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  1. They have M4's because that's the primary weapon of Force Recon Marines. The regular grunts use the M16A4 but FR's standard weapon is the carbine.
  2. I thought the ARNG paid 100%? At least that's what one of their recruiters told me, like, 3 years ago. *shrug*
  3. I dont play tactical shooters for the multiplayer. I do play MP but my primary interest with them is the campaigns. So for me it's a big deal and I'm sure I'm not the only one. And GRAW2 is not a multiplayer centered game, if it was they wouldn't have wasted time on such an in depth campaign. Battlefield 2 is a multiplayer-centric title. Ghost Recon is not. It has both and neither is all that hot in every sequel so far. [GR] set a high standard and it doesn't look like they've even tried to match it, but rather turned the whole ship around and sailed to another port far away from the former ga
  4. I actually like that, not neccessarily the Mexico setting, but the fact the campaign is more like one, long, grueling mission instead of a whole campaign. I mentioned in my review about wanting more freedom so I wont say it again because I'm too lazy to type it out again right now lol. I also want the 'less advanced warfighter'. Smarter AI and more customization with your weapons and team is a must as well. And for the love of Christ, NO MORE SOLO MISSIONS! They suck, this isn't Halo, it's Ghost Recon. The next one I think should be set in South America or the Middle East with a mission n
  5. I rented Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 the other day, borrowed a 360, and beat it this afternoon. It's an amazing game, mad fun. However, it's still not Ghost Recon. The campaign was great but too linear, scripted, and ######-poor easy as a result. The story had me on the edge of my seat and the action was non-stop but it didn't feel like Ghost Recon, more like a realistic, future version of Medal of Honor. That's all good, but it's not Ghost Recon, as Ive said about 4 times so far. But, unlike the last GR I played, number dos, GRAW2 isn't horribly flawed. It's actually the best wargame
  6. Whatever happened to this? Was it realeased cause all I can find is the beta.
  7. Wow, if there was ever a Brit mod to top my beloved c$k commandos mod this one looks to be it! Keep up the great work guys, this could very well be CENTCOM: UK lol
  8. Are The New "Clancy Franchise" Games Even Relevant? ...No. Having spent a good amount of time with GRAW on the 360 I can say that, while a damn fun game, it is not Ghost Recon. The multiplayer is more like a 3rd person counterstrike with a small bit more depth, to me. I'm really hoping GRAW2 will finally give a game worthy of the name, but I'm not getting my hopes up. I do, however, have very high hopes for Armed Assault and Rogue Warrior.
  9. First mission is a royal pain in the ass. The Marines you're with are useless and do nothing but run off and alert all the bad guys, and after having my ass thoroughly handed to me I made it out with 3 out of 6 men only to be wasted by a guy on a technical turret who I shot at least 100 times and didn't move until I was right on him. The first part is just GR's ######ty allied AI, but the second seems like some kind of bug with the last objective. I've never had that happen before and lets just say I was more than a little miffed about it.
  10. I remember 3 years ago or whatnot it was looking great and recently I checked up on it and supposedly a lot of work was lost from a crash or something and then there wasn't much after that and RS is banned for whatever reason. What happened? That mod looked BA.
  11. I liked most of the new weapon sounds. The new M-4 loud and silenced sounds were great. Which weapons have you tried using? I've tried them all and in most cases I find the default GR sound is much better.
  12. Great mod, guys. I haven't gotten too in depth with it but visually it's amazing, although the weapon sound effects aren't exactly the greatest. I'm still highly impressed with the overall package, though, and I'm gonna start on the campaign tomorrow when I've recovered from the hangover I'm guarateed to have lol
  13. !!!!!!!!!!!111!!!1!!1!!!!!1!!one!exclamationpoint!!eleven YES!! Thank you! *rushes off to reinstall GR* !!!!
  14. GRPC by a long shot. GR2 XBOX was mildly entertaining as was GRAW but in the end no other game has ever held a candle to GRPC. I've never played a game for so long so much as that. They need to regress with the next one. Keep the spiffy visuals, whatever...just bring the gameplay back to the original standard.
  15. Why dont you put a screenshot of the model you would like to see in GR1 ? It'll take me a bit to find a good pic but if you've played GR2 or seen the real SF/SEAL's/FR operators in Iraq and Afghanistan. The 60 Minutes piece on Navy SEAL's in Ghanny is another good reference point. You should be able to get an idea of what I mean: SPEAR, custom (like Blackhawk, Eagle, and the like) rigs and webbing. MICH heltmets. RAID BDU's. Ya know, chars that look similar to Cpt Mitchell, Salvatore, Ramirez, Parker, Foster, etc etc. Here's a group photo of the GR2 team: http://www.dedigitalerevolut
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