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  1. Now, what is it with the the Download only purchasing style of new pc games, look at battlefield 1, that's download only, look at wildlands, download only, look at titan fall 2, that's download only too. now these games that are download only are at least 40 gb download. some people don't  have the facility or time to wait. 

    Sorry just a short rant, I was ready to buy battlefield 1, I just don't have the facility to download a huge size , that would probably be a corrupt connection that would time me out.

    What are your views on the new download only system?

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  2. On 05/11/2016 at 16:09, ApexMods said:

    This is just an amazing coincidence. I can't talk about the details just yet, but let me state that your timing to do something like this could not have been any better. You'll know what I'm talking about in a few days. :)

    As for the track itself, something seems a bit off with the rhythm alignment around the 13-21 seconds mark, and for my taste it could use some deep bass beat punching throughout, as a kind of driving force. I'm no musician, so I hope what I say makes at least some sense in a way.

    Great work, Squad_e! :thumbsup:

    PS: Everyone, get your creative juices flowing and ready yourselves for a special kind of battle!

    Thanks for taking the time to review it, I tried to see again to see what was off, but i couldn't really make it out.

    1 hour ago, Rocky said:

    There have been other mixes in the past...

    Here's One.

    I assumed so there have been previous mixes but i did not know others would publish them too on here, but what did you think of my version?


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  3. I could just be a bad player, lol. But what irks me is that they can turn 180 and hit me with pinpoint accuracy. with my weapons if I turn 20 degrees my crosshairs explode and cause me to shoot like a maniac. 

    proning, or crouching helps shooting better when the crosshair goes crazy. I doubt they are any AI mods to help that. 

  4. Hello all, I keep getting kicked out of Playstation store , then it signs you out of PSN network, but you can sign back in PSN to play online. Is anyone else getting this error from Playstation store? It's annoying because I can't redownload anymore.


    Thanks in advance 

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