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  1. some jet scenes i've been working with...
  2. i hate to admit it's better than breakpoint.. But breakpoint is still fun to play.. but not feeling the whole RPG thing... I may start playing some wildlands for the heck of it ..
  3. still playing wildlands?... or an old screenshot!..
  4. @BigOlBrain whatever you are posting, it is not working..
  5. I only have a GTX 690, its not bad for what it is. runs arma 3 pretty well.. and other games.. Just not wildlands lol
  6. I've learnt it works out better upgrading your pc, I just need a better GPU to be honest, chipset and RAM are great, these consoles are just talk. In reality. But the PS4 has been really fun. No doubt. Great piece of kit. So I'm not sure sure, depends what titles are out for it I think.
  7. Yeah I noticed that after I took it, I was too busy admiring the background scenery .
  8. Running through these woods made me feel like im in Original GR Scientist At the beach..
  9. well, as the first moments in the game, as you all know i love my screenshot mode, I just cant help notice the awesome details like this screen shot here when he is aiming through his sight with one eye open.. i was just in awe.. The game so far is awesome, i was already into it for the first mission's, collecting weapons and items for yourself has become better and somewhat more challenging, i dont want to add any spoilers though, for those who havn't got it yet.
  10. well, its out.. i'm currently downloading it on PS4, let the adventures begin...
  11. yes their instagram is telling me it goes live 26th, that's today... For UK players
  12. For PS4 i found these ports Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Breakpoint - Playstation 4 TCP: 1935,3478-3480. UDP: 3074,3478-3479,3658-3667.
  13. Thanks for taking time to check it out , apreciate it .
  14. So a big patch dropped for the PS4 update BETA last night . ... And, im still getting the same error when trying to connect
  15. no worries rocky.. But do you know folk who play it on PS4?..
  16. I'm getting this error code "silent -30086" for Ps4 AND as far as I know it's This issue.. I could play it all day last night. Anyone else getting This?
  17. I'm downloading it now, after pre ordering it. But PS4.. Can't wait to play some later on.
  18. Top gun inspired Animation with jets
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