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  1. Funniest damn thing I've ever heard in my life, Gang's support mod... He was in the {GHOST} clan when he made it... Wish I still had a copy of it... I laughed till I dropped crying. Love that mod...
  2. It's ruined my chances of speed reading the hell out of threads that I fall behind in. How do I disable or avoid these "Posts in this topic" things.
  3. Hey everyone! I started to add GR mods to my website, I don't want this thread to sound like a advertisement, so I am just informing you that I've started dloading and uploading some GR mods. I know I can't get all of them, but I am getting what I can find. Rocky said that he will begin mirroring with my server, but I hope he wont start anytime soon. Once I get a large number of mods on my server I hope he opens up. Well I don't mind if he starts mirroring. But you know, I'm just saying. I'm happy to find GR modders, and the potential GR2 mods that are being brewed in this community. I'm hoping to see progression on some nice GR2 mods this summer!
  4. Thats very much true, I think modders and mod fans alike; all like to play GR for its huge mod fan base. Raven Shield is kinda like that too.
  5. Awesome to hear some news about this mod, can't wait till release date
  6. Downloading right now, if my internet would stop being so stubborn, I'll have this mod up on the Cryosynthesis website
  7. I believe there are a few cons between the two games that I wish could be sorted out and have both games collide... Like the fact you can't see your weapon on GR... Or the fact that BF has a really really wierd engine that involves vehicals and the character itself. I feel like the character is floating above the ground, rather then standing on it. Meh, I think both the game engines bother me... I personally love Raven Shield and Americas Army for what they have managed to capture when it comes to realism... But for BF2 and GR2... I wouldn't know what to expect... GR2 for XBOX seems to be the same as GR, but with better graphics and some glitches sorted out... :s
  8. Rushing tactic on Embassy, where everyone dashes through garage, ally, and far street coming from bank. I remember we all met in the center of ally and I was shot up by friendly. Doesn't sound like to much but it scared the ###### out of me. Another situation I can think of is when your playing No Respawn during a clan vs clan match and you are the last one. Scary as ######, makes my adreniline unleash, I remember my whole body was shaking and I started to sweat. A lot of pressure riding, I'm not positive if I pulled it off, but normally when I get this way I outsmart the opposition.
  9. Hmmm, I just wanted to share this with the community. It took places several months ago when GHOST use to be hardcore v1.0 players. GHOST_Worf, GHOST_Kron, GHOST_Raven, and I decided that it was time to fool around on Embc, one of the most popular maps on Ghost Recon (Well atleast for 1.0.) We decided to set the game up for Pistols only, infinate spawn just so we can continously spawn and come around. We were all in Ventrillo ranting on about how big the damn map was for pistols. We all decided to meet out in the center of the map in front of the embassy. Of course we were all standing around talking on Ventrilo, a few of use were dropping prone and jumping back to our feet quickly. Have you ever see that wierd glitch where you drop prone so fast that your guy goes vertical and belly flops? Looksl ike it would hurt, but its entertaining to watch. Soon everyone was goofing off and crawling around, twisting there bodies all over and what not. I remember crawling up to one of the guys and just shooting him in the foot with the silenced M9SD or whatever. It was hilarous, everyone started shooting each other in the foot, limping around, droping prone and twisting there torso's around shooting each other in the legs. Of course it takes a while to kill someone on GR when your shooting them in the leg. Some of use died and just came back into the middle and continiously goofed around... Eventually we decided to have a pistol showdown. Most hilarous thing ever. Two people would line up and there would be a reff. The ref would line them up so that he could both see them, and they where as far appart as they could. In other words, each guy would face each other and back up and the reff would say when they were about to leave his screen. (Reff stood in Embc front gate and made sure the two where on each side of his screen. The reff would voice over Ventrilo to DRAW. Two fully trained military professionals would be shooting each other, there aim would get knocked around each time they got shot. It took several shots, but eventually one would be the victor... I seriously wish I had video's of those matches... It was hilarous to see the two shooting each other. Eventually we started shooting each other in the foot and yelling at one another over Ventrilo, but nothing to serious. Good times...
  10. Hows it going everyone? I was just wanting to post a thread to see if I could find some old x-{GHOST} members out there. Probably not, but I just wanted to say {GHOST} is still around, we mostly play Counterstrike now, but GR is still the high prioraty must. I also wanted to know if any one knows of a guy named Niels, lives in the Netherlands... He was the founder of {GHOST}... Havn't talked to him in so long... Oh well, we do have a site still (in my profile) I was also curious to see if maybe some peeps would PM me about recruitment. Late
  11. I specificlly almost layed a beat down to the guy behind the GameStop counter today at the mall. He said that the projected release date is in June. (EDIT: yes June, but no specific date, it just said June on the GameStop computer) Yes, he did the whole type on the computer to double check release date thing. I always ask this guy for information about release dates, and he always comes through. I basicly stalked this guy when HL2 didn't come out September 2003!!! lol EDIT: don't hold me for this statement, release dates are always changing at random moments for the craziest reasons. Maybe some guy from Germany is watching the game development of GR2 and stole the source files just like the whole HL2 incedent
  12. But wouldn't the issue in anaylizing network data also cause lag in the system and create a large surge of processing for the CPU to handle on the server itself? I personally think if the network data thats going to be anaylized in any serverside cheat detector shouldn't be running 24/7 since its going to be constantly anaylizing so much information coming 'in' and then thats not even close the the 'out' stream of data that has to be delivered to all the clients connected. But yes, if there would be a server side anti-cheat implemented to look at network data, I just hope in gods name there is an 'auto-update' feature. It's like an anti-virus/spam program! Whats kool about serverside anti-cheats is the fact that the server itself gets to look at the data that it has, and have all the files on the server not being tampered with. If a cheater wanted to get by, they'd have to hack the server of some sort to get the anti-cheat to look the other way.
  13. The menu of the damn game could have been designed better. The layout is extremely choppy and sketchy. I don't like the fact that you can't visually see all the menu options you can select, you can only visually see 3 at a time. Common thats weak sauce! They should have also made the XBOX Live and server menu's better designed and more user friendly. I know for a fact that the majority of people out there don't read through the manual, and it took me forever to figure out how the hell to view all the servers, not to mention on how to set a bloody server up myself. Really, my biggest rant has to go to the poor menu design, and the poor ability to communicate and deliver simplicity. On the other hand, I lost the user manual! Is it possible to adjust the sensitivity for my controls? To me, mine are extremely SLOW! I am use to playing Halo 2 with 5 sensitivity, and Counter-Strike on 10 sensitivity! I like it fast so I can turn around a full 360 degree's without sluggish/stress. Just my personal preference... And has anyone really gotten the chance to check out the differences between the PS2 and XBOX versions? I mean, like how each play and how different the gameplay/graphics are... I certainly can see the xbox about to crap out while im crawling in grass and the frame per seconds get choppy as hell... (sad and lame!)
  14. Yeep, that was the Santy virus, thousands of phpbb based websites got there ass handed to them. I heard about this the morning that it began spreading and quickly updated my scripts at my site.
  15. You know you can host games with PB turned off? And I think if PB is going to be retaliating against mods, there should be an intergrated system to specify an actual 'Mod' from someone tweeking with the gun settings/files of the original game. Sort of like... All lifes in /mods directory are classified as mods, and have a directory called /gamefiles or something like that strictly for the original game, and the original games intent. Then maybe something in the games menu to watch over mods sort of what like GR has, but more advanced... And yes, I do agree with you on a certain level when it comes to conflicts with PB and mods... I hope that there can be some way that both can be intergrated and adapted to work if GR2 indeed gets PB Enabled. RvS does have a huge fan based modding community of its own, its quite interesting to scour around the RvS community.
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