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  1. Yes, it will be possible to split up the team, though I'm not sure if it will be possible to split it up into more than 2. Maybe someone else can answer that, but I don't think it has been specified yet.
  2. I hope I have a decent PC by the time you guys set this up, so I can at least dream about playing with you guys.
  3. It looks like some of you are talking about the waiting lobby between games ("X up for ***** sake!") while others are talking about the Ubi.com/GR in-game server browser...
  4. Dang, so the sig was wrong? Well, I updated mine. I <3 GRIN.
  5. About the red diamonds: I think they have to be toggable for both single player and multiplayer, at least. If this technology will be in use or not, it's hard to guess. However, what has to be taken in consideration is that, for a great deal of players (including me), this kind of IFF defeats the purpose of locating and keeping track of the enemy with your own eyes - especially for multiplayer team vs team. As for the rest of the HUD, I think it's looking pretty good. It's semi-transparent, much smaller than it was before, and pretty clean. There's still room for improvement though, i.e. the compass could be a bit smaller, and the squad members status (where your teammates' health bars are displayed) could be relocated to the bottom-left corner (just above the player's health bar) as to keep the left corner of the screen free of obstructions.
  6. GRIN has a lot of time now to rethink that now, and I'm sure that if we express our dislike for the diamond markers in a good manner, they will listen to us. So just one more time here: Please GRIN, we want to locate the enemy with our own eyes, we don't want a computer doing even that for us. If you're really gonna keep that in the game, then please make it toggable for both SP and MP.
  7. There's no reason to be all worried about the weapon... Nobody here knows how it will look in-game and nobody here can tell just how much of an advantage the scope will provide to the player. Not to mention that there will probably be kit restrictions for multiplayer (I can't see why they wouldn't give us the ability to do that).
  8. Just noticed there's a red diamond around the enemy units (I assume)... That's no better than the red outlines from the Xbox 360 version at all, I hope they take it off the game. I don't recall seeing those in previous PC screens, did I miss something?
  9. Things are just waaaay too quiet right now. Any news about the game would make me happy, and if WK can get that info for us, it will keep us busy for a while.
  10. I wouldn't mind if the weapons in the game jammed from time to time. It's not an essential feature to me, but as long as it doesn't happen too frequently, that would be pretty cool.
  11. Thanks for sharing, DELTA... Great find! Well, this articles gives us a better idea of how the command interface will work/look, and I can finally see how the iron sights aiming looks. I'm impressed so far, it's looking very good. Only minor thing I'd ask for at this point is for more squad members, but I think first we have to find out if that will be necessary, considering the ability to command the teammates individually. Also we don't know exactly how clever the A.I. will be, so all I'm gonna say is... Good job, Grin.
  12. Ok, I really want to add something here... It has been said before, but I'd probably replace any item from my top 5 for this - we need a bigger team to control. Actually if we get a 6-man team like in GR, that will be perfect, but a 4-man team just doesn't say "Special Forces" to anyone.
  13. Yep, I do. But I can't figure out if you were talking about the lowering thing or the toggable FPWV. Anyway, we shouldn't be... umm... hijacking Rocky's thread.
  14. 1. More control over the First-Person Weapon View - in addition to iron sights (which seem to be already in the game), the ability to lower the weapon out of view for visibilty purposes (if possible, make FPWV toggable for those who don't like it). 2. Teamwork must be necessary on MP - players should have to work closely, watching each other's back and in a slow and organized fashion (even more than GR) in order to win. 3. Good team communication for MP - pre-recorded commands/responces (from radio to hand signals) that you can bind to any key, for teamwork and organization purposes. The ability to add information to the command map, by simply drawing or using some kind of marker for tactical purposes (such as indicating enemy positions) would also be very welcome. 4. Current time SF weapons (for MP, at least) - ability to use weapons such as the M4 SOPMOD, Mk48, SPR, M203 and others people may like as an alternative for the futuristic weaponry. 5. As much control as possible over your AI teammates - direct orders (point-and-click) for Move to, Flank, Supress, Use Grenade etc; and indirect orders (via command map) for Assault to, Recon to, Hold, Advance, Advance at all costs etc. Also, let us select our team members and their equipment for every mission.
  15. Ok... Mine was already uploaded as JPEG and in the right size. I guess I'm alright.
  16. The first and second images are new to me (though both look like Xbox 360 screens). The only screen I know for sure it's from the PC is the last one.
  17. Yup... It is indeed a pain in the ass, that's why I avoid that website as much as I can. Luckily, we can get new info, screenies and videos at other places, such as here at GR.net and the Ubi forums. I think there's enough information out by now (PC and console altogether) to have something more than just a little teaser site with that awful navigation. It's time to replace that with a HTML simpler page with more information and less waiting time. Until then, I'll get my info and media somewhere else, thank you very much.
  18. I'm curious about how the iron sights aiming has been done as well... From all the screenshots released, I don't think any displayed that. But I'm sure WK can at least let us know if it has been well done or... not so well.
  19. Also there's always a good amount of people who only care about single player or multiplayer... So while a demo that includes both modes may be more practical for those who like them both, it can also be a huge waste of time (especially for people without a broadband connection) for those interested only on single player or only multiplayer, since they would have to download both in one file to end up playing only one of them. I like both single and multiplayer, but personally I don't mind downloading two different demos if I want to try them out.
  20. Hurrah! Iron sights! That's all I wanted to read right now, WK. Thanks. Looking forward for the rest of the news, and that "feature" you have discussed with Bo... Could that be the ability to lower the weapon out of view as we have been discussing?
  21. LOL! Damn, that brings up good memories... First time (and maybe some other times ) I heard the "right behind you" from my teammates it scared the hell out of me too. I wasn't expecting it, and it sounded incridibly natural. Hopefully we'll see it again in GRAW.
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