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  1. Happy Birthday Mesh

  2. My sister put a new soundcard into the pc its a Creative Sound Blaster PCI, I think, when I go to record my guitar through the line-in using my V-Amp2 (alot like a Line 6 Pod), some how the sound card picks up everything like the tv in the other room and all the other background noise, even though im not using a mic to record with! I've tried putting the Mic on mute with the volume control but it still picks up everything aswell. it even picks up Cool Edit Pro 2's metronome! even when i use headphones to output the sound with! I'm quite sure that the Line-In doesn't have an inbuilt mic and neither does my pc, it worked perfectly fine before with the old soundcard (which had crappy sound btw). I REALLY REALLY need to get this problem fixed so that I can record music again on my pc. Cheers Tez
  3. I highly doubt they were the first Special Forces group if they came into action in 1942! maybe the first official Special Forces group but never the very first.
  4. How do I go about putting it down there? My sister got a new motherboard put in cause the old one broke, so now the volume and shortcut buttons on the keyboard don't work for some reason, so as you can see I now have to use the volume control to turn up or turn down the volume level, which sucks cause I don't have it in the system tray and have to keep opening up the master Volume Control program. further more what do you think I should do to fix it so that the keyboard shortkey buttons work again? My sister has tried reinstalling the driver and updating it but they won't work, the keyboard originally came with the computer btw.
  5. I want to use the maps that are in this mod, but I dislike the weapons and all that jazz, so how can do I go about removing the maps from the mod but still be able to use them in the game?
  6. The bundle pack is $50 here, except i need to first buy tickets to a gig, so i'll probably be getting the game in a month or 2.
  7. Ah I see, I thought u meant that u could drive a tank in the demo, yeah there is about 5-6 armoured vehicles to destroy in the demo.
  8. There is nothing wrong with a cold pie.
  9. ######, what is with the aggression?
  10. That's very Un-Australia of you! SHAME Dekela SHAME.
  11. Mesh

    A pic of Ryan243

    Yeah but it doesn't show us who u are, its just your eyes!
  12. Mesh

    A pic of Ryan243

    Is anyone else gonna post a "real" of themselves like I did?
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