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  1. f-14 tomcat fly by animation.
  2. Desert siege heli insertion style
  3. Delorean Time Machine (how cool would this be modded into GR?)
  4. Ghost Recon style helicopter insertion.. Animated
  5. f-18's flying over pyramids, illuminated..
  6. same as before but duplicated..
  7. Hi all , been messing around with 3d models in hitfilm express.. Learning what obj files are. So here is an example i made in hitfilm. Star wars fighter, picture and video. skyfighters[2] HD.mp4
  8. Space Engine.. Planet Earth..
  9. @Rocky Project cars 2 is on steam sale £11.24 on PC
  10. Operation Oracle Continued and finished...
  11. I'm getting this movie today and will watch it over the weekend. cheers wombat
  12. 35MM is a photography game?
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