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    Funny Cat Pictures

    So me, when I'm watching stuff lol
  2. it's laggy on my desktop, but it'll run arma 3 on ultra at at least 45 FPS. something tells me they didn't do a good job on the vsync buffer What resolution did u run it as? I had the beta release version, so not sure if it was fixed up with official release version, with the spec I had running it as 1024 x 768, medium settings and view distance far. I had it matched to my desktop settings. Was a decent resolution for machinima playing.
  3. I have one of those weird rooms, so the heat circulates wrong in my opinion, with my old PC I had to leave the casing open all the time so the gfx doesn't bake a potato.
  4. I didn't want to spend a fortune on a new PC, so I thought I'd get a ps3 as it's almost similar to a PC but with a blu ray player, so it's an added bonus, it also looks tidy. All it needed was a stable wi if connection. I have a cheap standard headset just to steam of when I'm on sniper ghost warrior. Arms 3 is great but it was cooking up my system too much.
  5. I think CREATIVE labs have the best quality over quantity for producing, if it's for gaming or movies I'm not so sure, best place is YouTube for reviews, IMO headphones work out better, also depends how well sound proof your "room" is too.
  6. Anyone have a copy for ps3? Would be awesome to get some games up..
  7. Hi all, I've been away recently, been ill here and there, been practising guitar and getting better, how are things with everybody? I also purchased gr future soldier for ps3 and a head set, hoping to get some games online tonight or soon Peace out
  8. squad_e

    Funny Cat Pictures

    Rainbow hands wins! lmao
  9. I went to visit my local army surplus for some more rounds for my Air rifle, they told me there is an airsoft club in town, that ive never even noticed under my radar in my ends.. I went to check it out, Might book a game with em next week
  10. Looks like a fun game, everybody using blowbacks, plus people dressed slightly casual with a vest?.. Maybe playing dressup isnt slightly putting off anymore.. I've seen the Miningun airsoft in the related vids section, totally awesome!!..
  11. I am selling 2x GoPro Hero Cameras, Ideal for Combat footage (maybe domestic fights), mountain bike downhill, snowboarding downhill, Airsoft play and swimming. One HD GoPro With LCD Screen 1080p res, up to 60 FPS playback. One Standard Widelense with waterproof housing. Complete with helmet straps, sticky mounting on car or bike. Rarely used, great condition. PM me for price
  12. yeah then get run over by mistake by the driver thinking your an over grown rodent. But come on, shooting recycled drink can's with friends at an abandoned park is always fun
  13. I've always been intrigued with Airsoft games, i even own 2.2 calibre sniper rifle with scope and silencer,i use paper circle targets similar for archery targets. But playing dress up in-between kinda puts me of lol..
  14. Yeah, Amazon or Ebay, or your local GAME store or GAMESTATION will have 2nd hand copies lying around
  15. Ah, nothing beats ArmA 2 though, Some features in arma 3 were a bit dissapointing tho, but i know and can trust bohemia interactive that they are always hard working and no doubt they have a Superior Modding community as their back up and street rep. Patience has always been a virtue with All Arma Series. I was socked how big my ArmA CD case pile was compared to most of my games. Although I am a Big Battlefield 2 Junkie as well, But no one seems to play Battlefield 2 anymore, same with BF2 Bad Company and BF2142. A Matter of time that Mods will show in GR FS. Its still in its baby days.
  16. Loving the action shot with the Zonda, Tyre marks remind me of the new TRON Legacy movie, guessing inspiration from that movie?.. Work is getting better and better, must say.
  17. Did a few jobs and missions today, Found a Car Dealer that had a FORD GT40, test drove all the cars in the garage, including Camero's, FORD Mustang's, a Hummer H2 (Moves like a tank, top speed 120mph). A Corvette. Then finally test drove the GT40, Handles great even it states Difficulty level at 4. Got it in Black with custom alloys. Part Exchange with Subaru WRX Impreza, will miss this car. Can't seem to post screen shots on here tho.. Or function text alignment, happens with Chrome and firefox
  18. Incase you wanna buy a convertible.. Since only hairdressers buy hairdressers cars too lol
  19. You can avoid all types of gambling featured on TDU2, the car lists are phenomenal on a scale of availability.. I'm also a big fan of GRID, never really got into GRID 2 that much, I was mainly in it for the drifting discipline amd the le mans 24 minute was a fun gimmick too no doubt. As for GTR simulation i prefer the softer vibe from Live For Speed S2.. Throughout most of the game, your on a free-roam island like ArmA , loads of missions to do asphalt and off road and Motorbikes. Also includes Character Customization, you can buy clothing, haircuts, you can drive to malls, hairdresses, tuning garages, beaches, you name it. its almost endless.. So Far in my garage Lotuse Esprite (Starting Car) Leveled Up to VW Golf GTI AUDI R4 Today just bought a Subaru Impreza WRX part exchange from AUDI, as it has better grip and drift handling. Can't wait to grab a FORD GT40
  20. Does anyone have this yet?.. Well worth the £££ on steam..
  21. some chillstep with great vocal Tali - Motionless forum not letting me link video
  22. u cant spell squad_e wid out a magic e iniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit
  23. ARMA III Beta as if you woudlnt know anywhay... messing around with the editor.. camera mode.. pow weeee
  24. ###### what an overrated knife, just grab a kitchen knife or a machete, job done.. Who needs all that tactical crap..
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