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  1. THANKS SAN!!!...I appreciate your help
  2. thanks guys! the 160 plus page guide was exacly what i was looking for!!
  3. I know how to set up a simple "mission" and basic "defend" types of games and would like to expand my basic knowledge and create some "firefights" as well. Can any one tell me the basics that I need to create this? Do I need to set up 35 "point" zones? Do I need to set up 4 team base zones? How do I put in the enemies so they work like they should for a firefight? What all do I need to set up a basic firefight set up?? THANKS.
  4. interesting...thanks. Ya..I have a good comp (aleinware 1.7gig, 768memory, and a GeForce 4600) and I don't seem to see many bugs but several friends with less powerful comps have these problems...maybe it just has to do with the power of the computers everyone has and internet connction (i.e. broadband, dsl, etc...).
  5. I was wondering if there is an advanced IGOR book out there somewhere. I have found a 42 page version that helps with the basic essentials but have read that there is a larger more advanced book out there. Any clue as to where I can find it (if it is really out there)??
  6. Is it possible to script a multiplayer mision opening with landing by Blackhawk? If so how?
  7. Thanks alot for the help! Is this "shadow" bug a frequent problem or does it rarly happen? Would it be better if I don't do this because of the bug? I don't have a dedicated server....I just host with some buddies of mine. Is it a problem for all servers or just Dedicated servers? Thanks again!
  8. How do you activate actors and vehicles that you mark as "initially hidden"?
  9. thanks for the help again! (you helped me out acouple weeks ago). I'll try it. Thanks again!
  10. I'm creating a mission in which after a company is destoyed, I want reenforcements to arrive via trucks. The problem is I can't get the trucks to wait until the company is destroyed. As soon as the mission starts the trucks come rolling in right away. I've tried several different triggering events in scripting and I can't figure it out. All I need is some basic help and I will be able to figure out the rest. Someone please tell me how to get a driver to not drive until the company is destroyed. THANKS!!
  11. Thanks alot!! It figures it would be such an easy solution. I think I just about tried everything except the shift key.
  12. How do I point the Fixed MGs and auto-Greanade Launchers (or even actors for that matter) so they don't point to the right all the time? I would like to position some fixed weapons to face south on a map I'm working on and no matter what I try, I can't figure this out! Some body please help!
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