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  1. So I beat the second mission, got extracted with music in the background yada yada yada, but didn't get a continue button to push, only the Return to Menu button. Why cant I continue even though I beat it???
  2. I had the same thing happen to me, of course I didn't go to the bridge when it said to because I knew from my first couple of times through the game that you had to destroy both artillery pieces. This only happened to me when I was playing without any teammates, and I do believe I had killed every enemy on the map thus far. I noticed after blowing up the first piece, which was the middle one out of the 3 locations, I went back up the hill after blowing it up and still the video popped up. You can see this in the fraps footage I took...once I get it uploaded here. I will edit that link in here in a few once its done uploading. During my episode I had taken out the outpost-killed everyone and got the message saying it was completed- before I went to the artie pieces EDIT:here's the video of it http://media.putfile.com/GRAW-2-SP-Bug
  3. I was under the impression that you cannot use multiple gun mods but yet a number of people have said they use a gun with the GL, scope, and silencer???? While playing the demo I noticed I could choose the above 3 mods for the XM8 carbine, but realized when I fired that the silencer didn't work, so I assumed that it was big that wouldn't allow more than 1 mod. Anyone know the truth behind this??
  4. .....and what a lovely crash that was. Mission 2, after blowing the tanker, apcs show up, moving on VIP2.
  5. Stupid question.....whats an SDK?
  6. Sup man!! I dont suppose adding another gig of ram would do the trick?? Im half tempted to add another to mine, as this is hogging 70% of my memory as it is.
  7. You can always tell when people dont read the first post....
  8. Has anyone figured out how to show framerates in game??? I have fraps, but would rather save system resources for the game.
  9. As far as I know, any new files you make (Kit restriction files) have to be on the clients system, meaning client-sided.
  10. Just have a block with Respawn as the trigger and the a blockpreserve followed by SetActorKit Group: <Default> Comment: Trigger: This Player has respawned as This Player Responses: Allow this block to be reactivated Assign xyz.kit to This Actor
  11. I'm guessing you are meaning that you have to kill a certain 4 people?? Whatever your objective is, put that as the trigger. Example: If your objective is to kill TEAM A, then make a trigger for when all members of team A are killed. Then put the response as Mark <Objective> complete in the objective list. (ObjectiveComplete). Or if this is for a team type game, then you would use ObjectiveCompleteForCompany
  12. I don't create a new default group, cause it already exists. I may use the default group for different things, depending on the script. If you don't specifically need a new group for something like a loop, or a group so you can call the group, then I don't find it neccessary.
  13. What are the names of the groups in your missions?? Are all the names <default>?? Like jack just said, That is what I was saying when i said If your group name is not set to <default>, but set to some other name, then it is disabled until either you call it from another block, or you enable the block. If groups were disabled by default, the how in the heck would you run the startup and preaction blocks, since as you said.. .
  14. A group is enabled by default, as long as you have not disabled it in the script prior to its trigger and the Group name is set to <default>.
  15. Are you looking for coop missions or what?? I have 3 scripts for MP in the team format that are loaded onto our teams' servers, and I will be releasing those fairly soon. Just have to get all of the bugs worked out of 1 of the scripts. If so, 1 of the scripts, called Tango's SAR, is like any old game of SAR, except that if you die, you get assigned a random kit when you respawn. These kits are just the regular GR, DS, and IT weapons. Then, there is Raven's SAR, which is scripted the same exact way, only for the HX5 weapons. My newest script is also a SAR script. It is called ELITE SAR, and is aimed towards the more advanced SAR players. This is because if you shoot hostages, whether purposefully or accidentally, you are your team will be punished. I will be releasing these 3 scripts, like I said, as soon as we get any bugs worked out. Or, if you would like them right now, click on the link below and it will take you to our teams website. Just remember though that there may or may not be bugs in there. West Coast Insomnia- Tango's SAR Scripts
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