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  1. Hi all, hoping you can help me out... I am having difficulty getting sound when playing online... It is ok when playing offline and it has worked before... I have recently upgraded my pc and since then I havent been able to get sound when playing online... very frutrating..! Thanks in advance
  2. Yeah some one on another forum told me about the a01_tourist01.atr file, I put that in there by mistake it was from a mod I had installed when I was doing the mission, I have changed it now so that it works without any mods installed (other than DS & IT) I can't explain why c_jack_stone.atr didn't work as that file is from the origimiss folder I think.. oh well I might change him to someone else.. Do I have to do anything to it to make it work on Multiplayer?
  3. Yup.... I think it was the defence stations that were needed.... seems to work now. Thanks for your replies..... here is the mission if anyone would like a blast and possibly let me know how it went..? Paper Trail Cheers!
  4. Hi all... have recently started making my first attempt at a mission in Igor after a long time of promising myself I would start getting into modding.. I have sussed that mission scripting is the easiest starting point in the world of GR modding and I am pleased to say it is going fairly well.... I do however have one problem and that is I can't get enemy actors to control fixed machineguns.... I have followed tutorials and have managed to get the enemies to man the MG's but they will not fire the damn things no matter what I try.. I have the Gunners set to a no weapons kit, is that right?.. I have their awareness locked on alert, Combat ROE set to Suppress and have them set to cover and have set the firing arc to less than 90 degrees as in the tutorial but they will not shoot me even when I am kneecapping the fools. Annoying as this is the last thing I need to fix for my first ever mission to be complete... It is, in case you are interested, called "Paper Trail". A fairly straight forward demo run/assasination/deathmatch firefight for the mp06 castle map.... keeping things simple for my first attempt though I have changed the main enemy in the mission to something a little more interesting. If somebody hits me with a solution for this most annoying of problems I shall post it here in as much time it takes to correct it and upload the mod. Cheers
  5. Downloads page, I haven't been here for a while as I have had no net at home. I checked today (in work) the mod download lists to see how much new stuff has come out since last time and alas there is nothing there?!?! Is this for real or just security settings in work not displaying d/load links??? Anyway
  6. Is it possible to port a map from this game for use in GR? I think some of the maps on this game are excellent and would go down well in GR World, ones such as Can 'Tho and Halong Port always provide amzin games! Just a thought anyhow...
  7. Are there any mods out there that the enemies have weapons other than Ak's and other AK derivatives? Like tangoes with Steyr AUG's or summat. I would really love a mod that like Sabre Teams you could change the nationality and kits for enemy forces! So you could have lke U.K Vs US Deathmatches and stuff! Anyway
  8. Isn't there an SU-37 type thing in the original game, Airbase map. Dunno if that helps at all like, just remembered it then! P.S that MiG is sweet.
  9. Yeah, am just reading thru the mountain of info, jeez I didn't realise modding was THAT complex! Love It! I can't wait until I finally get some results, tho I think GR2 will be well out by then!
  10. Has anyone ever made or attempted a mod based on this war? I know it wasn't the longest lived conflict but was controversial enough to warrant a mod I think! Any takers? I would try it myself, would be a decent starting point only I don't have 3dsm or the knowledge!
  11. Cheers for the replies, I started reading the advice topics as soon as I had posted this message, oh well at least I'm onto it now, time to get reading!
  12. Yeah sounds good, I remember your Croatian Army mod, I had it on my last hard drive tho' will prob d/load again for my collection!
  13. Had this one a while, it is a great map with a good mission too. like it!
  14. Hi, am a GR Addict looking to have a go at modding! I just need a few pointers. What would you say is the best starting point in the modding world?, I would like to have a go at maps/missons aswell as Skin/weapons What software would I need besides IGOR? Any other Tips? Cheers, B. UndergroundArt.Net
  15. the park is a fun map, basically a park with football pitches and stands etc. The Dam is cool too. There is a map called tower of death or something that would be excellent for online/multiplayer games. Weapons mods - i like NMM's mod with its minigun, and i like bajabravo's sabre teams for its hk g-33's (plus the excellent skins of course) For favourite skins I would say sabre teams or g8 special forces. and being a brit I like the Royal marines and other uk mods! next up for me is frostbite me thinks!
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