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  1. <deleted, and all subsequent posts deleted> Janno, look one post above this. See that post by a site Admin? If you had followed that simple advise, maybe all of your posts in this thread would not have ended up in the bin. I also note you are already at 80% warning level, if you want to stay around here, you might like to think twice before baltantly ignoring Admin advice.
  2. No lean in multiplayer?!?!?! That cant be right! Can someone varify this?
  3. Well, I respect that opinion. I even understand why you feel that way. However, I have to disagree with you a bit. I could argue in return that if you really think you have skill the "classic way" you should use a bow and arrow. Technology advances, techniques and tools of war evolve. You either accept the change or you get slaughtered the old fashion classic way. But on the same note I also believe that the lone wolf weapon in GR2 is very cheap. Exploiding bullets? Using your gun to shoot people while behind cover? I thought it was a good novelty, but it did not, in any way contribute to the bebefit of the gameplay. AT least in my opinion. As you can see, I very much see why you have a gripe. I cant necesarily say the new vision is bad or good until I have at least tried it out. But if I were to enter one of your rooms I wouldnt complain about it being off. Camaroguy, no I do not own a turbo. I strongly believe that is cheating because it gives the user an unfair advantage over his oponent because he has access to it and his opponent doesnt. Not only that, the game wasnt designed around a turbo controller. It was designed around the standard controller. Any device or exploitation of the game that wasnt designesd as a means to play the game or that allows you an unfair advantage over your oponent is cheating. Another so-called "cheat" is the ots. Again, I dont understand how it is a cheat. It was specifically designed as part of the gameplay for everyone to use. Its the way the game was designed. Because some people dont believe its realistic they call it cheating. To put things in perspective a video game will never be realistic compared to its real life counterpart and there is a million reasons why.
  4. How is something that was designed for the game for everyone to use cheating???? I have the hardest time in the world trying to figure out the logic on that. It may be something you may not like or may not agree with but its in no way, shape or form cheating. If you dissagree I would love to hear the logic behind it.
  5. The news section of this site said that "both xbox versions" will be released on the 17th!
  6. Maybe Serellan can give us a good idea as to when to expect the demo! Serellan?
  7. Well, my story is I have joined clans but not from internet websites. My experience with the few clans I have played with I wouldnt consider "team work". If you're with teammates you're only as good as the weakest link. I wouldnt argue with a squad mate, if I had one, over who is better. I believe that each has to count on the other to survive. If I had a running partner I could trust I would make more moves that would normally be risky for people that are running alone because I could count on that person to be quick enough to cover my vulnerable angle or quick enough to flank the threat while I take cover and distract. I really dont understand why people want to play 1 on 1 to decide who is better. If you ask me that shows absolutley no skill in a squad based game. What I consider skill is who can work with their teammates the best. Not who is better at killing individualy. I ALWAYS use my teammates. When I'm playing with random people I put my self in a position so that my teammates die before I do, letting me know where the threat is. I will follow them and try and cover their vulnerability. This strategy alows me to have the best kill/death ratio in the rooms I play in most of the time. There will be times where people will have a better ratio but I have not played in a room where anyone is more consistant than I am. That is why I said I believe I am one of the best. I'm going to check out some clan sites but I really need to play with one person before I play with 2. The problem I find when joining clans is they seperate their forces. Also, they dont usually have that one person calling the shots. I would like to start my own and kind of teach people my strategies and techniques. Most experienced players are set in their ways and usually dont have the want to or the patience to learn something new. I did a little bit of reading of the 'Art of War' and I have developed a squad strategy from what I have learned from the book. Again, the problem is trying find someone that is willing to learn what I have designed. Some of what I have learned from the book is 1. Never fight a battle on two fronts. 2. Never seperate your forces. (I will to cordinate an attack on one specific area from different angles. ie. Taking over a room from two different entrances or flanking. It may be a separation but not a very big one and for not very long) 3. Always hit the enemy where they least expect it. 4. Information is huge! (I would obtain this by putting a guy in a key location to overwatch (sniper) the map and tell the rest of the team where the enemy is.) 5. Your positioning of your forces is very important. I'd like to use things such as crossfires, sweeps, bounding/overwatch and coverfire. Now, the bounding/overwatch is somewhat different to take advantage of the ots perspective. Also, no shootouts! We would have cover fire but no way in hell would we have shootouts. If one person is getting shot at he simply takes cover while the team moves on the threat. Mostly I want a team that can systematically attack a fortified position when need be. Once this is achieved, I believe the rest falls to into place. One example, would be two guys at a corner stacked up (very short period of time due to the vulnerablity) The number 1 guy gives the ready while the number 2 guy moves. As soon as a threat appears that number 1 guy is in perfect position take aim and fire on the threat to kill or to alow the number 2 guy to take cover. Like I said the guy getting shot will never shootback unless he absolutely haves to. He might fire his weapon in the air for distraction or he'll shoot at the guy if the threat has switched targets. But more or less, no shootouts. I know alot of clans will say we'll go this way and you go that way. If you keep your squad together and have a tecnique for attack, in theory you should overwhelm the enemy and defeat the team that has split their forces. After reading that book and studying online play I believe I have a great system that would be extremely effective if I could find some players that have the patience enough to try and learn my system. I'm going to look at some of these clan sites but I would really prefer to start my own. Also, I have solo drills to work on the teamwork aspect of moving, coverfire and attacking a camper or a fortified position.
  8. I'll play on my 50 inch HD and then bring the game over to my girlfriends house and play on her standard set. I absolutely hate it. I feel that I cant see anything and I litterally get half as many kills as I would using my HD set.
  9. "OTS=CHEATING" Please justify that statement! I really dont want to hear about reality or looking over your shoulder where you cant be seen. Its a video game and the game was made that way for everyone to play. Camping? I cant help but to thing that your statement is hypocritcal. I dont understand you people that make these statements. You want reality but you believe that in war people just run around aimlessly looking for kills. Not to mention, you're looking through a tv with absolutely nothing that resembles a gun in your hands. I hear whinny excuses all the time after I kick someones ass. "you camping p***y". What should I do? Play like you and lose? However, I dont camp! I follow my teammates, I look at my map and I move when the enemy is weak. You'll notice in my original post I talk about movement! No disrespect to you but I have little respect for people that make statements like that. Ots is what it is. Its part of a game. If you dont like the way the game is played, dont play it. Sorry, if i offend you but I have come to the conclusion that people that make that statement dont know how to play. On another note, I would check out those websites of those clans but the problem is I'm trying to find one person that I can count on and vise versa. Joining a clan of a bunch of people that are good doesnt necesarily mean thats going to happen. I'm trying to find one person at a time. I will check out the website though!
  10. The reason I bought my ps2 was because I heard about an online military shooter coming out. One where you can play against other people online called SOCOM. When the game came out, it was a great idea but I thought it was poor execution. When Xbox came out with Xbox Live I heard about a military shooter called Ghost Recon. So now I have my Xbox for GR and a Ps2 for SOCOM. I would have liked GR more if people used more strategy then "I'll look this way and you look that way". Because of this I liked SOCOM for the ps2 better because the 3rd person view allowed me to have a better sense of the battlefield without having to rely on teammates that dont use teamwork so much. When GR2 came out, I loved the idea of the 3rd person view. I always said "I wish Ghost Recon had a 3rd person view". When the ots was announced most people on these boards hated the idea. I agree, its not realistic, however, ots does not mean you have an "advantage". Ots does not mean you can't use strategy. But I believe ots doesnt require you to depend on your teamates, who you rarely play with and just arent on the same page as you as much as you do in a fps. If I had a team of guys that knew how to MOVE TOGETHER, then I would love the first person view much more. I believe ots, even though not realistic, can be great fun provided through great timing and heavy strategy. Again, I wish I had a team that could move together while in first person. Both can be very fun and strategic but the two different perspective provide for very different game play. After SOCOM and GR2 I believe I'm one of the best around, especially with the 3rd person perspective. That is why I am very anxious for this next iteration of GR. All those military shooters provided great fun for me. I enjoyed learing how people play online and adjusting to them as well as playing off of them. I try like hell to find a person who can keep up with me and use the the kind of very quick and attentive teamwork that is required in running people over on a consistant basis. The type of teamwork that just overwhelms the enemy and constintly keeps them guessing. I have a hard time trying to find one person to play with me in a manner in which I speak. I cant imagine tyring to find a 3rd or 4th person. I want a team that knows how to have move together and a team that knows how to have shootouts! Not a team that just says "I'll look this way and you look that way". So I adjusted. I learned to look at my map and know where my teammates are and to wait for them to die before I make a move. I also learned how to follow guys and cover their vulnerablity while we move. It finally got to a point where everying was too basic for me. Now, when I heard that Xbox 360 was coming along with viewing Ghost Recon Advance Warfighter movies, I knew that this was the game I have been waiting for ever since I first bought my Ps2 for an online military shooter. I bought my Xbox 360 so I would finally have this game I have been waiting 5 years for. When the 360 came out I was dissapointed that the game got delayed. I bought some games to take up the time. I would have never even rented one of these games normally. So to pass the time I play GRSS on my 360. So what I am trying to say is I NEED THIS DAMN DEMO! I'm sick of waiting, its been so long and my patience is running thin. Especially now that I have this great console and my dream game is so close.
  11. I believe both. ← What led you to believe that?
  12. I never understood how somone could go from standing up to a prone position without the trasition affecting your aiming at all. When going from standing to prone you would think that you wouldnt be able to aim or shoot as well. Not in GR2. You would think that when trying to lay on your stomach that the reticle would bloom out during the transition. I know no one on this planet that would be able to hold their weapon perfectly on a target while falling to the ground. Also, the same applys to when getting hit by bullets. I dont know about most of you but if I were taking aim and I got shot in the neck or the foot for that matter my aim would most certainly be affected. Another thing that doesnt necesarily pertain to the game but more to the people playing. Why do so many people run through the wide open kneeling down? 1. You have no cover so why act like you're trying to keep your head down? 2. Your reticle spreads out even farther when moving while kneeling so it takes longer for the reticle to fix. 3. You move slower when kneeling so you are easier to target. Stand up! When you're hiding and or next to a low wall then kneel. Just a couple of things I thought of and I thougth I might mention because I really havent seem much on the matter on these boards.
  13. Yeah, but what about the host that want to rank up and get there buddies together to go and spawn kill? To me, that sounds like the easiest way to rank up and its not even playing the game.
  14. But here is where my problem is. I like to look at my ranking and compare it to everyone elses. I do not believe in spawn killing. I dont think that someone that simply runs to the spawn to gather massive amounts of "free" kills should have a higher rank than a person who hunts people down and uses some sort of cognition along with gun skills. Simply put, I dont believe that spawn killers should be rewarded more than non spawn killers. Is that fair? Is it fair that someone playing the "right way" is not rewarded as much as someone playing the "wrong way"? I guess its kind of the nature of the beast. Spawn killing kind of defeats the entire purpose of the game, dont you think? They should, at the very least let us pick our weapon before we spawn.
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