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  1. Thats interesting, never thought about trying that. I guess that we don't always think of alternative ways of accomplishing things !
  2. With the tank, I ran to the mule and did a resupply. The first try, I had my demo guy take it out (ATTACK) but I was too close so got blown away too. Second time around, I got myself behind the "flower box" that has bushes in it, just behind the mule, and had time to take it out before the turret could swing my way. Fraekin' hard man ! With the mule, I sent it up the street to use it for cover, sending it past the p.u. It rammed the pu from the side and sent it tumbling on it's side. I am sort of stuck in this mission, on the way to the train station. My 2 riflemen managed to get themselves "incapacitated", my demo dude is down to 1 bar, and I have less than 1/2 health. Am I wrong, or is there a way to give and receive medical in SP Campaign mode, or at least some way to gain health ? I had figured a resupply would also give med options. When I get hit just by one sniper, it's game over. Candoo
  3. I think (am hoping) that I have it solved. I installed an extra gig of Ram as you suggested, and it seems to be working fine ... no lock ups or crashes so far. I tweaked the Nvidia settings as you suggested. I downed my aperature size too in my bios, from 256 to 128. Thanks .. mark
  4. I've read thru many of the topics with ppl having problems with lock-up's and crashes, but I haven't seen any simple fixes, if there is such a thing. I installed GRAW2, making sure I had the correct hardware drivers installed, and everything shut down. It played pretty much like a charm up to level 3 (SP Campaign). I did have a few problems where the screen would lock a few times, but I could still hear the sounds. I was playing with video on the lowest settings. I was able to Alt-Tab out, and kill the game in the application menu, then restart and continue from my last save. I figured patching to 1.02 and going from Nvidia 93.71 to 94.24 would solve the issue. After patching everything got worse, sometimes getting a lock-up with 2-tone tan screen (tho I could still hear the sounds), sometimes still getting the lock-up with the screen still visible. On a whim, I totally uninstalled GRAW2, and did a fresh install. I had saved my games (up to where I left off in "Joining Forces", after the beginning) and copied them back to my profile folder. I was able to get past the first part, then CTD, with error: Crash in application version: 29980.2562 Vertex buffer Lock returned null pointer. Out of memory? Renderer: normal Physics : threaded The game is a hoot to play, and I was able to play GRAW1 with no probs. It seems like there are many similiar problems, even with using the latest/greatest vid cards. I even disabled EAX and the environment settings on my sound card, thinking this could pose a problem. Is there any simple fixes or suggestions to help solve the crash/lock-up issue ? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MSI 7025 Neo2 Platinum 939 AMD Athlon 64 3200+ 1 g Ram MSI NX 6600 GT 128 mg SB Audigy2
  5. --->EDIT<--- Sorry guys this post is by pantera_team_a... LMAO my dad comes here once in a while and i forgot to sign out of his name... DUH So ya this is by pantera_team_a not candoo... lol sorry about the mixup. \ --->END EDIT<--- its 30k polys smoothed (optimized i guess) un smoothed its 17k. so if i leave it unsmoothed its a lot less... and like i said since its smoothed its double the polys on smoothed components (its in peices) so i still have to go through it and cut out some of the unneeded faces like on the flat surfaces and that should cut it down to around 20-25k faces... lol still a lot but what can i say: i was going for a fully modelled gun, not a low poly gun with textures and bump maps to make the little details --- btw for all who know what im talking about: i have not used any bump or displacement mapping... its all real modelling in polys--- thx for the input @Slink... im not sure what u mean by size? its not the actual real life size in inches in the program but it is to scale... if you mean to size in GR im not sure what the sized are... any input from u slink is always helpful Thx all OH and BTW GooseBumps... i think u might want to consider scaling ur sig image.... i think its too big acording to forum rules... lol just a thought
  6. OK .. so how DO I find out who broke the copier??
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