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  1. Wish i could remember who it was for, and still have them :-(, but i made all the shadow crash fix. I remember the day he asked me, he was tired of all the shadow crash, he had some missions that did that, i was like always ready to help,so i wrote i can help out, since i did that with my missions(miracles 7 missions), he was like oh sure, u can do 700+, i was (in my head laughing 700+), 1 sec later i thought it can be done with macro, so i boldly said, YES send it to me it will be done in a week (done in 2 days). hmm, i never recived a thx, either it was a failure or ?, naa i know
  2. Better late than never, thx From Miracle-ecp
  3. Wow I never think Harntrox did any theft here, i know Dark angel aka DA did theft, but HX ??? HX brought the chopper back from death, DA hmm yea only Theft !!! old post yea, but i never heard of HX beeing theft, and used all others mods, only DA did the theft, and used all others mod, who else brought back the chopper before HX ? i see no one ) Blown away by what you offer ?, can you offer choppers attacking you ? no you cant hehe, still along time ago, but they dont got that offer, unless offered by HX.
  4. Hi Thinker. well all you write is so right, and i follow them always normally , but remember i need to edit 700+ Missions, it would take me month to do it the proper way, so i came up with this to counter month of editing, and as you know i use a macro program, that records my mouse and keys, all i need to do is playback the macro, and it writes all this script for me, speed is about 3 missions script edited in 1 min(i even got a video, of me the fastest scripter in the world )(FTP Server at open 24 hours ONLY), so only took 2 days to edit them all(disabled fix on mission
  5. Hi Lightspeed. I dont quite see where im wrong? i do add both at startup(or other did), i just add that after a few seconds make sure that hidden enemies is invincible, so no crash occure when shooting at them, but above seem to remove all shadows entirely , Though in my testing, it appear that even if i made shadows dissapear, it would still crash a game if shooting at at shadows previous location, if he is not invincible ? that dont compute well here, since then there should be much more crasches around?
  6. Ok above dident went so well, Enemy has to be visible to be made invunerable, oh well i add to the script unhide actor , invincibleonactor, hide actor, it seem to work way better than before hehe since now the shadows are invincible + the shadows is all gone (unhide+hide made the trix i guess), but game still crash if shoot at a shadows previous location when vunerable.
  7. Well i have done 500+ missions so far, im a quick scripter yes? no, i cheated hehe, i used a macro program, to recored everything i did ) so all it took was >1 min per mission to add this code to the script ) Group: <Default> Comment: Trigger Event: The simulation is starting. Responses: Set !fix to !fix. Group: <Default> Comment: Trigger Event: 5 second(s) elapsed. Responses: Allow this block to be reactivated. Use ! to loop over all actors in Enemy Company after this block. Use !! to loop over all actors in Enemy Company after thi
  8. Ups, wrong button lol thats why macro programs, are so nice, if you can make it right the first time, its easy from there )
  9. Well i run into alot of shadows in my days, i i found a way to deal with it ) here is how it looks Group: <Default> Comment: Trigger Event: The simulation is starting. Responses: Set Enemy Actor to Enemy Actor. Group: <Default> Comment: Trigger Event: 1 second(s) elapsed. Responses: Use Find hidden ppl to loop over all actors in Enemy Company after this block. Group: Find hidden ppl Comment: Find hidden ppl Trigger Event: An actor loop is ready to process Enemy Actor. Responses: Allow this block to be reactivated. Continu
  10. Hi no scripters around ) wow, im amased, well i scripted some missions in my days, i could probably help you out in some ways, just give me the mission, and how/where you want the assault to go on, and i can make it(im not the best, but so far no one responded ) But since its a sniper map(s) where most enemy would stay still, it shouldent be so hard to make for me. EDIT: you can find some of my mission in the download section here, Miracles 7 missions.
  11. Hi all, long time no see, well i got this little problem, though i think it could be made easy somehow ) How can you make sure that any hidden enemy is made Invunerable at startup, and when made visible, they are vunerable? without much strain on the processor? ty (i need to edit 700+ missions this way hehe)
  12. Nice, i think he did allready read that hehe ) well what i did was change my profile name, then tried to make a new gamespy account, different from my allready existing account, and that worked.
  13. Hello, Just wanted to say i also has this annoying problems logging into the gamespy, i think i made about 100 different before i finally found out the enter error ) , now i finally made another 100 account where i accept ubi to send info ect, and when i then try to login i get the message that the username or password is invalid, when i try to send the password to my email, i get that the username dont exist? . Now after reading alot of ppl saying what to do, im asking, do you ppl actually have tried to play multiplayer yet? and if you do, what did you do to fix it? plz im almost done with t
  14. hello, been a while since i have been here ), but im back, just want to finish this mission before, ill start more on the GR3 ) , so here is my question, how can you extract multible prisoners (but not all) and still keep count on the ones extracted? Lets say i have scattered 20 hostages on a map, when 10 of the hostages is extracted, mission is over. i tried some possible sollution i though of, and none worked, the game crash when i want the nearst actor in location of my trigger to become non hostage, guess its the human player that is applied on, thats why the crash, but how can i make it
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