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  1. I have been avoiding nitpicking anything about GRAW because I have approved of everything that I have seen. There is one thing here that I felt I needed to comment on, and that is the role of the F15. I hope that we will not see the F15 dropping bombs for CAS, or doing low level strafing runs. I say this because the F15 is mainly an air superiority fighter. The role of the F 15 during a CAS mission is to provide top cover for the F16s or A10s that are flying low altitude CAS runs. The F15E can perform deep strike air to ground runs, but it is generally not the first, nor the best choice for CAS. Just had to throw my two cents in. Here is some info on the F 15
  2. That looks very strange, I would be very cautious in downloading that. The screenshots look to be from VBS1 or OFP, but there is an overlay on the screenshots that says "VBF1". If someone is actually out there providing public downloads of VBS content, there will be hell to pay.
  3. Nice hawk man, think I had mine up to a foot at one time, had bi-hawks too, went through tons of packages of Knox gelatin. Do you prefer liberty spikes or the fanned look?
  4. In the actual article that that URL links to, the words "sidewinder, air to surface missile" are used. Oh man,...... people are dumb
  5. CRITIQUE!!!! Today's obsessive compulsive spelling rant is over, move along people, nothing to see here
  6. Some screenshots from Terrain Pack 3, The Lizardia map looks really good at nighttime. Providing overwatch in Lizardia...... The shots are kind of small, and dark, doesn't really do the map justice.
  7. Thanks Marcinko, I'll just leave it to the scenario leader then.
  8. Standalone, sounding off.... HOOAH!
  9. Hi, If anyone here has HALOed before, please feel free to answer. I need to know at what altitude the ripcord is generally pulled during a HALO jump. Also, what are the criteria that determine a good landing zone? Getting the measurements in meters would help as well. If anyone needs to know why I want to know, it is for a new mission in VBS1, I am trying to make the HALO jumping more realistic. Thanks
  10. standalone

    Birthday Game

    I robbed ALF to save the future. Also because I don't like Aliens that eat kitties.
  11. Jack's baaaaaaack!!! "I'm gonna need a hacksaw" - Jack Bauer after shooting a bad guy in the face
  12. Sounds like a lot of fun. Damn, now I want to build a new gun
  13. Ha, don't forget plenty of O-rings too. I used to go through those things like water. Especially when I had a bad seal on a tank, the O-rings would freeze and break when I unscrewed the tank.
  14. Ya, in my opinion once various companies started making blowback bolts for their markers, Autocockers became obsolete. They were "all the rage" for awhile though. I've never even fired a marker with an N2 set up before, I'd like to see how it favors over CO2 though.
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