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  1. That map looks sweet! Lotsa talent and dedication being put into this mod, much appreciated!
  2. How awesome! Keep up the good work, I think there's a LOT of expectation and anticipation for this mod...that certainly goes for me Keep posting those teaser screenies!
  3. Again, absolutely awesome! I like the sheer number of missions, and the innovative scripting with mission variability and kinda non-linear campaigns. I take my hat off. Honestly, the modders make this game. No one else. It never stops to surprise me how you again and again make better textures, missions and tweaks and whatnot that far outperforms the original game design. Keep it up guys.
  4. Absolutely awesome work! Can't wait for this to be released. Is that weapons from Spetzgruppa Vympel you use?
  5. This looks absolutely ######' AWESOME!!! any approximate release date yet?
  6. I made a similar post a while ago. I'd love to see Norwegian mod for GR. Nothing seems to happen tho... Would someone be willing to put together a simple skin (and maybe weapons) mod made up of stuff from other mods? Provided we get permission from the authors ofcourse. Frostbite has some great Norwegian skins, and so does BajaBravo's Sabre Teams. A mod combining skins from these two would be awesome. Both these mods also contain most if not all the weapons needed for a basic and realistic mod of Norwegian forces. Any volunteers? I'd be happy to help getting permissions etc
  7. Its not the light-weight hud I mean, though I had that too. This was a custom-made mod that simply removed the red text that informs you of killed enemies etc
  8. Basically, I had to reinstall GR, and lost all my mods. About a year ago a kind soul here on GR.net made a simple mod for me which disabled all annoying ingame text messages (those that appear in red in the upper left corner saying enemies killed, squads in positions etc) Was hoping someone could make something like this again. It is an absolute must have for me, and apparently really easy to do. I say whats the fun in storming a room if you already know your grenade killed the guy inside?!? Cheers
  9. Had to reinstall GR and lost all my mods...anyone know where I can find Kafee's awesome Soundpack. I only saw Beerbelly's in the DL section... Thanks a lot
  10. YO!!!! I'm back (been out of the loop for a month+++)! I thought this thread was dead, but i found sooo many topic subscription notifications! There is still hope for a Norwegian mod? Giwex....? I'll help finding info/ background material needed to make this mod, i.e. names, equipment etc if anyone will step up and do the actual hard mod-work
  11. Spalvl is a genious. Thanks a lot!!! This stuff is heavily recommended
  12. Yo! I'm stuck in single player gaming for a while and want to make old GR somewhat more challenging, and had a bright idea: I want to get rid of the red in-game text that appears in the top-left corner of the screen. It has always bugged me that you are informed how many enemies are killed when you frag a room or GL someone from afar, or any other situation where you cannot actually see the kill yourself. Would be so much more fun to enter a zone not knowing if those shots or grenades did anything.... Can this be done with something like a console command? I know I'll prolly loose a lot of relevant info but me be brave!
  13. Funny. That guy has never fired at me. Try killing his guards first, like with Papashvili in the first mission?
  14. "Patience is a virtue, but it's so f####### boring." Do you guys have an approximate release date? Surely this must be the ultimate GR mod. Can hardly wait.
  15. well if it could shoot around corners.... I saw a mod called "realism update 1a" in the DL section. Anybody know what this thing does?
  16. YO! Try the General/ Enemy Realism Mod, aviable on the downloads page. Awesome. As far as I know this is the only mod that does NOT tip the odds your favour. It fills in a lot of gaps in realism. You might actually run out of ammo, and your sniper may not get 30 kills. And you might have to plan your mission a bit more.
  17. Just a couple of things about the AI in GR: The enemy AI is very good, like when you fire at a patrol one guy drops and returns fire and the rest ducks for cover etc But I've never been flanked. It seems that when under fire they either sit back in cover or advance straight at you. I've never seen the enemy retreat. If you're ever flanked it's because there just happened to be a patrol at your flank and they were drawn by the sound of gunfire. This happens especially when during single player I bring a machinegunner and use him for suppressive fire. Usually what happens is that the enemy is not supressed, but drawn in and the machine gunner racks up a lot of kills, usually in the exact same spot. I'd think that when there is a lot of lead flying the AI would not march headlong into it but keep their heads down? But sometimes you shoot ten tangos going round the same corner, one after another. I know it's just AI and it is predictable, but still, have anyone ever seen the enemy fall back, or trying anything but the shortest route? Are there any mods out there affecting the AI?
  18. Yo help the frustrated! I'm trying to install GR from scratch on a new computer. Install is ok, but the thing crashes to desktop after a few seconds after trying to start. IKECrash: GhostRecon caused an Access Violation in module GhostRecon.exe at 001b:0045274f. Exception handler called in Main Thread. Does this ring a bell for anyone? Cheers
  19. Thanks buddy. Tried google after I made the above post! Haha, will be thinking ahead next time
  20. Awesome! and where might I download WINRAR? Is it freeware? Have patience with the new guys.
  21. Sounds like just my type of mod! BUT how do I "unrar" the thing? Have it downloaded to my mods folder, but cannot unpack it...do I need a specific program?
  22. What is the General Realism Mod?
  23. just checked and it doesn't seem to make a difference when using the startup thingy. and it only crahses after having pressed shift several times, so I'm thinking ....hotkeys! How do I disable the little buggers?
  24. ahhh....should've thought of that. Bloody hate hotkeys And it has crashed on every mission so far, have played up to mission 5 I think. Running DS and IT patched at 1.4, no other mods active. Haven't noticed if the CO2 startup program makes a difference
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