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  1. Great shots seem keeping the game alive
  2. What? what is it? Just type in rainbow six Vegas , in the App Store search first results..
  3. There's a cool version out on the ipad though, worth getting
  4. Yeah, o.f.p is great, but it's too over the top.. Arma is way more balanced
  5. Won't work, a lot of great windows games won't work onwin 8, even via steam..
  6. Avp 2 doesn't run on windows 8 even with a dual core processes and nvidea chipset . Well it didn't on my machine
  7. Windows 8 ain't to bad on laptops and notebooks, not sure on desktop pcs or phones lol
  8. Well at least rainbow six Vegas is in ps3 platform now, so back on that biz. My top 3 are... 1. All GR series. 2. Need for speed underground 2. Aliens vs predator 1 & 2, great times on those babies. The new Avp colonial marines series sucks
  9. squad_e

    Guess what?

    Any of there franchise released on ipad?
  10. A lot of cool ironman apps, the game looks very similar to the dark knight rises engine too. Surprisingly a small size of 550mb , is that normal for an apple product, don't know if that counts for iMac. The iPad mini is the only apple product i own, it's also great for dj-ing
  11. I love it when blame invades my discussions, people don't know whist there missing , hahahaha
  12. YouTube is the best thing for iPad, doesn't give you any strain .. I was on dark knight rises for at least 2 hours yesterday, still not completed it yet lol It's made stop playing on my DSi though
  13. porn is better viewed on iPad....so I read ...somewhere Plant vs Zombie for me on iPad Yeah I had that in mind too, why I added word "stuff" new someone would mention p0rn.. Hahaha
  14. I use a HTC android, worked like a Gem on holiday, my iPad mini works faster than my notebook and it's more optimised for multitasking when sitting by the pool. Only trouble was I had to remove some games for photos..
  15. Nice, not a big fan of walking dead, reminds me of prison break a bit too much, but it's got a good setting and plot. Has anyone bought any tripods for iPads perhaps, sounds silly I know, but there's loads on ebay. It's useful if you have dj apps and instrument learning guides. Considering getting one.
  16. Clean cut, looking good so far zee lol
  17. Must say the quality on ipad games are amazing, bought the dark knight rises for iPad mini for 4.99 one of the best games I've ever played. Also DCS black shark is available, FTL faster and more stable and a few great ghost recon apps lol. More fun than I've ever had since PC and playstation consoles. Only thing missing out is I can't do machinima ha.. What's everybody else running on their tablets? Peace
  18. Its probably unrelated, but mass effect did the same, it was because the games frame rate wad much higher than the screen's refresh rate. Hahaha
  19. Yeah it's a good game, pretty cool.
  20. My PC version nearly took a whole day to install, including both discs. Had errors with the yeti. File or something, wouldn't except the cd key either. Shame tho, but all is well I have it on ps3
  21. Is because you set it on high settings, keep the resolution, but set all textures and shadows to medium, might improve on buffering textures when your flying or free roaming for fun. May increase your FPS to a 3rd
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