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  1. Worth checking out if you like making arma movies
  2. STEEP, tricks in the sun
  3. Discs are cool if your a collector. But steam has had me hooked , keeps your games nicely organised when a disc and key can go missing
  4. That sounds like a killer rig rocky. I bet wildlands does look great on it..
  5. Some STEEP for ya.. Big Air...
  6. Ahh. No need to worry now, wilddlands is available on steam.
  7. squad_e


    Lol don't worry. I lasted longer. It's fun if you do snowboarding in real life too.
  8. squad_e


    This is an open world snowboarding/skiing/base jumping game, looks pretty sick https://www.ubisoft.com/en-US/game/steep/ i'm downloading it now on steam
  9. Works for me. It's kinda fun if your a bit bored.
  10. Exploring arma 2 and tilt shift
  11. Skyrim... kari and shadowmeare Dark brotherhood sanctuary
  12. Exploring with tilt shift and arma 2
  13. fun times, thanks for changing heroes unleashed to other mods.. appreciate it
  14. From my wrecked/abandoned video...
  15. Neother pf my screen shots are photoshoped (just this tilt shift photo) , just good camera work, ArmA 2 has a built in camera mode, for cut scenes, taking pics and making videos.. Also, ArmA 2 looks great in-game too..... well i think so ..
  16. Looks like i wont be having fun tonight, HU failed on me twice .. Grrr
  17. sounds like fun, grabbing the downloads now
  18. A video of wrecked vehicles in arma II https://youtu.be/bezt7BdA1M4 Enjoy
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