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  1. HELLO,


    For a change to arma2 , we decided to activate our ghost server again.

    You`re welcome to join us on

    TS3 needed ip is

    Pass for ghost channel 2cold

    Mods are variable , but can be downloaded here in the download section.

    In the moment you need desert siege, island thunder and bloodoil.

    See you there.

    *TEK* PP

  2. Hi all of you still playing coop.

    As you might noticed Alpha squad server was down a few days.

    This was because of a price increase by more than double by the isp.

    After that we (*TEK* SQUAD) signed to a swiss provider which promised us a dedi 12 slot server for nearly the same price as before with a ts server on top.

    good one i thought to find out after a few days this company wasn`t able to get a copy of [GR].here`s the original german email:

    es sieht ganz so aus als funktionieren unsere Ghostrecon Version

    (offizielle kostenlos Version von UBI) nicht mehr da das Starten damit von

    nicht-US IP-Adressen nicht mehr möglich ist.

    Da das Spiel nun über 7 Jahre alt ist, haben wir keine Möglichkeit es im

    Versandhandel noch zu finden. Jedoch können wir Ihnen einen FTP Account

    bereitstellen, wo sie ihre CD-Version raufladen können, und wir davon

    einen Gameserver erstellen können. Es ist natürlich eine

    Selbstverständlichkeit, dass wir ihr Spiel nur für ihren Gameserver

    verwenden werden, und bei einem Austritt aus dem Abo jegliche Spieldateien

    ihres CD-Uploads unwiderruflich gelöscht wird. Auch braucht das Spiel im

    dedizierten Gameserver-Modus kein Key, somit können sie weiter mit ihrer

    CD Version Online spielen.

    in short it says : it looks like our free UBI copy of gr won`t work on servers outside usa.

    because the games older than 7 years we `re not able to get a copy of the game, can you upload us your copy


    No way i thought, don`t wanna pay a company which can`t use google , Amazon or even Ebay to get a copy.

    At this stage we were lucky again, Robalo of Alpha Squad (THANK YOU)offers us a server at his workplace for the same conditions like before and here it is .

    ok thats the story , here`s the facts:

    *TEK*Alpha server:

    Team Speak is the same as it ever was join on Ghost recon -Alpha two channel:

    Server IP: Password 2cold

    Server status and required mods can be found here:

    Mods will change from time to time, we will post download links if necessary on http://www.tekx.net/ . It `s all kind of new to us and we hope things work out .

    The server is paid for the next 6 month so come and join.

    You will definitly find a few players every monday and thursday 20.00 hours european time.

    For a short check if someones on the server use the link above so no need to start the game.

    Ok , that`s it for the moment, sure i forgot something.......


    *TEK* PP

  3. Hi,

    Did the same a few month ago, got the orange box and suprise it felt like a new game with top gameplay and nice characters .

    it`s worth to be played again and i`m sure i will do it another time , maybe next year.

    Did you start lookin at Alyx in a certain way too? Beware of dog he might not like that.

    I wish there was a good coop mod like gr on that engine. did anyone of you checked the synergy mod?

    will episode 3 ever see the light? hope so.



  4. hey tink,

    you should get the g15 logitech. http://metku.net/index.html?path=reviews/l...-rev2/index_eng

    i got it for more than a year now (rev.1) and it`s really good, the little monitor gives you extra info on time, cpu and memory usage, time counter (helpful in the tourney) etc.

    you can write you`re own programm for the monitor and a few games use it to give you extra info. i use it for ts ,to see who is talking as well.

    i really like it and will buy it again.


    *TEK* PP


  5. Hello

    I got myself the whole twin peaks series on dvd. Great to see this again in order.

    got a book bout John Peel , the best dj in the world . great stuff and thats it.

    My daughter is happy with what she got , so everything is fine.


  6. hurray, graw 2 is out today,

    but i will not buying any ubi games until they overthink their strange behavior.

    never heard of anything so shortminded in software business.

    free testers not wanted???


    sorry for grin , graw 2 looks promising.

    i`m out


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