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  1. Downloaded CO2 by Bajab, best mod I've played altough it is insanely hard at times. And it keeps crashing to desktop. Annoying. Seems like it happens when I press shift and try to use the command map. Below is my ike-thingy: GhostRecon caused an Access Violation in module GhostRecon.exe at 001b:006f58a5. Exception handler called in Main Thread. Anyone else had this problem? (btw I have the patched version of CO2) thankeee
  2. Which is a good thing! 3rd person perspective is not realistic (like seeing over hills and around corners without exposing yourself.) I hope this will be the case for GR2 PC version as well. Keep it serious. More fun
  3. Haha, no wonder the man was bitter! See, we tend to think of rangers (jeger) as someone who has to carry a great big backpack over miles and miles and miles and with specialist competence...not including base defence specialists. The term "jeger" carries great respect and so I think the man was somewhat jealous of his Swedish counterparts lol. We do not as of yet have a common guards unit for the entire armed forces either.
  4. June sounds good. I'll help with whatever I can.
  5. haha Alpha! I'd want to try modding, but I have literally NO time these days. Exams and a job. Still, tempting. Sleep is for cowards. Can you do weapons mate? Pingvinx seems to have the skins all figured out...we're just talking a small gun/skin mod here, right? As for meeting up, earliest possible is this coming Sunday
  6. Sure I have TS and mic, but like I've said I know nothing about modding. What I will do is to hear with team if there are anyone interested.
  7. maybe we're getting somewhere. would be great. I'm not a modder or even remotely qualified to undertake something like this as my puter-knowledge is nil, but anything I can do I will do lol. btw. var i AK V&S. Sjefen glemte aa sende KFOR soknadene vaare, saa jeg endte opp paa et universitet i england i stedet, hehe.
  8. that would be excellent! And yes they are very good, perhaps FSK in particular. I'll keep my fingers crossed and hope some modellers show up pingvinx. Maybe I can find some. I'll get my people on it, haha. My 2ndLt always claimed that the Swedes have somethnig called "vaktjagare" and was so bitter about it cos in norway we're only called "vaktsoldater" no matter what training. Wonder if this rings any bells for Wolfsong, seeing as he is airforce...
  9. giwex/ sleeper- note taken! How can I set up the character/ actor files? I've opened Igor once just to have a look, so I'm kinda green here too but it would be fun to have a go. Pingvinx- kult om du kunne faatt til en jeger-mod. Jeg ville ikke vaert (engelsk tastatur ) til stor hjelp, men si fra hvis det skjer noe!
  10. I have thought about it Giwex, but I know nothing about modding so it would take a lot of effort. Can you do modding using a single program? Or even better, is there a REALLY basic intro-to-modding document/post around somewhere?
  11. Thanks all! I have both Frostbite and BajaB's Sabre teams- both great mods and the main reason I got them was the Norwegian representation! Hopefully there will be a mod with all playable characters as Norwegian operatives. So much more fun to play with the uniforms and guns you're used to!
  12. Hi all! Was wondering if there are any Norwegian skin/equipment mods out there, or if any of you great modders are planning to make one. (Yes, I'm Norwegian and no, I'm not a modder!) There are so many great mods around, but they're mostly for US, British etc. I would really like an all out Norwegian forces mod with regards to kits and skins. I know we're only about 4.5 million people so why bother making one lol? But if anyone is up to it, plz lemme know cheers
  13. you da man sixpence!!! will check out some of your other mods as well.
  14. Good to hear m8! It is definetely one of the best mods I've played. Detailed uniforms and great kits. My compliments
  15. Good to hear m8! It is definetely one of the best mods I've played. Detailed uniforms and great kits. My compliments
  16. Thanx duders. I'm all patched up now, but the thing keeps crashing. It seems like it happens with certain kits; for example, it will crash to desktop whenever I equip a sniper kit and try to change from rifle to the HK secondary submahine-gun. Sixpence, does this make sense to you? I found an IKE.crash which reads "Access Violation in module GhostRecon.exe at 001b:005881c5." All greek for me...
  17. Didn't know there was a version 1.1 yet. Where can I download it? Can't see it on the list...
  18. Downloaded Sixpence's mod USMC ForceRecon v1.0 a few days ago. Absolutely excellent mod. (gotta love those backpacks) However, it has crashed to desktop and shutting down GR completely several times now. This is during gameplay. I've tried different graphics settings (mipmap textures etc) but it doesn't seem to help. I'm on a laptop (yes I know!!!!) using ATI Mobility Radeon. The thing is brand new. Any suggestions? Cheers
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