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  1. where do i get iron sites? i can't find it thanks
  2. I love war of infamy, the sounds of the weapons, the inaccuracy of realwar back in the 40's, the skins. Where can i play this wonderful mod online? anybody know? Sieze
  3. yeah, they are screwing me around a bit, one says friday, which is today, another says in march. ######, oh well, you have been a huge help in aiding support, and i am very appreciative. thank you. But yeah, i guess i will just have to wait for this so called fix from msn, and then i will investigate further if need be thanks
  4. Here it is sorry took so long - <OptionsFile> <MouseRadiansPerPixel>0.008727</MouseRadiansPerPixel> <UseMouseInput>TRUE</UseMouseInput> <MoveShuffleThreshold>10</MoveShuffleThreshold> <MoveNormalThreshold>30</MoveNormalThreshold> <MoveFastThreshold>100</MoveFastThreshold> <MouseLookReverseY>FALSE</MouseLookReverseY> <ThreatIndicatorEnabled>TRUE</ThreatIndicatorEnabled> <DefaultKeyMappingFilename>defplayr.keys</DefaultKeyMappingFilename> - <Gameplay> <BloodOn>TRUE</BloodOn> <RecordGame>FALSE</RecordGame> <ShowIntro>TRUE</ShowIntro> <AutoAssignStats>TRUE</AutoAssignStats> <InitialRateOfFire>SINGLE</InitialRateOfFire> <AlwaysRun>FALSE</AlwaysRun> <ScaleCommandMap>TRUE</ScaleCommandMap> <ScaleHUD>FALSE</ScaleHUD> <IFFType>RETICULE</IFFType> </Gameplay> <ShellBackgroundIndex>1</ShellBackgroundIndex> <ReticuleColorR>255</ReticuleColorR> <ReticuleColorG>214</ReticuleColorG> <ReticuleColorB>17</ReticuleColorB> <ReticuleIFFColorR>160</ReticuleIFFColorR> <ReticuleIFFColorG>200</ReticuleIFFColorG> <ReticuleIFFColorB>255</ReticuleIFFColorB> <XBoxMode>FALSE</XBoxMode> - <Graphics> <FullScreen>TRUE</FullScreen> <VideoResolution Width="1152" Height="864" BitDepth="16" /> <ShowFrameRate>FALSE</ShowFrameRate> <UsePrimaryDisplay>FALSE</UsePrimaryDisplay> <UseDisplayDeviceGuid>FALSE</UseDisplayDeviceGuid> <DisplayDeviceGuid>{00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000}</DisplayDeviceGuid> <CompressTextures>TRUE</CompressTextures> <HumanShadowDetail>1</HumanShadowDetail> <VehicleShadowDetail>1</VehicleShadowDetail> <BulletHoleMax>100</BulletHoleMax> <Gamma>0.500000</Gamma> <DefaultMipMapping>FALSE</DefaultMipMapping> <MipMapLODBias>-0.500000</MipMapLODBias> <ShowDeadBodies>FALSE</ShowDeadBodies> <CharVertexWeight>TRUE</CharVertexWeight> <ParticleDetail>2</ParticleDetail> <UITextureDetail>2</UITextureDetail> <LevelTextureDetail>2</LevelTextureDetail> <CharacterTextureDetail>2</CharacterTextureDetail> <EffectTextureDetail>2</EffectTextureDetail> <ZBufferBits>24</ZBufferBits> <TreeModelDetail>HIGH</TreeModelDetail> <CharacterModelDetail>HIGH</CharacterModelDetail> </Graphics> - <Sound> <MasterVolume>1.000000</MasterVolume> <MasterSwitch>TRUE</MasterSwitch> <EffectsVolume>1.000000</EffectsVolume> <EffectsSwitch>TRUE</EffectsSwitch> <MusicVolume>1.000000</MusicVolume> <MusicSwitch>TRUE</MusicSwitch> <VoiceVolume>1.000000</VoiceVolume> <VoiceSwitch>TRUE</VoiceSwitch> <AlternateCache>FALSE</AlternateCache> <UseEAX>TRUE</UseEAX> <SoundInSoftware>FALSE</SoundInSoftware> <ChatIndicatorSound>FALSE</ChatIndicatorSound> </Sound> - <Multiplayer> <ChatMsg text="HOLD!" team="true" /> <ChatMsg text="I NEED BACKUP!" team="true" /> <ChatMsg text="Moving South" team="true" /> <ChatMsg text="CLEAR!!!" team="true" /> <ChatMsg text="Moving West" team="true" /> <ChatMsg text="TANGO ON MAP!!" team="true" /> <ChatMsg text="Moving East" team="true" /> <ChatMsg text="Contact ahead of me" team="true" /> <ChatMsg text="Advancing North" team="true" /> <ChatMsg text="Roger that" team="true" /> <MPGameName>Silents Field</MPGameName> <MOTD>Does a bullet make a bang if your already dead?</MOTD> <JoinPort>2346</JoinPort> <AnnouncePort>2347</AnnouncePort> <BehindFirewall>TRUE</BehindFirewall> <PreferredIP>DEFAULT</PreferredIP> <RemoteServerAccess>TRUE</RemoteServerAccess> <RemoteServerPasswd>jesuschrist</RemoteServerPasswd> <GameSynchTimeout>600.000000</GameSynchTimeout> <CharIndex>0</CharIndex> <KitIndex>66</KitIndex> <IPAddress></IPAddress> <IPAddress></IPAddress> <IPAddress></IPAddress> <IPAddress></IPAddress> <IPAddress></IPAddress> <IPAddress></IPAddress> <IPAddress></IPAddress> <IPAddress></IPAddress> <IPAddress></IPAddress> <IPAddress></IPAddress> <IPAddress /> <IPAddress /> </Multiplayer> <PlayerName>(=S.P.H.E.R.E=)</PlayerName> </OptionsFile> So now what? thanks
  5. I need some more maps that have lots of friendlies, lots of badguys. Just like Realwar. This was one of my fav maps because it had so many guys on it at once. it took quite a bit of sys power, but it is very fun, lots of chaos and team play. Any more suggestions?
  6. Thanks Soto, if you would mind explaining to me how i can Trick GR with the options.xml it would be appreciated. Thanks
  7. NO luck. I gave my friend the PPP adapter Ip, still unknown. GOD! what the hell It used to work, now nobody can find me anymore. well, i will just have to wait for that dsl fix on msn. Hopefully thats it Anymore ideas? THanks
  8. yeah, you know how you can type toggleframerate, to show framerate? well, does it save some ram to stop the trees from swaying? What is the command for that? thanks in advance
  9. I appreciate the patience and support you have provided me SotoMac, you are definetly a huge help and i wish i could repay you. Okay, how do i make sure that Ghost recon knows that i am using a DSL connection? Is that the Main menu only options box we were talking about? It says default in that. I tried giving my friend the PPP adapter IP, no luck, however, I will try again here in a sec. I will report back here in a few. Oh yeah, its crazy but sometimes when my friend gives me certain IP addresses, I can't connect. But others I can. What the hell... I will try that ghost recon mod manager thing. thanks
  10. Okay, I called Msn up and found out that they had been having some issues as of recently with a firewall that is within the modem. They said that there is no way to unactivate it, but there is a fix coming out next week, and that i should call back then. THat sounds like it could be the problem. Also one more thing... you know when you create a new game in multiplayer, it says Your Ip is ###.###.#.# or whatever, well, thats what my Ip is right? Well, the guy from MSN had me go to the WEB IP address and it showed me the specs of my DSL modem and what not. UNder the DHCP table, it showed me the exact same I.P address that always comes up on GHost recon multiplayer when i start a game, however, the Tech support guy told me not to give my friend that one. He said i should give him the NAT IP Address (which is under the PPP table) for it to work. Well, the NAT IP address i have never seen before. He said that was my real IP address. Okay, so why is ghost recon showing the DHCP address when I host a game. It does say host IP under DHCP, but according to the tech, that one wont work. NOw my friend always gives me his IP that comes up in multiplayer when he starts a game. I can always connect to his. What the hell is going on? ANyway, i know i should prolly wait till this so called fix comes out for my DSL modem, but if there are any other suggestions please give. Also, do you think my NOrton internet security program subscribtion expiring have something to do with it. It all happened around the same time and its tuff to say what was the cause. Thanks for all the support so far, it has kept me motivated and stopping me from throwing my CPU out the window.
  11. okay, i went into Network connections, rightclicked, properties, advanced... firewall was not checked. So then I did what soto said, and check the main menu only options, and under "Choose Network Interface Card" it said "default" I couldn't change that. I tried uninstalling ghostrecon, then reinstalling, even unistalling ubi and reinstalling. No luck. its wierd, no body gets an error message when trying to join, they just sit on connecting for ever. does anybody have any more ideas? Also, in the main menu options only of ghostrecon, i checked the box i am behind firewall, still no luck, unchecked it, no luck, does that matter? Any more ideas folks?
  12. Specs Windows XP 512 MB of RAM 1.3 processor Ti 4400 Nvidia Graphics Geforce I have always been using MSN's DSL. I have no idea what a router is if you explain then i can tell you. Oh yeah i have also tried pressing "I AM BEHIND A FIREWALL" in the options menu in GR still no luck. Also, yes people have same patch as me. I have patch 1.4 Thanks
  13. For some odd reason, I can't host a game. Heres what I have done. Okay, no mods active or anything except DS & IT. I start Ubi up and create a game. People come into my room and they all want to play, so i start the game up. I get into the Ghost recon join screen just fine, however, nobody else ever gets through. I asked someone what happened one time, and they said it just stayed on connecting for a really long time and then they got booted. what the heck is going on. I used to be able to host all the time. Then I upgraded ubi, and now I can't. I am not sure if the two are related. So then, i wanted to play a game with a friend in the neighborhood. I decided not to use ubi because i thought that was the problem. I gave him my IP address, and i created a game. I was sitting in the join screen waiting for him, but he said the status never changed from Unknown even after pressing refresh. He then tried hosting, and gave me his IP and I was able to join his game. why can't i host. I have tried disabling my firewall, no luck. I can join other games just fine, but I can't host my own. It is really dissappointing, can somebody please enlighten me? Silent
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