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  1. The enemy AI in Ghost Recon had always impressed me, and continue to do so in regards to some other more modern games in which they do not really make you believe they behave tactically like in GR. Though sometime the "i stay there for the whole firefight duration and only act as a turret rotating once a while" from some of them (i guess because they were not given any kind of waypoints or patrol zone) was not really that bright. But when you have some enemy AI moving around, they become really brillant piece of coding.
  2. Was a fan of Rainbow Six and Rogue Spear, excited by the new title of the devs of 2 of my favorites tactical combat games i installed the demo that came with a "paper" magazine in 2001 and ... did not liked it. I found the scenery offered by the castle not exciting, but as it was stated on the internet that i was searching for more infos , it was only a demo map, not even a campaign mission that were promised to be more exciting and entertaining. But what really was putting me off was the presence of this constant "tick - tick - tick" bug sound that played regularly and that after searches on the internet was a problem many people were encountering and none of the possible suggestions was fixing that darned thing, so i decided to forget about it. A year and a half after, i saw Ghost Recon for extremely cheap in a bargain bin amongst other titles, and despite my time was monopolized by Operation Flashpoint , for such a cheap price i decided to give a try. It was a good decision, with patches the "tick" annoyance had already been fixed, and the missions were indeed of a completely different caliber from the castle boring demo map, Ghost Recon gave me some of my most intense gameplay experience in some of the campaign missions. Along with Operation Flashpoint, Ghost Recon and later its expansions stayed on my hard drive since then. And i continue to play with those games so much years after. it shows how great a game can be to stand the test of time.
  3. When i think about Ghost Recon, i can only think of the original one, the 3 main points i have in mind are : Mods While not modable to the nearly complete extent of an unreal tournament that could be modified entirely (see the ultra realistic Infiltration made with the old unreal engine as a basis), or at least to the extent of an operation flashpoint, the impressive modding possibilities in term of game additions, missions, weapons, uniforms etc... made Ghost Recon a formidable support for modder creativity. Coming with so much work that it lead even in very impressive unofficial expansions, the modding community was showing real talent to create such formidable content that enlarged the scope of the game Replayability The amount of different approaches, the different reactions you assault could create, etc... made playing, replaying and re-replaying Ghost Recon and its expansion a real pleasure, never boring. And always playing it now despite its age is always interesting, the very large diversity of environment from a mission to another contributed very largely in the campaigns never being boring. Game design Tactical gameplay to its finest, while it may not be visually as realistic as various other sequels or more modern tacsims, the Ghost Recon design is brillant, limping, very throughout body armors simulation, tactical moves, voices reports, believable AI reactions to suppression fire, diversity of environment of each missions, scale, characters models and textures, simulation of weapons accuracy/weight/encombrance/size/recoil all in a single spreading cursor a la Rogue Spear/Rainbow Six etc... all in all Ghost Recon was and always is a masterpiece of design for a tactical realism combat sim.
  4. My own 2 cents, I like both Ghost Recon and OFP equally, but for very different reasons. Arma, i never liked, maybe because it was too similar to OFP that i played and modded to death, while running a lot less stable and less smoothly than OFP, additionally with all those "nextgen" effect, getting my eyes to bleed with the overdone HDR is not what i was looking for when i play a combat sim. OFP unit control was clunky because of the animation system, but while ArmA improved the animations themselves and separated in some patch the weapon view from the 1st person view, it remained clunky, i always felt in command of a vehicle, not of a soldier (but not as much as the old Wargasm game). Again, with all the scale and comprehensive content of OFP, plus some modding it was overall acceptable, but finding the same clunkiness in ArmA, just not interesting. But more importantly, i never felt any immersion like in OFP, i imagine the very bad campaign and missions of the stock game were directly responsible of the lack of immersion. That said, none of those 2 games had an immersion that was even half as impressive as what i feel in Ghost Recon, that is always even now the most immersive tacical combat sim i play and continue to enjoy every bit of firefight i get in it. Now as a mostly offline player, a big annoyance is the ArmA AI, it is just bad on a tactical level as it was in OFP , unable to take cover with what could be seen as remotely an artificial intelligence (the AI just drop on the ground even if in the middle of nowhere or in town will never try to find cover). This was excusable in OFP, being very new concept in its time, but when you compare it with Ghost Recon AI that is able to take hard or even light cover, lean from cover, try to grenade your position even without having a direct LOS to you, use suppression fire, can be suppressed, etc... ArmA AI is laughable and way less realistic than Ghost Recon. In ArmA2 in one of the video, supposed to demonstrate their new "microAI", you can see a whole squad of AI going prone in the middle of a street, so even if they get their new AI to lean, they always lack the tactical awareness of the Ghost Recon AI. On the penetration system, both OFP and ArmA are very arcade in comparison to the very deep and throughout Ghost Recon armor system, localised wounds , limping, etc... Ghost Recon is always way more realistic in that regard. Map details, while OFP was a basically flat world without any accidented terrain, but as i said it was very ambitious for its time and so it was forgivable, terrain detail while improved a bit in ArmA is always nowhere as detailled as in Ghost Recon. Certainly OFP/ArmA maps are way larger, use their satellite texturing, but Ghost Recon map system allow for a -very- lot more variation in mission situation, and the detail of the terrain is superior to OFP/ArmA ones that remained mostly flat without small hickups or accidented part. The AI navigation is always way better. In OFP it was possible to get the terrain as accidented as a Ghost Recon map when setting up the terrain detail to very high, but even NASA computers can't run it in real mission situation even today with such high setting, in ArmA it is not even possible anymore. Overall, ArmA was a real disapointment to me, and i doubt ArmA2 will be any better for what i hope judging from the videos. Luckily for me , there is always Ghost Recon and its extremely impressive stock and superb modder work to get into immersive firefights. And OFP run very smoothly and 100% stable with enough addon and mod content to keep me busy there for years to come.
  5. It is looking really awesome. Invaluable modding ressource , thanks for sharing this.
  6. I already have and contninue to play Ghost Recon with expansions along my beloved OFP since their releases, that's a testimony on how great the game is. That free release sounds like a very good new for the people that does not have GR. But i can imagine that featuring an ingame ads system is a bit concerning : -Isn't that opening a potential exploit hole in term of security for the people that will play this version of GR online ? -Isnt this making an impact on lag for player using the ads version of GR online , when part of the bandwidth will be used to download new ads ? -Are players using the ads version of GR even capable of playing the game offline without being annoyed by the ads system wanting to connect to the net ? -What is the online compatibility between the users of the regular version and the ones that use the ads supported game ? -Will it be possible for them in the future to install the expansions Desert Siege or Island Thunders and so to enjoy the superb mods the modding community created ? But other than those points, i hope this free game initiative will make people that have missed GR in its release to see how fantastic and immersive, even without the expansions, Ghost Recon is as a tactical game.
  7. Thank you for this superb work to every of this masterpiece contributors. My already very huge /Mods/ folder is now getting even bigger with a more than worthy addition
  8. In the Equip folder (mods, or original files) you have lots of files with the extension .gun They can be opened with any text editor. These files can control the accuracy, and several other features of a weapon By example if you open the rp46.GUN file in notepad (this file is found in the MP2\Equip folder), you should notice something like this near the middle of the file These numbers control the accuracy of the crosshair, and so will then make the AI more or less accurate according to the values you will put to them. But be warned that these values will apply to the human players too that is using the weapon for which you have modified the .GUN file. To avoid editing the original files, it should be more interesting for you to create a mod folder in which you will then just create an "Equip" folder and would put the copy of the .gun files you want to modify, this way you will then just have to activate such mod when you want to play with the modified values. I have no idea if such modification would need to be client side, or if having it on the server would be enough.
  9. Noticing this minimod screenshots, I totally agree with the following Thanks for this outstanding work.
  10. That modding masterpiece is finished ? Fantastic job Can't wait to try all those superb CHR-CT units. Thank you eÅ kwaadâ„¢
  11. Thanks for the precision, i was not sure the restart Ghost Recon process to get the textures replaced was normal , i thought i made a mistake. Nice work on these textures.
  12. I think i isolated the wounds files from the realism update 1.0c mod -billboard_effect7_03.rsb -billboard_effect7_04.rsb -billboard_effect7_05.rsb -billboard_effect7_06.rsb -billboard_effect7_07.rsb -decal_effect1.rsb -decal_effect2.rsb -decal_effect3.rsb -decal_effect4.rsb -decal_effect5.rsb -decal_effect6.rsb -decal_effect7.rsb I put them in a Textures folder inside of a SupWoundsV2 folder , added a modscont.txt So it can work like a stand alone mod, and after testing it looks like the screenshot of the sup wounds V2, for bullets wounds and grenade wounds. I uploaded it to yousendit (7 days temporary hosting) http://s60.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=1G33FIF...H41NNBX2TO3TQGR I have not added a readme, as i have no idea of what Sup would want to tell inside it But notice that for some reasons, the 1st time you want to have the wounds, you must activate the mod then quit Ghost Recon , and launch Ghost Recon again. If you do not re-launch Ghost Recon once you have activated the mod, you will not see the Sup wounds. (but fortunately once it is activated, every time you will launch GR the mod will be really activated)
  13. I just looked at the screenshot of this thread and found the artwork impressive So far i had no luck of finding it from the internet or on any ghost recon website that are always alive. But it seems there is hope : i found this In the readme of the realism update 1.0c mod that is hosted there at ghostaholic. I think Sup should be able to find his wound files inside of this realism update 1.0c mod and "revive" the lost Sup wounds V2 , after fileplanet staff deleted all those GR mods.
  14. There are 2 alternatives for this AI ready stance : a more "combat" one in which the AI seems more ready to fight and less relaxed (the best of the two in my opinion) , and a more "take cover" oriented in which the AI is crouching instead of standing. Those 2 alternatives can be found on that page http://www.flashpoint1985.com/cgi-bin/ikon...;t=43428;st=390 They are made with this DMA animation pack in mind and are not affected by some weapon bipods going through the leg for the AI ready stance.
  15. This project is just what should have been included in the commercial release of GR , if that is an indication of how much good i think about this Keep up this great work, it is really awesome. Even late in the GR lifespan, modders can produce surprising and superb work.
  16. Really impressive , it has been a long time i didn't played Ghost Recon , but a work with such quality will make me to reinstall this game with great pleasure when it will be released. I think it is the best texture work i ever saw on Ghost Recon. Superb
  17. I like this new sound pack, after deleting the weird scream sounds of course . I replaced the v5.0 with this new one and i think i will keep it a lot of time activated on my mod folder. Thank you for releasing it.
  18. It is not easy to review a sound pack but you did it very well. very good review. And very good soundpack too
  19. Good idea, A very small download , but an interesting mod as i will have to count more on my eyes than on the map display when playing missions now.
  20. Thank you for the version 5.0 of your soundpack Kafee. These are simply my new GR sounds , without any remorse for the default ones that i will not use anymore.
  21. I tested the version 4.1 and i like it so far. That is a very good sound replacement pack , it adds a lot to the "immersive" feeling of the game, i will never use GR default weapons sounds anymore . I can't wait for the final version. Definitively a must download. Thank you Kafee for your work, i enjoy the game a bit more .
  22. It is a good thing to see that you are creating a better wounds graphic for the "dead by explosion" , the ones already present in your first wounds mod were not convincing. The other wounds were really great. I am looking forward your second wounds mod if you release it. Good job.
  23. I watched the GR2 ingame video. At first i had the disapointement to see the enemy IA not taking cover like in the actual GR, or the allied AI walking past an enemy to the designed waypoint without looking at the enemy, and the 3rd person view is not immersive at all. But i noticed that when the player used the "zoom" , the weapon sight was taking the whole screen, at least i was happy to see what i hoped since i have played the Infiltration mod for UT and Operation Flashpoint to exist in GR. So certainly something like the photoshop work i made in the screenshot is not possible ingame in GR because of the reticle limitations in size, but it will be possible in GR2. Now, if only GR2 had nothing to do with what i saw on the video and was not edited by ubi soft ...
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