link?
  6. I used omniextremeedit to just edit my original bios to 1.4v in 3d mode. I wouldn't suggest you flash your bios to the ultra edition version of your card because I've heard lots of problems may come about. download all these: OmniExtremeEdit FX v1.5 nvflash 4.42 and get nvflash 5.08 also make a boot disk from windows. I think if you right click on the a: drive choose format and make boot disk put nvflash 4.42 and 5.08 on disk, make em in separate folders. reboot with disk - go into 4.42 folder and type: nvflash -b "backup".rom <---whatever you want to call it. go b
  7. My temps didn't really change. I'm at 57-58 idle and 80-81 full load. Actually in gaming it's more like 65-70. the 80-81 was when I ran rthdribl for a while. If you have good cooling in your case then it shouldn't be a problem. In any case, if you can overclock fine now then no need to mess with it. I couldn't overclock at all without artifacts. Now at 400/1100 and stable with no artifacts.
  8. hey crimson, check this prog out. OmniExtremeEdit FX v1.5 I was able to bump my voltages of my 6800gt to 1.4v. I wasn't able to overclock at all let alone to ultra levels before but now I can. brought my 3dmark from 11500 to 12200
  9. If you're going to get a 6800nu you might want to check into the ASUS model V9999/GE I heard that overclocks very well. Looks nice too. Not sure on the price though as asus tends to be 40-50 bucks more than their competition.
  10. I use registry mechanic 3.0 and it works very well. Not freeware though.
  11. pricewatch is ok, sometimes the stuff you find on there isn't the cheapest. Sometimes the sites with cheap stuff kill you on the shipping charges. If you want to bargain hunt use pricewatch, shopping, bizrate, and pricegrabber and froogle to search for what you're looking for. I normally get my parts from this list of suppliers since they don't try to rape you on shipping charges. www.zipzoomfly.com www.buyxg.com www.excaliberpc.com www.frozencpu.com sometimes newegg
  12. i played around with the overclock and i can't get it to run artifact free above stock which is still good considering the bfg stock is 370. I'm going to keep it at this until something better comes along.
  13. I only get 15a on my 12v line. Maybe that's why i can't oc well. It's weird, everything in 3dmark looks fine when I oc but as soon as that turtle pops up, his shell has artifacts. Also, does it make a difference if you set the agp voltage in the bios to more than 1.5. mine goes up to 1.65v.
  14. My autodetect only comes up with 381/1.01 and even at that I get artifacts on the turtle in 3dmark. When I first put it in I set it at 400/1.10 and made it through 3dmark with a 12k+ score but that turtle always artifacts when I set it with anything above stock. I think you're right about that cooler not being as good as reference. I ran rthdribl when I had it at 400/1.10 and the temps never went beyond 80c so maybe I got a card that doesn't overclock as well. I may get a better cooler in the future but for now I'll leave it at stock.
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