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  1. That map kind of reminds me of oilrig from counter strike mixed with one of the mp maps
  2. Mod Edit.......I JUST WANT THIS MOD!!!!!! GIVE ME!!!!
  3. You know I'm to the point now where I'm starting not to care as much. Honestly it probably won't be done until after GR2 is released which will make it kind of a waste.....To me anyways, but I'd still play it
  4. hey chems there's going to be a ton of bugs during the mod just like the movie? Or what?
  5. about how many enemies will some of the bigger maps have? I don't think I'm the only one who loves seeing 100+ characters on the screen at one time in a huge fire fight.... The only problem is that it makes it so........oh well just wondering.
  6. that sucks.......I wish I knew how to do some of the things your team does........well good luck with everything.....don't worry though when the mod is completed you'll be even more appricative that you did a lot of the work on your own......
  7. wow, this poll has been going on for over a year wow......Still awaiting the big one though
  8. ht_joebob

    Poll: Bands

    my band will be recording some tracks in a month or so...... as soon as I get the demo I'll let everybody know..........
  9. Personally, I feel that americans should be able to download music freely over the internet because not alot of people have the money to go out and buy a $14 cd with only 2-3 good songs. It should be fine as long as pople still go to see bands perform the music live because nothing beats listening to music than listening to it live. Also people who make music should be in it for the music not the money.......
  10. ht_joebob

    Poll: Bands

    Dude that rocks.....Your right about the different styles all I play is PERCUSSION and(yes to all those brass, string, and woodwind players we are more than just monkeys with drumsticks) I'm always trying new ideas that alone. I love to play punk as well as rock, but other things like jazz and latin are cool too. Stuff that I think is ok is like death metal and techno.....The thing that I abosutely can not stand to listen to or play is rap...I can't stand it at all, there is just something about it that sets me off and I want to shoot the next rapped I see........but other than that everything is cool
  11. wow I tried to follow this and got completely lost, can we pick a new word?
  12. ht_joebob

    Poll: Bands

    I was just wondering how many ghost recons lovers were in a band. This could be any band, like high school band college, marching, drumline, jazz band, pep band, or just a group of friends in a rock band.......any band just leave it here
  13. hey Chems, what's going on with the updates?
  14. Are you guys still hoping to meet your deadline?
  15. where could I get ahold of him
  16. That's good but I only want 1 man out of 6 in the helicopter....like team charlie in the chopper???? is that possible or does everybody have to be in it?
  17. I read flanker56's tutorial on how to get your guys into a chopper but I'm still completely confused. What I want for my mission is a chopper just flying around the map and I want a soldier I can control as a sniper in the chopper......can anybody help???
  18. sweet you've just opened a new world to me......
  19. I don't know how to rotate the actor though
  20. When do you expect this mod to be finished?
  21. gotcha chems I'll try that, also do you know how to make the MG face a different direction
  22. How do you even get a guy to grab hold of the machine gun???
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