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  1. Now, what is it with the the Download only purchasing style of new pc games, look at battlefield 1, that's download only, look at wildlands, download only, look at titan fall 2, that's download only too. now these games that are download only are at least 40 gb download. some people don't have the facility or time to wait. Sorry just a short rant, I was ready to buy battlefield 1, I just don't have the facility to download a huge size , that would probably be a corrupt connection that would time me out. What are your views on the new download only system?
  2. I made a new mix today.. This is b based on the training https://soundcloud.com/imran-khan-49/grmixtrain Enjoy
  3. IT works now .. that was a strange blip..
  4. I cant seem to dwonload that one. How do i add mine to the download section?.. Also i'll be making more remixes, since there are others out there.
  5. Thanks for taking the time to review it, I tried to see again to see what was off, but i couldn't really make it out. I assumed so there have been previous mixes but i did not know others would publish them too on here, but what did you think of my version? Thanks
  6. my hopes are is this going to be a download only game, where you can buy a box with a CD KEY or will it have a CD KEY? Nut my question is , will you be able to buy it with a Disc or will it be a code in a box?.. Thanks
  7. Its Quiet... Too Quiet ... Hey Everyone, I was messing around with some sound files in the Original Mod folder Of Ghost Recon so here is a short Ghost Recon mix i made using Ghost Recon sounds and loop samples from http://www.looperman.com All Credit goes to Looperman.com for the free samples. https://soundcloud.com/imran-khan-49/newgrmix Standing By For Constructive criticism Enjoy
  8. Eminem - bad guy Eminem - legacy
  9. Basshunter - now you're gone Basshunter - all I ever wanted
  10. proning, or crouching helps shooting better when the crosshair goes crazy. I doubt they are any AI mods to help that.
  11. Gun smith is an awesome feature for GR:FS , would also love to see comparisons of bullet drop compared to the real deal. I would also like to see gunsmith return to Wildlands. Would be cool if the bullet drop feature was similar to sniper ghost warrior.
  12. Dub fx - step on my trip Dub fx - love someone
  13. That's realistic enough to get your hopes up again for wildlands
  14. Alpha , holding position. Bravo , advance , Charlie, advance . Good old days when OGR was legit. What an awesome feature it was , mandatory, I don't know , but what's to be realistic about? I do hope it's in wildlands , I'm getting my hopes up again lol
  15. It seems to have fixed itself, problem solved!
  16. Hello all, I keep getting kicked out of Playstation store , then it signs you out of PSN network, but you can sign back in PSN to play online. Is anyone else getting this error from Playstation store? It's annoying because I can't redownload anymore. Thanks in advance
  17. Motorcycle - as the rush comes
  18. Scooter - the night Scooter - posse
  19. Yelawolf - daddy's Lambo Yelawolf - I just wanna party
  20. Happy new year, it's my birthday too
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