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  1. breach in 3... 2...1...
  2. so I finished the game last night, so doing a 2nd playthrough... My new character.. This time a female..
  3. Lama A snake in the grass... Night time land scape.. more landscapes..
  4. Thanks pal, and for this great forum. 😎😎
  5. Happy birthday to me... 🎂🎂🎂
  6. My favourite location in the game.. KOANI enjoy...
  7. I think you have to destroy a drug submarine or boat there. My memory is terrible these days..
  8. Found this cool ship wreck turned into a cartel out post
  9. Better start praying because.. Carnage.. Mingun tango..
  10. 4K screenshot test.. Arma 3
  11. I just love appreciating the views in this game...
  12. So ive been playing with the new screen shot mode and its awesome... on ps4 Crusing in the car Rally up people.. Sniper sights are hot.. Overwatch..
  13. Cheers havok. Now I can make some proper screen shots. Awesome.
  14. Oh yeah would love to do what Ken block does in any of his twin turbo cars. Drifting around residential areas. Oh if I had those skills. Just in time for Christmas too. Great hoonage.
  15. Celebrating the new gymkhana 10 release in arma 3.
  16. No photo mode for the console peeps.?
  17. I've been thinking of getting ground branch too. Does look good indeed.
  18. Black beauty (sr-71 arma 3)
  19. Real life image Arma 3 Remake image
  20. out with the old, in with the new(ish).. New GPU .. GTX 690, I know its not much but its still a great deal for me.
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