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  1. If you watch the gamespot developer interview you will see that the player is using and XM8. Look for it when he switchs guns close to the end of the video. Of course it was also obvious to see the SPR being used as well.
  2. Its pretty damn sweet! Lol, you can also check my site for my comments, here
  3. Yea i posted the link to the vid in another post just 3 minutes after. Woopsie, didnt see your post otherwise I woulve put it in a reply.
  4. Gamespot released today a video interviewing a developer for Ghost Recon 2. THe video is of good length and is informative. You can go check it out HERE
  5. Very nice work there Chems. I love the sniper rifle sounds and the great heli intros. Nice job.
  6. Hands down the soundtrack to Equalibrium, Crimson Tide, or Hunt for Red October. Hooah!
  7. I am all about Avant Browser. Go check it out.
  8. Hey everyone, I dont mean to spam here or do anything wrong by pisting this but here goes: I created a new ICQ group called Military PC Games and Modding. Please feel free to join it and add me to your ICQ. Peace out. Here is the link: http://web.icq.com/groups/group_details?gid=12024006
  9. I am wondering if anybody has bought and played some of Athena Sword. I want to know basically whether or not it is worth it to buy at this time. I love Raven Shield and would certainly not mind buying Athena but since Splinter Cell 2 is also coming out this month I may want to save my money for that.
  10. ohhhh sweeeeeet. i cant wait! EDIT:even better! downloading now to play all night baby!
  11. Hey, just wondering what, if any, mods ofr GR feature the XM8. Thanks.
  12. Man...i dont remeber much even though I am trying my best to. I do remeber that the snipers look alot like the opfor in americas army, by that I mean they wore black masks and camo with out the stuff coming off them(if you knwo the name of that please let me know). Im honestly not sure of what kind of mod it is. I do not hink it is a total conversion...maybe just a skin/weapon mod because i do not remeber any missions with it. Sorry for the lack of details.
  13. Nope thats not it but that mod is a very badass one. Thanks though.
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