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  1. Looks like love at first sight..... with these two...
  2. back wit this brute on skyrim
  3. Never heard of discord, will try it out. Sounds cool. Will you set a server? Do you have to pay?
  4. Hi all, does gr. Net have a team speak? Would be cool if there was one. Or do we borrow someone else's? Cheers
  5. Evilducky sent me one too, but not got it yet... YES, i'm downloading right now
  6. I don't have a uplay account, but I'll make one and get it sorted for you tonight I've added you, i'm goosebumps2005
  7. Can I get one please? I'm gonna play it on PC format
  8. what you sayin zeealex an arma PMC movie?.. I feel the need... plus, dont diss my new sig yo
  9. Here's another Ghost remix i made, Ghost Recon Trance, a short snippet https://soundcloud.com/imran-khan-49/gr-trance
  10. I wonder, if they will say "too deep" like original ghost recon did.. Lmao
  11. YES, that's the one.. But its using an operating system, over another operating system will only slow the pc down, making the game run slow with low frame rates..
  12. I'm not one using linux, its early days yet, i'll doubt they will be "other ways round it" . thanks
  13. hi, will wildlands run on linux?.. I know a few people who run linux and ubuntu on their machines
  14. Hey, here i will be posting my audio stuff, I also play guitar, tactically.. okay well, i play guitar.. I was messing around with Guitar Rig for PC, it kinda rocks some songs.. I'm only a beginner been playing for 2 years Twinkle twinkle metal https://soundcloud.com/imran-khan-49/twinkle-twinkle-metal Frere Jaque metal https://soundcloud.com/imran-khan-49/frere-jaqu-emetal will upload more soon peace out!
  15. Hey guys, an Arma II movie i made a while ago, https://youtu.be/l148juivlk8 Enjoy
  16. Re-installed This bad boy earlier
  17. I'm just glad it's finally over! Please do more competition's guys, (talking to admins) helps us stay close to the game more! Peace!
  18. Nice one rocky... Damm I get the big L today.. Just didn't cut it..
  19. Where's mine? Lol Oops double quoted rocky, nice one rocky for the update!
  20. This was awesome, nice one for sharing. Plus the cats acting was best!
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