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  1. Picture me rollin

  2. solo like rambo isn't always rambo mode, what about solo mode like splinter cell? Where you can still use, assault style and stealth style together ..
  3. Craig David - seven days Craig David - fill me in
  4. Dj quicksilver - free Dj quicksilver - ffm (do you remember?)
  5. Eminem - bad guy Eminem - survival
  6. It gave me a tactical erection mate. I see you , myself and Rocky in this scenario along with wombat and others doing this mission. Sorry squad_e, you're the bloke who got shot trying to disarm the nukes hey, was just doing business, we all get distracted lol
  7. Warpaint - set your arms down Warpaint - elephants
  8. It's a beautiful game, no doubt, long live GR classic.
  9. The fugees - ready or not Tupac - picture me rollin'
  10. Meg myers - poison Meg myers - monster
  11. Burial - prayer Rachid taha - Barra barra
  12. Are you on about the ghost recon alpha movie? The free one on YouTube?
  13. I'm not gonna kill you. Your gonna have more chance with Minecraft with apple iPad, games are already limited on apple format than PC format , as most PC users already know that. Plus PC is the way forward for first person shooters and racing games. There won't be a game on it like GR, but its best if you would search first for a game like GR for the iPad on Google , before regret buying one .
  14. Shamefully it won't be anything like that.. It's torn apart since ghost recon 2.
  15. Can't wait to see more of It zee !
  16. Really enjoyed reading your rant with the AIbluefox , a very detailed read, but I have to agree with rocky here , it still is in beta stage , even the videos aren't likely to be full released product footage.
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