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  1. Well... Sorry but It's not like a take pics. I've been in for 2 yrs. and I'm in good old sunny N. Carolina right now. I could answer almost all your queastions though if ya got some(within reason) Sorry if I don't qualify for some of you guys but M.C.Infantry, I'll try to send ya some info. I got some queastions for you though. I'll e-mail 'em to ya. P.S.~ Gotcha Rocky, sorry bout that I'll check in
  2. Hey man!!!!!! I'm a sniper in Force Recon! Let me tell ya though, it ain't easy. First thing that most new recruits don't know is that the Marine Corps has two recon groups; Marine recon force and Force Recon. The recon force is just the Marine Corps' normal recon group. They do 'simple missions' and the such. Force Recon is the best that recon has to offer. We have almost as much leway as SEALS do. You know like like weapon of choice, your preffered battle dress uniform.(most the time) Let me tell ya it's a hell of an experience! Can't wait to see you there man! P.S. ~ I've got a sh** load more stuff I could tell ya but you know how it is.
  3. Oops. Oh well who cares. Thanx anyways.
  4. Thanx guys. Ummmmm... except it's 'Seargent' not 'Sergeant'
  5. Just curious... In those pics of the D-Boys, (God bless them), what do those abreviations stand for? Gary Gordon has the rank of a Gunnary Seargent, but I can't tell what Shughart's is. Could anyone enlighten me? I'm figuring it has somthing to do with Delta Force's ranks. Maybe they're slightly different than the Army's or the all mighty USMC?
  6. The way I always camouflaged my rifles was by spraying a dark base color such black or dark green. Then I held objects up to the rifle such as leaves and sticks or twigs and sprayed over them with lighter colors such as olive drab and light green leaving the objects shape on the gun. This give depth to the camo and give it the illusion of shadows and the such. Whatever you do it to though, first rub the part of the rifle your going to spray with steel wool or heavy sand paper. This creates a rough surface on the gun and removes any gloss finish the gun has. If you don't do this, odds are, the paint will rub off or wash off. Another thing is, I would only suggest doing this if you want the gun to have a permanent camo to it. Don't worry if it looks crappy the first time. You can always paint over it. If you don't want to do that, (like me) I always practiced on something like piece of plywood or any other type of board. Don't ever use camo duct tape. The camo finish on it rubs off when it's wet and leaves a bright tanish color thats underneath. Hope this helps! Semper Fi
  7. I know the SEALS use a modified version of the M14 that has an automatic setting on it. Sort of like an AK but more accurate at a longer range and cooler lookin. Anyone seen it? If so, then where? P.S.~ By the way, I'm not bashing Ak's if anyone thought I was. There aint a more durable gun in the world then the good old AK.
  8. I always wrapped my entire stock in the stuff so I could bash heads and what not without worry of the stock breaking prematuraly. Not to mention it's like the old saying , if you break it, you pay for it.
  9. Definately, Marines standard issue Dig. Camo.
  10. Got a G2 FAMAS Sniper, M21, H&K Mark23 45. Cal., AK, and a PDW SMG(or Personal Defense Weapon) from the UK with the 14inch barrel. The benefits of being a sniper... Don't got an M40A3 yet but I want to buy one.
  11. Well... To answer your questions about when they use certain Spec Ops groups, SEALS are exactly what their name states; Land, Sea, and Air. They do everything. Delta Force is a Spec Ops police force. Sort of like a international SWAT team. Force Recon is not Special Forces. Force Recon is the USMC's recon force, hence, Force Recon. They're the closest thing to being Spec Ops without being them. It's the most wonderful time of the year...
  12. Definately stick with H&K but not 9mm. Rounds are slightly cheaper but compared to an H&K Mark 23 SOCOM pistol .45 cal., 9mm are like BB guns. The only reason a 9mm would be nice is if your using it for target practice or competitions etc. If you want to kill something, stick with a .45 or .40 cal. Right on Parabellum.
  13. It looks like something from Star Wars. Hahaha... Vektor, which is a a South African Weapons company, makes some weapons that look like they're from the space age. Kind of cool but kind of wierd. A good example is their CR-21 assault rifle. It's a bullpup design with a site being part if the gun. It sort of looks like a super soaker with a nasty barrel.
  14. Just an interesting fact: I've got an uncle who lives in Africa and they've got these realy poisonous snakes and when you get bit by one, like say in the leg for instance, they would stick jumper cables to a car battery and then shock your leg to stun the venom so that it wouldn't spread past your leg. Then they would have more time to get you to a hospital. I thought it was pretty cool.
  15. The SAW is a light machine gun, totaly differrent from the M16. And it has Three fire modes; fully auto, semi-auto, and offcourse no fire rate or safety or whatever it's called. But you get the point.
  16. Aerio


    It looks pretty awsome. It's about time someone fixed that thing. The under water feature is cool but it's been done before. There are a lot of submachine guns that have that capability. The only thing about a G36 is that it's a light machine gun, not an assault rifle. That would be mass chaos considering most infantry men would go nuts with that much fire power. Just think, someone would tell them to lay down some suppresive fire on a house and they would rip it to shreds! Crazy stuff...
  17. Hey it's all cool. I love talkin with guys who know a lot about this kind of stuff. You always can learn something new. That and it's a little refreshing to know that there is other people out there with the same interests and/or hobbies. And besides, a 165yrd shot or a 1.9mile shot, either way it's still sniping and a whole lot of fun! Snipe on!!
  18. I didn't see that part about the stress. But to tell you the truth, I never even think about it. I've taken so many shots, stress doesn't bother me so much. Never realy shot in between hostages or anything that risky.Some guys that shoot with me say prayers. There's also a drug that a lot of snipers used to use way back. It was called Diazpam. I'm not quite sure if it's still around but I know I don't use it. Supposedly it dropped your heart rate and steadied your shot.
  19. Well let's see, being a sniper in the Marine Corps myself, I would hardly say that we're under qualified. You have to remember, SWAT is a bunch of super qualified police officers, not an anti-terrorist force. I have to say, a 165 yrd. shot to the MO is pretty impressive, I know I couldn't do that. Head shots are a piece of cake, but an MO shot... I'm more used to moving targets. If I ever landed an MO shot, it would be mostly luck. That and I've never exactly examined any of my targets that close. Sorry if I offended you. An MO shot is amazing, but 165 yrd. shot isn't. Your post made it sound like the distance was the amazing part of it. Thanks for clearing it up. Oh yeah, I saw that one shot that took the revolver out of the guys hand, pretty amazing! And funny! Especially when they tackled him and the chair.
  20. Acctually, if a SEAL squad missed a target such as a SAM or any other armor I'm sure it would be far from "okay". And besides, making a head shot with the right sniper rifle would be easy for any skilled sniper. And if you going to make a 100yrd. shot, why bother using a sniper rifle. An M16A2, M16A4 (or M4 for those of you who don't know your guns), or an M14 is plenty sufficient. Any of the M16A models are accurate at up to 300-400yrds. While an M14 is accurate up 700yrds. You could slap a site on any of these guns and they'de be just as effective. And police stand offs? There isn't one police car that doesn't have an M16 sitting in the back of it.
  21. Sorry, but 165yrds sounds pretty sad. There was a SEAL team that had a 1.97 mile shot with an M82 Barret Light 50.cal. They put a hole right through a SAM sight's gas tank. And 1065yrds. is starting to sound a little better, but still far from the best. Then again it was SWAT, and well... Lets just say that they're no Ghost Recon.
  22. If you hold the respected position of a Sniper, it doesn't matter what gun you shoot with. Your designated as the team sharp shooter. You need to be lethal with any gun. And when it comes to ghili suits, you have to under stand how a ghili suit works. It isn't like it is in the movies. You don't pick your favourite one or the one best for the job and go off to kill. Obviously there are one previously made, but most ghili suits used in an operation are made during the mission. For instance, one sniper and one spotter are dropped off in an LZ in a jungle. Their first priority is to get out of site and establish their position and current status. Each of them carries netting with them. They then will pick up items such as sticks and leaves from the surrounding ecosystem and attach it to themselves. This way they know exactly what they need on their ghili suits to blend in. There is a sniper school in the UK where one of the tests goes as follows. : There are 5 new recruits. Each of them must crawl through 4 different elements of nature; grass lands, jungle, desert, rocky. (I'm not sure how they set up the course but I'm sure if you have enough money...) The new recruits must crawl through these 4 elements without being spotted by 10 stratigically placed spotters. The snipers must get two shots off without being spotted; one at 500yrds. and one at 300yrds. Using their skills they must change their ghili suits according to the habitat or their "dead". When I watched, only one recruit managed to get the 300yrd. shot off. The rest of them were spotted. It was pretty amazing.
  23. Well, first of all, the M249 SAW and the FN 5.56 Minimi are two different guns. The company of FN in Belgium made their Minimi first. We actually coppied their version and modified it to fit our standards. To puncture the kevlar on a hummer, you would need to consentrate your fire in one area. If you do this, you could rip a hole through the hummer in a few seconds. Same goes for a FN Minimi. As for the C4 question... I have no idea.
  24. Multiplayer, survival, I was the sniper withn the SVD 7.62.Mission map 12, up by the fuel tanks. I was sitting at the far end in between the two fuel trailers. Took two shots and clipped the guy while he was makin a run for a car. The best part was how his body's momentum kept him moving after I killed him and he ran into the car. It was only a shoulder shot; in one side out the other. I guess it was more funny than awsome. Nice gun. You ever shoot an M14 or an M21? Good stuff...
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