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  1. Looking sharp, can't wait to demo charge it!!!
  2. Well, its a PS4 exclusive and with a PS4 you need HDMI only connections , think I can still hold on to pc version So I'm not sure if people (the customers) want to buy the console version, if your going to have to spend more on a high def TV for your PS4 .
  3. Being honest -1 , everything is shameful , regardless what platform were playing it on
  4. I hope it turns out slow as GR classic, from all the footage of seen it seems fast paced.. No problem man its cool . Peace
  5. Now that is baeutiful , great work
  6. Oh wait won't it have it like pistol v pistol then ? With only pistol availability. Why not try a secondary with assault rifles ? But pistol only with sniper rifle sounds like hardcore mode fun
  7. I can see why this is worrying since GRAW 2, but it didn't affect me at all with all person views, even on PS3 platform. On ps3 platform views I found it more comfortable than pc first person, comparison with ghost recon pc classic. Now I can recognise , peace !
  8. You keep hitting the nail with the hammer, you keep hitting the nail with the hammer, now keep repeating ... Hammer time lol
  9. Sick photos jeza (y) lmao
  10. Starring Bradley Cooper . a SEALs movie sniper set in Iraq. www.youtube.com/watch?v=5bP1f_1o-zo Cool film with great firefight sequences. Anybody else seen this? Peace out
  11. Ouch!! Gotta say goodbye to my TFT monitor addiction and get this curvy one lol. Would be great shopping for GR Wild lands
  12. I had high hopes for PlayStation 3 platform release, but I can't wait for PC release, with future soldier surprises I'm still in awe of GR FS for ps3. Please release more in game footage , that is all from me, for the moment.. Peace out
  13. Lol, omg how can we not remember.. Total own age But they managed really really well developing it
  14. Dear all me members, I have no idea of what platform it will be released on, trying for PC and laptop is biggest hope yet! If on ps3 it will be better! But I think, this will be a ps4 exclusive, only. No articles on ps3 release. Grin and bear it I suppose. Cheers fellas Peace
  15. Dont know what's bigger, the Barrett, or the monitor, awesome!
  16. I know but it saddens me that their is a new documnetry on bin laden, every year now, wonder how the 2016 edition will be formatted, the dark knight rises style perhaps. Just angers me to be honest .. How he's imposed on society.
  17. OmG hahahahaha, bin laden and gandalf the grey go head to head on that one.. " I'll bang your mean girl , if u Dont hand me that ak 47, back, plus it doesn't suit you USMC navy SEAL , where's your tricked out laser guided m4", says bin laden. " frodo, I'm high of this , no kidding" says gandalf the grey in the greens of everwood.. Yep, I just wrote that up XD "Merry Xmas , best beardies, no one messing with Rudolf the rude boy massive widebody let it rain , reindeer " says Santa Claus, Lapland, sitting by the fire with wood lol
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