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  1. u ppl seriously need 2 S T F U with the whining bs, if someone thinks the manual is poor and voices his/her opinion on it, it is not whining. it is a paying customer with a complaint. wether you think it is valid or not is irrelevant ...


    Also, saying that the manual isn't necessary because the interface is close to GR1 doesn't cut it. Just because most of us here have played GR1 doesn't mean everyone else who bought the game has played it as well; GRAW may have even been the first FPS played by several people, who knows?

    Even for those who have played GR1 before, it still looks like a poor manual considering what the original poster pointed out.

  2. Yep, I agree with the original poster -- firing in semi-automatic mode with most weapons is useless if you want to fire 2 (or more) shots in quick succession (controlled pairs/"double taps"). The weapons seem to take too long to chamber another round, even on pistols.

  3. (...)

    Now after all that whining you might be surprised that I think the game is GREAT! -and my hat is off to GRIN and ubi for this game. That is because its 90% there most of the hard part is done and it has more potential than anything I have seen in years…but this last 10% must be fixed – it is absolutely crucial otherwise the whole thing will have been a waste of time. So please keep on the forums and listen to all these old schoolers ramblings – If you do you will be reaping the success of this games for years to come -

    Great post, Psy. I think you hit the nail right in the head with the things that need to be fixed, good job. :thumbsup:


    • Motherboard: ASUS P4V800D-X
    • CPU: Pentium 4 3.00 GHz, 800 FSB w/ HT
    • GPU: PowerColor X800GT 256 MB PCIe (@ 570 MHz/1000 MHz) (Catalyst 6.4 drivers)
    • RAM: 1 GB PC2700 DDR
    • Sound: SoundMAX Integrated Digital Audio


    • Resolution: 1024x768 @ 60 Hz
    • Texture quality: Medium
    • Texture filtering: Anisotropic 4X
    • Effects quality: Medium
    • Dynamic shadows: Off
    • Dynamic lights: Off
    • Post effects: Low
    • EAX: Enabled


    • Peak: 34 FPS
    • Average: ~21 FPS
    • Minimum: 17 FPS

    No .xml file tweaks, I tried messing around with it but it didn't cause any noticeable improvement.

    Some in-game setting also didn't seem to make much difference -- textures quality at "Low" or "Medium" performed the same, as did effects quality, post effects (except on "High", where it does decrease the FPS) and EAX on/off.

    Turning off dynamic shadows helped though, probably up to 5 FPS.

    As I said on another thread, disabling my onboard sound raised it by 10 FPS or more, so not having a dedicated sound card is probably what's bottlenecking it the most.

  5. If you're on a tight budget you might want to consider this one or the retail version for a few bucks more. But they're very cheap so I don't know how much they would offload to the cpu.

    But if you can manage it, this is a very good price for a very good sound card and would probably last you for years. I'm still using an Audigy 2. You could be sure that the Audigy 2 ZS is doing its share of the duties.

    I'd be weary about buying something other than a Creative card unless budget is a concern. You might find that some dedicated cards still offload work on the cpu.

    Thanks for the tips, chiles. I'll check them out.

  6. Ever since the demo was released I have tried pretty much everything to improve my framerate in the game, from .xml tweaking to basic video card overclock, but all of these hardly had any major performance gain, with 3-5 FPS gains at most.

    When playing around with the Windows task manager to kill some processes and see if RAM usage was the problem, I accidentally shut down a process that caused my onboard sound (SoundMAX Integrated Digital Audio) to be disabled.

    I only found out what happened later in-game, however, when I figured out I had no sound. On the other hand, I had a framerate boost of about 10 FPS.

    I then rebooted my PC and manually disabled the sound card to make sure, and the same thing happened. :blink:

    Question is... Is it normal to get such a FPS gain just by disabling the sound? If not, what can I do to get better performance without having to disable the sound?

    I thought maybe the drivers were old, but I checked and they were the latest available.

    Here are my specs and settings if it helps:

    - ASUS P4V800D-X (SoundMAX Integrated Digital Audio, driver v5.12.1.5150)

    - Pentium 4 3.00GHz 800FSB HT

    - 1GB PC2700 RAM

    - PowerColor X800GT 256MB DDR3 (PCIe)

    Video and audio settings changes didn't do any significant difference in performance (although turning dynamic lights/shadows helped a bit). At medium settings, I get 18-28 FPS with the sound enabled, and 25-35 FPS with the sound disabled.

    Any thoughts?

  7. 1. Mod tools

    2. Fix bugs and minor issues (e.g. add "click" trigger sound when out of ammo, crosshair expanding more than actual accuracy)

    3. Increase performance issues (bad FPS, etc.)

    4. TvT MP gametypes (LMS, Siege, etc.)

    5. More MP maps

    6. Improve movement and stance options/controls, e.g. "Toggle peek" ON/OFF, etc. (see this post)

    7. "Classic" weapons (M4A1 SOPMOD, M16A4, SR25 SPR, M14, etc.)

    8. Add ACOG 4X scope, more freedom of customization (e.g. M68 Aimpoint on MK48 LMG, making the front grip optional, etc.)

    9. Increased field of view (FOV) (preferably 90°)

    10. More graphics and gameplay options (HUD position/toggle, crosshair color/toggle/type, etc.)

  8. The older one looks badass. Perhaps it would have stayed that way had people not complained that it looked too bright. Now we have others (or maybe the same people) saying it is too yellow. It would be cool if you could scale it to your tastes with a slider, but I guess that won't happen.

    Yep, exactly what I thought.

    Pretty much everyone was complaining about how bright it was when it was white.

    Now it's a yellow, darker (comparatively) tone, and people are complaining about that too.

    I agree that it looks more natural with the old lighting, but I don't have a problem with the current lighting... I think it looks good too.

  9. @Low Profile:

    Very good points, well said.

    The control of your movement and stance could be greatly improved with your ideas.

    Options and controls that should be implemented:

    1. "Toggle peek"

    ON: Press the key once to peek, and once again to go back.

    OFF: Hold the key to peek, release to go back.

    Something I noticed: you can't do a "quick peek" with the present system; I have to wait for the animation to reach the full peek movement before I can go back.

    2. "Always run"

    ON: Hold the "Run" key to run, release to walk.

    OFF: Hold the "Run" key to walk, release to run.

    3. "Shuffle"

    A very slow walk, that increases accuracy over the normal walking. The pips should stay within the reticule circle. It could also reduce footstep noise, although I can't hear any noise coming from the normal walking. :unsure:

    Movement features that could be tweaked:

    1. Crouch

    Only gripe I have here is not being able to crouch normally when running.

    Presently, if I am running and decide to go crouch without doing the "backslide", I have to release the run key and give it some time before it finally lets you crouch.

    The "hold" system would fix that -- if you just quickly press (tap) the crouch key, your character should go crouch normally; if you hold down the key, he does the backslide.

    2. Prone spinning

    I also didn't really like how you can spin your character when prone.

    In GR1 you had a limited arch of weapon movement when prone, and if you wanted to point your weapon beyond that point, you had to rotate the rest of your body in that direction.

    I don't know if there are any chances of including this in the game, but it doesn't hurt to ask. :P

    Well, that's all for now. Colin, are all suggestions going to a list?

    EDIT: I haven't played the full version (only the demo), so if any of these things are fixed in the retail, please let me know.

  10. Some more feedback/questions...

    1. I also noticed that there's little to no difference between the SCAR-L (5.56 x 45 mm) and the SCAR-H (7.62 x 51 mm, although it says '45' on the weapons selection screen)... I think that has to be fixed, as right now the SCAR-H is basically a SCAR-L with a lot more recoil a a lot less ammo.

    2. I more than twice would shoot an enemy in the head with the SCAR-H and he wouldn't die, even when he was just wearing a hat. Center-mass shots also are very ineffective even at medium ranges.

    3. The Ghosts seem to be able to take a lot of damage before dying (I made a test and it took four 7.62 mm rounds to the head to kill one of my teammates, at close range), so how will this work on MP TvT? I suppose everyone will have the same amount of "health", but will it be more like the Ghosts on the Mexicans? (I'm hoping the Mexicans...) Also, I think everyone should fall to the ground when shot, like your teammates and the Mexicans.

    4. I already brought this up, but I'm afraid it probably went unnoticed, so here it goes again: when Auto-reload is OFF, there's no animation of your character pulling the trigger, and there's also no "dead man's click" sound. That helps identifying that you're out of ammo. Also, the weapon part of the HUD should turn red when you're out of ammo.

    Now on the positive side, the animations look great (a lot of amazing details, like being able to see yourself changing the firemode on the weapon even from your teammates' perspective) and I really like the HDR, it really captures the bright sunlight in a big city (I live in Sao Paulo).

    I just wish I could get a better framerate, I hope it gets improved.

    EDIT: Formatting.

  11. I played with auto-reload off and couldn't hear the sound of the trigger being pulled when I ran out of bullets ("dead man's click"). Is it just me? That's what usually alerts me that I'm out of ammo.

    On a more important note gameplay-wise, I agree that there should be quick keys for weapon changes -- the current system takes too long, and it's not very precise with the mouse wheel. Also the crosshair takes way too long to close and open up too much much with even a small movement of the mouse, I personally didn't like it at all.

    Graphics-wise, I think the lighting and general effects look great, but the lack of anti-aliasing sucks, there are way too many jaggies, and at longer ranges it's really hard to see.

  12. Ok, here's how it is:

    I don't see what Rugg wrote as an insult or whatever. He stated that himself and his teammates, as well as other squads, are upset about this, and are reconsidering buying the game. What's so insulting about that?

    There was no MP info besides this Domination mode. The game's gone gold, and only now Ubi decides to tell us that GRAW won't have LMS on release. What kind of reaction did you expect? They didn't include the only gametype that really matters for a lot of people, and now it's too late to ask for it.

    GRIN shouldn't have taken that as an offense or insult.

    Last Man Standing/Team Deathmatch was the most popular TvT gametype in GR1, and that's what pretty much every ladder had as its main mode, so they should've expected us to be upset about it. It doesn't make sense to me.

    Fine, there should be a patch to add TDM/LMS to the game, but when will that happen? Even if it comes out a week or two after release, it's still non-sense that you have to wait and download something that should've been already there. Moreover, the release of said patch, much like MP info, will be in Ubi's hands... and that definitely doesn't help.

  13. Impacts are there. But no "GORE". As I said earlier no entrails spilling to the ground from shrapnel hits, no arms being blown off, no long agony screams or heads being town off. No boiling, sizzling or blood pools spilling from dead bodies. I see no need for that.

    That's good enough for me, thanks Bo. :)

  14. Wasn't the blood level supposed to be close to GR1? I knew there wasn't gonna be a blood pool, but I was expecting bullet wounds.

    Are we at least getting the usual impact blood spray? That should still fit in the Teen rating if I remember correctly from other games.

    EDIT: By the way, I'm well aware that this is not GRIN's call (but rather Ubi's), so please don't take it as criticism.

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