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  1. Agreed MD5 checks are checks are done within memory. Any company that does it is great, but most companies are going to rely on the quick and dirty. No anti cheat anything (was the GR replay originally designed for anti cheat?) or they are going to incorporate the quickest easiest most cost effective anti cheat measure they can and still release the game two months before christmas. The communities are based on the game and its type. Agreed that the communities will grow and last longer if the game allows user mods. based on cost and feasibility, if the choice is anti-cheat vs mod
  2. h'lo everybody I have scanned and scanned and scanned.. and I see no where mentioned on the punkbuster site that they have been contracted for GR2 (they normally announce the games they are contracted for). as for lag with PB, as soon as you add function you are going to add some lag.. depending on the speed of your computer and the communication link as to how much, but there will always be some. I mean PB just asked for 80,000 pixels of screenshot to be sent down your comm link, what? it sends it down your own comm link.. yep Replays are great, and I would dearly love to see them
  3. I am not the MOD Iron Man.. I am the replay dude Iron Man... wrong Iron man.. but thanks anyway dude
  4. rocky let me take a look at it. I think I left some side things out.. If so.. I will rewrite and then send it to you and you can post. get back with you in a few days on it. Iron Man
  5. Rocky, Thanks for the interest in my post on replays. Yes you have my permission to add it to your archives. Thanks again Iron Man PS: Thanks to you too Manu
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