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  1. I was going to ask you where you are buying yours, same place as me. Thanks for the link
  2. Still not a happy bunny rocky. I can only see wildlands as a uplay game
  3. Where have you got wildlands already? It's not out till March 2017. Merry X'mas to you!
  4. Fingers crossed. It's the 21St December come on guys where are you all?
  5. So i decided to make a mannequin challenge in arma II enjoy
  6. Autumn has gone far too quick, winter is coming... .....Then it rained.....
  7. I saw your ghost recon heroes unleashed screen shots, pretty sick I must say, I love the landed little bird one though, just go with your instints follow your heart.
  8. Well the moon looked pretty standard tonight, but took some shots anyway...
  9. Did anyone get any decent pictures ? it was cloudy and rainy where I'm From, didn't see zip. kinda gutted but oh well life goes on.
  10. Yes apex, what a pity indeed. to me I didn't know what a tactical shooter was, till I found ghost recon sitting on a shelf in GAME stores. when I started playing GR as a game, I still didn't know what a tactical shooter was. to me it was just a clever shooter that made think, over and over. like an RTS game. SINCE I joined the forums I learned then, that GR was a tactical shooter for me. GR has had me hooked since the day I first played it. I also think armed assault or arma is a decent tactical shooter too, with its vast open world to bring you more strategic planning and warfare. ARMA came after GR, arma made me drift away from GR because it had better graphics, characters, units, vehicles etc..
  11. I just hope its as good as the animated series are, the trailer looks promising though
  12. I want to submit my ghost recon hiphop mix, I've had no copyright issues with it so far, it's legit. where can I post it? Thanks Edit https://soundcloud.com/imran-khan-49/newgrmix
  13. Mine are, Castle, farm day and hunting lodge and beach
  14. Thanks, i do have more on the way.. They just take time to create as im a perfectionist.
  15. Maybe yes, maybe no. awesome, i wont worry
  16. it is apparently.. you can see it here , here
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