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  1. Yeah Practice makes perfect, i'm halfway through making my mission, so good so far. Big thanks to people supportin!
  2. Thanks, i set hostage o hostagebehaviourOn. He is an alied company too, I will see what i can do for under escort P.S The Evolution of scripting so true!
  3. ahh Man, I have a hostage situation now, i have a hostage, and a hostage interrigator, in one room. When I start Up the mission, the hostage gets shot, is there a way for the hostage not to get shot? I thought that i might need to have a timed mission? Is that so?
  4. Hey Thanks for helpin earlier if you remember me in last post , I got my jeep moving with jeep-driver and jeep crew i was well chuffed! Anywayz continuing modding Embassy now. P.S is there a website for scripting ghost recon Igor?
  5. Man he's so pumped, The bullet wud just bounce lol
  6. He's Doing a balancing trick and at the same time shooting, reticule like bigger than the screen lol.. Must be a circuis mission
  7. One Other Thing im starting to where camo more often lol
  8. lol some of them were funny.. Here are mine maybe too sad But GR gets You 2) You dodge from cover to cover in a parking lot 111) "Walks through a door squatting" 115) When you drive by farmland and you think of all the good sniper positions you can have... 161) When you see a hot babe and she gets out of your view you shout, “out of site”. 26) Every time you see your boss from a distance you think "Tango in sight" instead of boss, lecturer
  9. "Lock N Load" This Mod campain was really fun i enjoyed it no bugs or glitches, Story line was nice too!
  10. Yeah i gave the driver an "enter plan" after i wrote my last message, now the jeep driver in the jeep but im having a problem making the jeep move lol
  11. Hi im really stuck on making a mission in embassy i have added a jeep and a jeep driver, i am having problems with trying to get the "jeep driver" into the Jeep, Got any sggestions? thanks
  12. yeah M4 socom for me as well, same as him too sniping is great
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