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  1. @Recon To play : You must download Traffic_Cfr.exe That is the mod itself. If you want to play it in english , you will have to download Traffic_Ceng.exe , it is a short patch that will translate the text of the mod in english.
  2. Yes, i am testing a wound mod It is your wounds mod actually, sup (i think i have some other wound files mixed with it, but i do not remember their origin) Great work , i like it
  3. I can't believe i never saw your custom reticles before. Shame on me to have not seen those great reticle work ! Thanks a lot for the link DVS1, i will have a very good use of all of them to replace the GR "crosshairs" for each weapons.
  4. Thanks for the answers , even if i hoped a different conclusion
  5. I tried your sound modification, and i find it really good. Much better than the default sounds, i use it everytime from now. Thanks for sharing. Have you any plan to replace every firearm sounds in GR (as some weapons have the "default" GR sounds) , that would be a must-have mod for everyone.
  6. Hello Is something like this short photoshop work on a GR screenshot possible in ghost recon with a modification of reticule , only when using the "zoom" key ?
  7. WOWv3.1 was one of my favorite mod , along with Enemy/General Realism. When i made my personnal compil mod of things i only used on every SP game i play , WOW3 and E/G Realism were part of it. I am happy to see that there will be a WOW v4 (with a new Alfa FSB mod ), thank you to all modders that enhance my GR games with such quality works.
  8. I personnally always use some weapons from Weapons of War 3.1 in my single player games, and i like the more black kevlar feature on every operatives that this mod introduce . That is a great work and a must download in my opinion. There are a lot of very good mod, but WoW 3.1 is always my favorite.
  9. Are you playing in 16 bits or in 32 bits ? On Operation Flashpoint or other games , if i play in 16 bits colors for more performance, i see plenty of those graphical artefacts , not only on the player models but on building too at some distances. So if you are playing in 16 bits , try 32 bits colors. Else , it can be a driver problem as Chems suggested , as for Geforce 2 the latest Nividia drivers are certainly not the best for this card as they are optimised for later geforces series (i have a GF2 myself)
  10. I found the time to try your solution (it took a bit of time renaming all those kit path according to my custom kits folders and kits names) And it worked perfectly. I can see my favorites weapons selection a lot easier, as i have not to browse +200 kits to find the 4/5 weapons i will use. Thanks again , San
  11. Thanks for the suggestion, I will try to do this instead of deleting original files.
  12. Hello Actually , when i play my weapons selections mod , i noticed that for the not-specialists Ghosts , i have tons of kits now. My goal is to make my own kits selections with weapons (and equipments) -i only like to use- (from default or mods) and removing from the weapons kits selection all those kits i dont want to use for several reason (weapons i dont like mostly). That way , it will clean up the number of kits on the selection for me and display only what i want , speeding the whole selection process by the way. But , as for the mod weapons , i can delete easily the unwanted kit files , i think that for the default weapons i want to keep or drop , i will have to delete some origmiss/mp1/mp2 kits files. As i never play online, i do not have to worry about files compatibility with missing kits. Before going in my delete files crazyness, i have a question. Does some AI in missions use the kits located in the Kits folder as rifleman8.kits , demolitions18.kits etc..) , that could lead me in problem if i delete those Ghost used kits while the enemy used it sometime. Or does the enemy AI use only those specific kits defined in the Equip folder of Orgmiss/Mp1/Mp2 ("opposing forces1.kit", "ak47 and cigarette.kit" as an exemple), this way i could delete the files i want in the Kits folder without having problems, as i will not touch the Equip folder kits. Thanks for any hints.
  13. When the Summer Of All Fear maps were released for GR by an user on internet , i tried them to see how they could be played in Ghost Recon environment. Frankly despite the map quality , they played very badly in GR , mostly because of their CQB nature while they are great inside SOAF (i have this SOAF game fortunately, and the maps fits and are played perfectly in SOAF). SOAF AI is very good in those SOAF maps , while the GR AI had difficulty to give an interest for the user in missions set up in those specific maps. If i remember well , there is now an approved utility to play the SOAF maps in GR as it requires you to have SOAF. It was made after the SOAF map packs were ubi-banned for obvious and legitimate reasons.
  14. As you understood , that was my only concern with the actual situation of this side effect of your very interesting tool, because i know lots of people click without reading : i can see exemples of this behaviour when i have to help people with their frozen computers . If in one of your future project you could address this possible user mistake as my suggestion pointed, certainly no one will discuss it as there will be no reason. I understand perfectly your choice to not support the usage of a certain category of "mods" , in the Swat 3 community it was a common and general choice from the whole community (not only the modding one) to not approve those category of "mods". Thanks for the concerns, and keep up the good work.
  15. Some screenshots of DGSE_Valdez mod click on the thumbnail to have a larger picture.
  16. Hello, DonMiguel The problem encountered is the fact that this 3rd party tool delete some unwanted mods (according to the tool creator) by itself , if by mistake the tool user continue to launch it (nothing is unfortunately more simple than clicking without reading the question or any readme.txt). I have a suggestion , that i think a lot more suitable to that situation in term of privacy respect (as it is the subject here). -After the launcher start , it scans the Mods folder (actually , it is done) -The scan reveal a mod incompatible with the tool creator mood.(actually , it is done) -Then a message like this one should be displayed : -Finally the launcher quit, and do not uninstall anything itself, waiting for the user to do it himself before being able to use the tool. I think that such a direction on your program is a lot more appropriate , as it does not remove anything on its own -> leaving the choice on the user side without leaving him the possibility of clicking by mistake, this way it respects entirely the user privacy without denying your right to not allow an user to play both your tool and your unwanted mod for whatever reason you can have.
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