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  1. Thanks. i may try that although i have it all working perfectly already. My only gripe was the unofficial mods on here don't seem to work even though some appear in the Options/Mods part. even if I change their priority. No matter- I am still happy.
  2. Its always me.. now I can't seem to get either method to work for installing mods am i supposed to simply click and drag the entire MOD folder such as Desert Siege into the Mods folder in the wrapper or is there a subtle nuance that I have missed?
  3. ApexMods- all good and I didn't realise it really would work without the disc in. I am about to try installing the other mods DS and IT.
  4. Awesome. All working. Not sure how- the helper suddenly decided to work so I followed the instructions and wham. So- to install the mods I just do the same and drag the exe across as before? We shall see. Thanks to you guys for helping.
  5. a lot of the problem is that I get lost very quickly and I think the level of assumed knowledge is higher than i possess. I need to know what i do when I see the GR disc on my desktop and the wrapper is in the downloads folder. I assume I drag the GR icon into the applications folder but I have no idea what i do next! I don't even know what i am supposed to click. I suspect my system is not doing something that you guys expect it to.
  6. I get alerts saying that i need to follow the instructions on the read me text but it enters a cycle of clicking OKs and no progress. Trying again from scratch in case i get a screen that offers me the 'disable intro movies' option. Thanks.
  7. Thanks. My next problem is that as far as I can tell the GR Wrapper is installed correctly but the helper app will not go beyond an opening alert message. For this reason I cannot go and reset the thing you explained. Or should I uninstall everything and see if I can do it next time round?
  8. OK, fantastic. Got the wineskin to download and all sorted. Started mission 1 and get a "lying on my back in a spinning room" view as soon as it starts. Anyone have any idea what is happening and what to do? What about uninstall and re-install for a start? Will try that tomorrow. Help!
  9. I am on OS X 10.9.5 and I can get it to install (by luck rather than judgement) but I cannot save the campaign and when I quit to do something else i have to reinstall when i want to play again. That means I have to start fromMission 1 every time! I agree that the idiots' guides should be a little clearer (as in what screens or message boxes to expect). I am very appreciative of the people who have done this much already to allow me to breathe life into the old dog so i am not complaining! If someone could do a chain of screenshots for each stage I would be able to get my stone-ag
  10. Being a bit dim- should I have GR installed on the Mac before I use the Winery thing? Although there is still plenty of terminology on the video that I struggle to understand. I will be back asking more questions when i give it a go later.
  11. Having given up on trying to get GR to work on a Mac I just found this thread today. Has anyone got a link or a guide as to what i do now I have Winery installed o my Macbook pro? Thanks.
  12. Can anyone help me past the inability to progress past the meeting with the village elders? I cannot save the game and then return to it later as it CTD. I have tried various team make-ups but after the meeting it gets too cheeky to not save it.
  13. Does anyone know nhow to get round the problem of not being able to save in the Village Meeting mission on Blood Oil? If I save the game but try to go back to it I get CTD.
  14. I have reached the 5th mission in Blood Oil. I have the patch 1.3 but every time I try to reload after a save or return to previous saved point the system crashes. Any suggestions? My machine details are as follows including ike logs. ------------------ System Information ------------------ Time of this report: 11/15/2010, 23:09:33 Machine name: ROBSLAPTOP Operating System: Windows XP Home Edition (5.1, Build 2600) Service Pack 3 (2600.xpsp_sp3_gdr.100427-1636) Language: English (Regional Setting: English) System Manufacturer: SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS CO., LTD.
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