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  1. Ugh,how many more documentaries on this discussing ######, and his 120 Hindi wives , bin laden turned out to be a Hindu ,not a Muslim, but doing inside jobs on Muslims. From another documentary getting real also showed, Osama bin laden converting to a Jew, because he had the right beard and structure for a Jew lol, jokes or what eh? Glad I Dont follow any typical religion at all.. Inconsiderate People who followed Osama bin laden, changed, then chanted in the streets of New York, saying "destroyer of mankind" , like hari karishnah hari haram, forming some kind of alien cult.
  2. This mainly happened to me when it got hot! Or when the weather season was highest in heat, couldn't do anything, or go out, then caused anxiety and lack of oxygen! I went to the doctors and prescribed pills for this dillema. Since then life has been good (y) . It was also mainly fatigue, overworked and over thinking lol . Peace
  3. I know rocky, were not experts, I'm sorry to say, but is good at least they're using the same animations take downs like GR:FS , keeping it real.. Peace
  4. High fives to all Super excited for this release
  5. Looks great, knew it would be on the forum already, thanks for sharing the trailer... Looks like they'yre still using the GR:FS engine too , from the take down moves
  6. ######,met could've been you then lol Hahahaha
  7. squad_e

    Funny Cat Pictures

    Too much time with cats No lol
  8. Yeah, we all saw that coming, very soon lol nice post
  9. Some nice trucks at the back though..
  10. Bloody hell rocky try saying that out loud
  11. Justin bieber - baby baby baby oh
  12. Tupac - California love Old but gold \m/ Aqua - barbe girl Elie goulding - lights
  13. Just looks like any other sniper film I've seen, but still love watching them
  14. Omg, ######... Talk about highly trained!!
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