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  1. Shug had an Aimpoint atop an M-14... CAR-15 SD is correct. The worst moment would have been for the one of both who died last, seeing his buddy go like that... Thinking about their lives, Operators with Detatch Delta, families, great career... Those people who have all to lose and still dare to put it up for somebody else, that is heroic.
  2. <-- Got a load of pepper, point blank... Seriously, point blank, into my eye... I closed it but still, it burned on the skin... my entire right side... on fire. I could have taken out anybody, but 15 minutes later when I relaxed, I got cranky of it... it wouldn't stop, I felt my blood pulsing in my face, or maybe it was swelling up, don't know. It wasn't so horrible, water seemed to have a bad affect on it though. Anybody know what to do when peppered?
  3. Seriously, forgot the SEAL's? SAS? British SAS: "Who Dares Wins!" U.S.N. SEAL: "The only easy day was yesterday!" U.S.A.F. Pararescue: "These things we do that others may live." U.S. Army 160th SOAR: "Death waits in the dark." U.S. Army Rangers: "Sua Sponte" (Of their own accord) French Foreign Legion: "March or Die" I myself invent quite many things that are worth to be quoted, it gives the people I am responsible for a feeling for comradeship out there, just kinda pumps them full of fighting spirit, makes them go further, faster and dare to follow me. Sometimes you just need to shout out something that is unique to your unit. Let's your brothers know you're still alive... On the inside.
  4. I ain't got nothing for the winter but a coat, and my long underwear... It ain't this cold around here anyway, but I like to complain of having the same uniform all year.
  5. True SF used balaclavas aren't a ski-mask, they're fire resistant, and that is major offical reason as to why they wear them, wouldn't like to look like an earless freak if something blows up in your face. Also around 70% of your body heat while wearing BDU leaves through your head, so if you wish to avoid hypothermia, better wear something.
  6. So you think only American soldiers mourn their dead?! You've never been in combat right? You've grown on Rambo movies, you've got higher on the preaching of your president... Just stop and think, what you're shown is nothing, your government would never show you that the enemy is human aswell, they don't want their soldiers or their people to ever think of anybody else as a human fighting for his interests and beliefs, but they need the "Perfect Enemy", demonizing the enemy, just like every other government, just like mine does, but I've seen both sides here.
  7. Woot? The Snake stuff and the shocking, how would that work? The poison enters the veins and starts spreading ways to slow it sown are: Immobilizing the patient, mostly treating the affected limb as if it were broken. Calm him down... Maybe a tourniquet, but that only if you ain't far from a hospital, leaving the tourniquet on too long might kill the limb, releasing the tourniquet would cause a great release of poison into the body, causing a shock. Shocking the limb with electricity makes it worse, any muscular contraction cause pressure on the lymph, so DON'T DO IT. --->
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