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  1. CSHAGGERs... check it out... Gordo's Adventures -----> Click Me. You may need to log on.
  2. Hopefully if you ever have the privilege of serving your country you will do as this soldier did which was not only professional but in accordance with the Laws of Armed Conflict. It's sentiments like yours that help undermine the cause and our self-proclaimed image as 'good guys'. So shake your head before you say something like that, lest less professional people take what you say to heart and we have more problems like Abu Grhaib which have done irreprable harm to the US and allied image in all Islamic nations, particularly those we serve in. Mike Captain Infantry
  3. Yeah mate, I made a similar post in the VBS1 Military Trg Threads... so no need to post here...
  4. Hello again folks. I just wanted to recommend two excellent books by retired Lt. Col. David Grossman, On Killing and On Combat. These are two excellent reads for warriors of the Police and Military. I'd read On Killing as a young Infantry Lt and just recently finished On Combat as such, I would recommend reading On Killing followed by On Combat, particualrly if you are serving in a Police or Military unit (particularly the Infantry and SOF warriors). I won't get into it too much, but these two books are very easy reads and deal with the Phsycology of killing and combat respectively (On Combat has updated some of the information in On Killing). Grossman's website is rather interesting and if you are interested you can read up a bit more on where he's coming from as well as purchase the books there. Check it out - Killology.com. Drive on! Mike
  5. Yes, yes it's all in the title... outstanding! BTW Gordo, you got any real AARs (not VBS! ones) from the ADF units using VBS1? Mike
  6. Well, remember you can scale the exercises to meet your needs... apparently a ver old woman does the program because of the aerobic and anarobic core strength improvements that come with the training. Take todays Workout of the Day (WoD)... 'Kelly' I believe... 5 circuits of - 400m run 30 Box Jumps 30 Medicine ball tosses (I forget the propername now...) You could scale it down to say: 400m 20 Box Jumps (or 10) 20 Air Squats (or 10) - just do the same movements. Also, they have demonstrations of most of the exercises so you know what is what. Anyhow, just for people's info if interested. Drive on! Mike
  7. As many of you know I am an Infantry Officer and I am quite intersted in PT, particualrly those programs that cater to SOF or improve my fitness level as an infantryman. I have tried a number of ones but just recently been introduced to a program that I feel meets the needs of soldiering by a fellow infantry officer at our infantry school. Like a runner trains for running by running as well as a number of other exercises geared to improve this skill set and infantry soldier or SOF soldier (who lets face it are really elite infantrymen at the core, certainly ours are) should have a similar program. One that enables and enhances what are natural physical activities are present in the trade. That said, I'd like to recommend Crossfit. Those of you who are interested in such things might want to read in a bit before beginning the program to see if it interests you or if it is for you. Enjoy it, and if you do begin the program remember it is okay to scale the exercises to suit your level of fitness. You will improve. Drive on! Mike
  8. Yep I'll be about more often as I can now view GR.net again, the army locks sites form time to time and this was blocked for months. Also I have just completed our Army Command and Staff College course so I will have some more free time on my hands (ish anyways). Canada is also sending a full up TF to Kandahar to kick ass and contribute to the PRTs out there. So hope fully our lads will get a chance to work together. Hope all is well with you lads, what are you all up to now? Mike
  9. Reference - CTV News Associated Press CANBERRA, Australia — Australia will send 150 elite troops to Afghanistan by September to fight a growing tide of insurgent-led violence by remnants of the Taliban and al-Qaida, the prime minister said Wednesday. The troops would comprise Special Air Service Regiment soldiers, commandos and support personnel, Prime Minister John Howard said. "It's fair to say that the progress that's been made in the establishment of a legitimate government in Afghanistan has come under increasing attack and pressure from the Taliban in particular and some elements of al-Qaida," Howard told reporters. "We have received at a military level requests from both the United States and others and also the government of Afghanistan and we have therefore decided ... to dispatch a special forces task group," he added. The troops would be in place by September and remain for a year, he said. The Australian defense department would also consider sending up to 200 troops as part of a reconstruction team to Afghanistan early next year, he said. Australia sent about 1,500 military personnel, including 150 Special Air Service troops, to support the U.S.-led war that ousted the Taliban and al-Qaida forces in late 2001, but currently has only one soldier there. That soldier is involved in mine clearance. Howard said the new deployment would have a separate Australian national command, although the task group would be under the operational control of U.S. forces. "We think its important that the progress made in Afghanistan is preserved and consolidated and that the resurgence of violence and the resurgence of attempts by the Taliban to undermine the government of that country are not successful," he said. The U.S.-trained Afghan army now numbers 26,000 and regularly fights alongside troops from the 20,000-strong U.S.-led coalition. A separate NATO-led force of 8,000 soldiers is responsible for security in Kabul and the country's north and west. But the forces in Afghanistan are struggling to contain unprecedented fighting by insurgents that has left more than 700 people dead in three months and threatened to sabotage three years of progress toward peace. U.S. and Afghan officials have warned violence is likely to worsen before legislative elections in September. Afghanistan's ambassador to Australia, Mahmoud Saikal, welcomed the new deployment, saying the Australian troops would help the elections run smoothly.
  10. Quiet here...?!? 150 pages of crapola! Awesome. Who's this Dan fella??? Seems familiar like some LoudDay guy I knew... or something like that... Any other Canuck's pop in here yet or what?
  11. Talk about falling off the map eh?!? Glad to see somethings don't change! I'm still on course with the Army, but should be back end June. My appologies for the long silence. Mike
  12. I hate not complaining about not complaining. Who the Hell is Dan and why has he stolen Silentnight's Ism's!?!?!
  13. Lads, Just posting a quick note to essentially say goodbye. You guys have been great and I will endeavour to pop on from time to time. Sadly from this perspective, the real world and the Army have really taken up alot of my time. I wish you all the best wherever life takes you. From time to time I hope to see you in VBS1. Keep on Keepin'n on. Cheers, Mike
  14. Added to that list can be Pte Andy Johnson, who was struck and killed by a drunk driver in South Africa while travelling during his leave during Op Palladium Roto 13 in Bosnia. This year, more then ever, Rememberance Day is hitting home hard. Jamie Murphy, Robbie Beerenfenger, and Andy Johnson were all from my own unit. I was at the Battleschool at the time of their deaths and didn't have the opportunity to know them personally, but we have quite a few mutual friends. They will be remembered. Pro Patria P.S. MarauderMike, I never knew you were and Officer. Which Battalion are you with? ← Pro Patria Andy. Fus - 1st Bn Hooooah
  15. As a Captain in The Royal Canadian Regiment, I would like to Remember some of my fallen comrades who have passed away most recently. LCol Blanchette Sgt Short Cpl Beerenfenger Cpl Murhpy MWO Branco As well as the Royals who have recently passed who served and survived trying time indeed, to name one (an Icon of my Regt): Colonel Strom Galloway who commanded The Regiment in Ortona. Pro Patria
  16. Well done Rocky, a fitting tribute. May it be the last you ever do. ~Mike
  17. I served with the Black Watch (the Royal Highland Regiment) of Canada. I know that the Black Watch's Canadian Brothers morn the loss of their Kin. I am quite confident that the Black Watch will make their motto felt by the Insurgents: "Nemo me impune lacessit" "Noone provokes me with impunity"
  18. Too busy mate. *sigh* Way to busy.
  19. None are air-transportable... so that BS Myth is busted. Once we get the Joint Support Ship, however you are talking space and not weight. So you could take 4 MGS or 3 Tanks..... which would you pick. Pro Patria Buddy. Thanks for your support.
  20. Yes and yes. There are vehicle mounted versions that can fire the smaller man portable version. It is a very versatile wpn system and would be a good fit. To me you have to start with the Larger Question. This is key. Canadians, god bless them are ignorant and have little clue as to the military, its needs and capabilities... and I'm talking about those so called 'experts' that are out there from the overly educated at the CMI to the reporter [idiots], let alone your average, 'I want more health care' schmuck. Throwing equipment and money is not the answer either, although many will tell you it is. We have been solving our problems with equipment, because for a long time we have had poor stuff. Now a lot of our euipment rocks (and some sucks). But part of the problems is we buy something AND THEN try to figure out how to make it fit in our organization. Alot of THAT is politically based BS and pressure. The government wasted millions of dollars on upgrading our Leo C1 MBT's to C2's. The Germans would have sold us Leo 2's for cheaper than the upgrade... but no the Government said 'No New Tanks' so BAM, more money down the drain. Now they sit and Rot out west. Same thing with the MGS Stryker, we are spending around $700 Million (Cdn) for 66 of these POS vehicles. The Aussies bought 59 M1A1 AIM-D MBT's (and a bunch of extra stuff) for around $500 Million (Cdn). All becasue the MGS is made by GDLD in London Ontario. More money down the tubes. Is it the Army's fault? No. We work for the Gov't and people of Cannada, so the people of Canada will get the Military they deserve. Same with the Helicopters, same with the Subs. Yeah we are stretched thin and we will continue to be. You want to hear something Sick? One of the best things that came out of those poor four Patricia lads dying was a greater sympathy for the CF. Until then, very few Canadians REALLY gave two turds about the men and women in uniform. Sometimes I'd like to say 'Eff off' to Joe Canadian, dig your self out of the snow, flood, ice, dark.
  21. Not ignoring you buddy... just busy at work. I'll post an articualte response to your question shortly (from my perspective and with my opinin). Mike
  22. Who doesn't fit on this thread!?!
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