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  1. @SuperSixOne I think it might be worth while if you were to take a look at the pinned topic in this section (noted here for your convienence) and pay particular attention to the post by Whiteknight there. For further clarification this looks to be a pretty good account of who is and isn't in the big easy. As reported by Associated Press on 4September2005 Stout Hearts |RE|Warhawk
  2. Did you try the updated marx drivers? Keep in mind that if you do that you may, may mind you, experience a problem where VBS will just crash on you. But give it a go anyways. Have you added any new hardware lately? New driver updates? Any other changes at all? (No matter how insignificant you might think) Stout Hearts |RE|Warhawk
  3. warhawk

    Cop stories

    Best one I've heard in a long while: (originally read it in a LE magazine) An officer waited near a noted intersection waiting for people to run the stop signs there as they were known to do. One individual slowed as he approached the intersection then proceeded down the street. Once the officer got the car stopped and walked up to the driver the following exchanged occured. Police Officer: Do you know why I stopped you? Driver: No I don't. Police Officer: You didn't stop at the stop sign at the intersection behind you. Driver: So? Police Officer: So you are suppose to stop. Driver: I slowed down before proceeding. What's the difference anyway. It's midday and in the obvious working class neighbourhood it's not likely that anyone will be on the streets anyways. Police Officer: There is a big difference between slowing down and stopping. Driver: Whatever you say. Police Officer: Sir could you please step out of the car? Driver: What for? Police Officer: Sir please step out of your car and I will show you the difference between slowing down and stopping. As soon as the driver stepped out of the car the police officer started beating the driver with his nightstick. Through his many screams of stop and why are you doing this the officer stopped momentarily and said, Now do you want me to slow down or stop? Stout Hearts |RE|Warhawk
  4. [AnnoyingKidVoice]Are they done yet, are they done yet, are they done yet, are they done yet, are they done yet, are they done yet, are they done yet, are they done yet, are they done yet, are they done yet, are they done yet, are they done yet, are they done yet, are they done yet.....[AnnoyingKidVoice] ← Thou d'ost forget, I am immune to annoying kid voices, after 3 years of it in stereo, I am now deaf to it. ← So are you done yet? Stout Hearts |RE|Warhawk
  5. I would prefer the cd route myself. What's more I am one of those that online ordering is not really an option. True enough I have in the past for some things but that is something I do very, very rarely. More so I haven't heard too many good things about STEAM in the first place and if that was involved would be an immediate turn off for me. No matter how good the game or sim might be. What's more if in DVD format a CD version would also be nice for those of us that are unable to upgrade at this time. This one fact alone, among a few others, is a major reason why I won't be purchasing GR:AW. Stout Hearts |RE|Warhawk
  6. Is it just me or does it seem just slightly odd that such highly trained operators would be used in such an operation? @WK77 Good point about the Posse Comitatus Act. I was wondering if someone was going to mention that. Stout Hearts |RE|Warhawk
  7. Thanks Whiteknight Stout Hearts |RE|Warhawk EDIT: @Suicide Commando and Dan Warbird pointed out to me how you guys gave me your well wishes too. Sorry I missed it before and thanks guys it's appreciated.
  8. A light patrol It was shaping up to be another hot day in this God forsaken sandbox. A fact that was not lost on any of those gearing up for what was suppose to be a light patrol. No heavy resistance was expected and it was deemed a perfect opportunity to test the ASLAV with it’s new MK19 weapon system. Warbird and Warfalcon were the ones picked to put the vehicle through it’s paces. There had been more than just a few improvements on this vehicle but most notably was it’s armour. Will was wanting/needing some more time behind the turret so an M1A2 was brought up to tag along. After going over the planned patrol route, setting up comms and checking the vehicles over I gave the order to mount up. Will would be taking target practice at some old abandon vehicles once uses as car bombs, while Warbird and Warfalcon were to take point duty. I settled down in the drivers seat and fired the tank up. It roared to life just as it was suppose to. From my left I heard the ASLAV starting up while I heard Warbird requesting a comms check. “Lima Charlie†I replied. With that her ASLAV lurched forward as she sped off down the tarmac heading west. The plan was to head west until we reached highway 12 headed north. From there we would proceed up to the town of Gasan Kul. Reports had indicated that we were to expect light resistance there as Opfor units had been last seen in the area. Armed with RPG’s and standard assault rifles. Once we cleared Gasan we would then proceed east to the town of Batroun where we would regroup and move to the airport at Tamet. The airport was suspected of only being lightly guarded and we were to go there and stir things up a bit. Then proceed home. Simple enough it seemed. Nearing the end of the runway Warbird put out a contact call that brought us all back to the reality of what were doing here. â€Looks like a standard patrol armed with RPG’sâ€. She stated. “Load HEAT rounds†I told Will, not really expecting to get to use them. The enemy had a habit of setting up fire teams at the end of the runway to harass aircraft coming and going from the airbase. This was no exception this time. Warfalcon opened up with his new “toy†and the patrol was quickly decimated. He barely fired a half a dozen rounds into the patrol. This new system was looking good already. It’s new optics were suppose to greatly increase what the operator could see and afford him some zoom capability. Once we verified that the area was secured we got back on mission making it highway 12 and starting our long trek north. Will spent his time scanning for any available target of opportunity. I was sure that he was just itching to shoot something after seeing Warfalcon draw first blood that way. The trip up to Gasan Kul was uneventful as expected. Throughout the trip Falcon would talk about some of the new features. In retrospect I have to say it was probably one of the only reasons we didn’t go insane from the boredom but that was something that was about to be interrupted. As we neared the town Bird put out her first contact calls and Falcon’s weapon came to life again throwing death out ahead of us with almost surgical precision. Will and I broke left to swing around the west side of town to cut off one avenue of the enemies ability to flank. I almost forgot that I had Will reload HEAT rounds when our main gun roared to life. I watched as an entire patrol was wiped out in one well placed round. I then heard Will switch to his .50 cal and in the distance I could hear the explosions of the 40mm rounds exploding through out town. After making several trips around and through town we found that we had quickly neutralized the opposition. After quickly firing off a contact report back to headquarters we moved out again. Making the long trip to the town of Batroun. Warfalcon’s recent return from training on the MK19 was paying off in spades. He was showing surprising marksmanship with the new weapon platform. I made a mental note to buy those CSHAG boys a round for the time the put into helping him become acquainted with it. Once we reached Batroun we swung SE heading across country to our next highway. Our next regroup point was the town of Miziara. The trip here was uneventful which was starting to seem odd. For a place that had seen so much fighting in the past few weeks were was everyone? I could tell this was starting to wear on the crew of both vehicles by the tone of their responses. As we sat there, engines shut off talking about our plan of attack bird heard it first. â€What’s that sound to SE?†She asked. I listened a bit closer and it hit me like a ton of bricks. “They have a Hind airborne!†Hatches were quickly closed as a I called out to HQ for a barrage of smoke to hide our approach. The smoke would likely do little to hide our approach as it was more likely to the enemy an exact location to look. I was banking on the hope that the gunner in the helo wouldn’t be totally up to snuff and that the smoke might buy us sometime. Both vehicles roared to life as we moved off to our next objective. I didn’t even have to tell Will he had already reloaded his first Sabot round and once we were moving I heard him report. â€Loaded for Sabotâ€. Will was now scanning furiously. But not at ground level this time. He was looking for our friend in the air. A quick look as the ‘Lav told me that Falcon was doing that and scanning for ground targets. We could hear him out over the water to our east and I know that we all hoped that somehow he would stay there though we all knew better. “Target Hind 12 o’clock on the tarmac†I called out. Even while I was still talking Will already had his turret moving that direction. The turret rested for a second as will acquired his target and let his first Sabot fly. The round impacted perfectly against the side of the aircraft completely destroying it. “Frog 11 o’clock†Will rotated his turret back to the left and as his sights came to rest on the airplane he squeezed the trigger sending another smoothbore round home to it’s target. Off to my right I heard the MK19 come to life as Falcon started engaging ground targets. That’s when our friend made his presence known. He said hello by sending a rocket into the side of the ‘Lav sending it out of momentary control on it’s right side wheels. I expected the worst as I watched in horror as pieces of the new armour flew through the air and smoke poured from the vehicle. “Get that *****!!†I hissed at Will. Already thinking the same thing Will spun his turret 180 degrees and elevating it 40. â€GOT HIM!!†Will said as he depressed the trigger once again. The tank lurched forward as the round left the barrel on it’s own high speed destiny with the Hind. The pilot probably only had enough time to soil himself as he saw the smoke come from the barrel. The round struck home right in the cockpit sending pieces of aircraft everywhere in the resulting explosion. What amazed me even more was to see the ASLAV come back down and back to a sense of control that could only mean one thing. “We’re alright†Warbird reported. The armour had done it’s job but what’s more it exceeded specifications. I was so amazed what I was looking at that I never even saw the Tech but I felt and heard the sound of crunching metal as I ran over it. I swung back toward the airbase only to see another technical emerge from between the hangers. I don’t know who actually killed at both 40mm rounds and a Sabot round hit it at the sametime. Falcon swung around to his right and started engaging more ground troops. I could hear Will swearing in the gunner’s compartment and what I didn’t know is there was a problem that occurred while trying to load more HEAT rounds. Will blurted out, “There’s RPG soldiers 9 o’clock†I looked in horror as I saw 4 of them all taking aim at the ASLAV. I called out over the comms circuit trying to warn Warbird as I hit the gas trying to close the distance on them. Bird saw them too late as they let their RPG’s fly. Three of the four found their mark and the ASLAV exploded instantly. I could feel the blood leaving my knuckles as my hands squeezed tighter and tighter around the controls of the 100 ton behemoth. I felt no more pity or sorrow for the ones I crushed than they did for killing my team mates. The comm frequency from HQ came to life with new orders for us. We were to proceed south to the town of Damoh as a predator drone that had been sent to the area had been shot down. But not before sending back pictures of a Mechanized Division in town. Included in this division was what appeared to be at least 3 T-80 MBT’s. A fire mission had already been called for and artillery rounds would be reigning down on town in less than 60 seconds as they battlefield was prepped for our arrival. I swung the tank back south forcing the images I just had into the back of my mind. Such thoughts would only cloud my judgement at this point and I needed to have a clear head. I could hear the distant sounds of what sounded like thunder but I knew better. Rounds were on their way out and would be finding their home quickly. We approached the town from the east side and quickly found our first two targets. â€Shilka 1 o’clock†I called out. Will turned the turret as we moved forward and fired destroying the AA piece instantly. â€T-55 11 o’clock†Again Will fired true sending another tank to the scrap pile. We were cutting tanks down literally left and right as we proceeded south. Will was like a man on a mission. Each round fired found it’s mark As we rounded the southern side of town that’s when we saw them. The first of three sat at an intersection facing south. His shot went hit but not Will’s. It slammed home just underneath the turret. The T-80 was shoved back into a building and was now stuck. I quickly backed us up to give Will time to reload. He quickly did so and to our surprise when we pulled back out there was another T-80 trying to pull his buddy out of his jam. Will fired without hesitation striking the first T-80 again. This time it came apart at the seems as the explosion was fuelled by not only Will’s Sabot round but also the tanks own ammunition and fuel. These secondaries caused collateral damage to the second T-80. As I sat there watching the conflagration at the end of the street Will reloaded another round and fired at the second tank. The resulting explosion brought down the buildings around it burying both tanks under 8ft of rubble. I quickly moved us out of the area lest we became a target ourselves. “T-55 3 o’clock†I called out. Will sent another round out and sent another tank up in a ball of flame. The town was getting hard to see now with all the smoke in the area. I moved us up slowly. I knew there was another T-80 out there and no doubt he would be looking for revenge. We came across him on a little secondary street. His problem was two-fold. The street was too narrow to manoeuvre and he was facing the wrong way. Will’s first shot went wild for some reason and I could hear Will swearing behind me. He must have been really mad too because I heard everything he was saying. His second round slammed home on the back of the tank. Unfortunately there was nothing the driver could do. His commander had put them in a bad spot and they were going to pay for it. Will’s third round left the barrel as the T-80 was moving forward in an ill-fated attempt to get away. â€Too little, too late†I thought to myself. Will saw it before I did. A shilka was parked in the park to our left and it’s turret was coming to bare on us. Will beat him to the punch as the Shilka’s turret went flying through the air. I heard will snicker over comms as he said in his heavy Australian accent….. “Ummmm…….. I think we’ve sturred up a bloody hornet’s nest hereâ€. We both burst out laughing. A quick run through town, the parts we could get through, revealed that it seemed to be secure but we would leave that up to the ground troops to confirm. I sent out a quick contact report before heading back to the enemy airbase to pick up our fallen team mates. We may have lost two of our own but the enemy paid a heavy price for it. Stout Hearts |RE|Warhawk
  9. 7/10 Rate this one instead of my normal sig please. Stout Hearts |RE|Warhawk
  10. Have two really. First and foremost has to be the old .45. That has to be the sweetest round I have ever fired. I would have switched to it for my service weapon had a change of careers not been in order. My second choice would have to be the .40 starfire round I carried. Nice round. Between the two though the .45 gets my vote. The thing with the starfire round for me was it's performance. First hand experience and some of what I read showed that it, at the time of the studies conducted, held up to the specs of the Black Talon rounds that were out about the same time period. Not quite the same level if I recall correctly but close. Stout Hearts |RE|Warhawk
  11. 6 out of 10..... Stout Hearts |RE|Warhawk
  12. From what I have been told he is far more important than Gordo. Something you might want to consider when you pick who you contact. Stout Hearts |RE|Warhawk
  13. I.............. I'm not going to say it. I'm going to be good. Going to resist..... Stout Hearts |RE|Warhawk
  14. @Wolfsong As long as they track their PM that they send out yes they can. Stout Hearts |RE|Warhawk
  15. Don't you mean most "lay" people? Stout Hearts |RE|Warhawk
  16. Good thing I'm not going isn't it? Stout Hearts |RE|Warhawk
  17. Last I had heard Bajabravo was looking at the VBS1 community. But that I don't think can be either confirmed or denied at this point. He does state that he is getting tied up with the Canadian Army Reserves. Stout Hearts |RE|Warhawk
  18. Congrats WK!!! I sent the quesiton I want you to ask via PM. Stout Hearts |RE|Warhawk
  19. Operation Hammerstroke- The morning air was not only filled with the smell of the morning dew but also of a bit of uncertainty. It had only been a couple of weeks since those Aussie boys had been brought in to bolster our capabilities. They were a good group of guys all of them. We had worked on a few operations together in the past and always things had turned out reasonably well. But something was just a bit different this time. I just couldn’t put my finger on it. The battles had raged in this theatre for sometime now. Most of what remained for towns were really nothing more than mere shells of a former life. The enemy had been pushed back across the river east of Davle and it was there that they had made their stand. Supplies were growing thin as the AA Defence network erected by the opposition was proving quite formidable. The mission was expected to take quite a few hours, maybe even a day, to complete. We had to knock out a forward C&C post and knock back those damn AA guns. Also we had to try to knock out four T-72’s in the area. What’s more intel had, at the last minute naturally, dropped the fact that there might even be a T-80 MBT in the area. And us with only two Javelins between both teams. Those intel weenies couldn’t even agree on the possible air threat to us either. The sun seemed to cast an eerie shadow across the UH-60 and S-70 Blackhawk’s sitting on the tarmac as we gathered together once again and shook hands. It was good to see Dekela again and though we had never inserted in a mission with Viper his reputation proceeded him. It was a real bummer to be without Gordo and Duggy but they were on other assignments and would miss out on this op. We were down a few men ourselves but we had a job to do. Viper spread a map of the area out between our two groups and we sat about to come up with a plan of action. We knew that pushing to far to the west with the helo’s was ill-advised and what made Dek’s say it none really understood. “I’ll get our team across that river. Right here, just south of the C&C Post†We all just kind of looked at him. I knew he had balls but this was crazy. NATO aircraft had taken a real beating over that side of river and his S-70 was no match at all for what lay ahead of him. With a few other things laid out we decided to combine our small force and move on the C&C post together but go in separate helo’s just in case. With that Will, Gordo’s brother, loaded up in the S-70 with Viper and Dekela. ShotGun, Warbird, LilGun and myself loaded up into the UH-60. Soon the whine of helo rotors drummed out every other thought in our heads as we lifted off and headed into the morning sun. I kept an eye on the map as Shotgun kept us close to the ground to avoid detection as long as possible. I oddly never found it uneasy to be flying TNOE. It certainly kept the blood flowing. The mags for the “experimental†25mm sniper rifle were digging hard into my back which made me feel every little pull and jerk as Shotgun moved to avoid hills and trees. We had only two of these rifles, one in each bird, and both were anti-material weapons. Supposedly they would cut through light armour with little or no effort and I guess I drew the short straw to find out for our team. I looked up and didn’t see Dek’s helo anymore scanning the radar I found him way out in front of us. He was really burning through the fuel to get there I thought to myself. The trip was uneventful as we figured it would be. That’s until Dek’s radio came to life. “Jesus look that AA FIRE!!!!!†â€We have tracers all around us†Viper called out. With that I felt my stomach lurch up into my throat as Shotgun dumped the collective putting us down hard. I just knew he broke something on the aircraft with as hard as we hit. A quick glance out of the cockpit told me that we were exactly where we had planned on stopping. As I jumped out and grabbed my weapon I heard Dek’s helo coming in. Something didn’t sound right about it. I soon found out why. Thick black smoke was pouring from both the engine compartment and the crew compartment. Will had both doors open trying to get fresh air in. As he touched down his team jumped out and we regrouped on our Blackhawk. “I do believe those lads are serious about keeping aircraft out of there†said Dekela with twisted grin. No doubt trying to hide just how shaken he was. Viper was just quiet. He was a strange one to figure out for sure. Known to be quite the task master for his team, he was known to hone the CSHAG crew to sharp edge. “I saw a couple of zodiacs on our side.†Remarked Will, bringing us all back to reality. Intel had told us that a spec op team had been sent in ahead of us to set those up and provide any last minute intel which only amounted to them hearing something tracked across the bridge at Davle. With that we moved out. We knew what we had to do and now was the time to do it. Just how alerted the enemy would be to our presence now none of us knew but it mattered little as soon they would know without a doubt we were there. Once at the boats we all jumped in one and headed across. Dek’s cut the engine ¾ of the way over and we coasted to a nice quiet stop on the west bank. We silently split up into two assault groups and moved into position around the command post. Weapon status was free so it was no surprise to hear an M4 come to life as a 9 man patrol popped over the ridge. With that we started moving in. Covering and moving as we went. With in no time we had control of the command post. Jeese, I though to myself, this isn’t going to be so bad after all. Shotgun was the first to hear them. Off in the distance we could hear the unmistakable sounds of trees being snapped in half, no doubt that was the T-72’s being sent in to investigate the status of their command post. Will was moving up along the north side of the post when he got jumped. A small 2 man, probably recon, team put him down quickly. All we heard was “CONTACT!†and the following sounds of AK fire. Shotgun and Bird quickly put those two down before they could much more. I took two steps forward and felt a sharp pain tear through my shoulder. I never even heard the report of the Dragunov but everyone else did. I scrambled to a near by bush hoping to gain some cover. I heard two more cracks of the rifle as the rounds landed close to me. This guy had my number and I knew it was only a matter of time. The rest of the team was busy looking for him but I knew I needed a better hiding spot. Seeing the half-wall in front of me I took my last step as I tried make a run for it. The pain in my chest was excruciating. The round hit low in my sternum just missing my heart by an amount so small it was a pure and simple miracle I wasn’t killed instantly. As I lay there bleeding I heard Dek’s say “Hold Hawk, I’m coming for youâ€. After the next crack of that rifle I never heard another thing from Dekela. The squad was taking a real beating now. All the attention being focused on the sniper had allowed the T-72’s to take a position up on a hill over looking the command post. Viper shouldered his Javelin knocking out one tank but immediately took 3 smooth bore rounds for his trouble. The blast also took out Warbird. The sniper quickly took care of LilGun. As my life escaped my body I watched in horror as ShotGun tried shouldering a confiscated RPG launcher only to have machinegun fire from the tanks cut him to pieces. I’m so cold. Can someone get me a blanket? Hello……….. Is anyone there?? Why am I alone…. Stout Hearts |RE|Warhawk
  20. Here's a few pics from some joint operations run last night by |RE| and [CSHAG]. RE and CSHAG taking off from their airbase (pic 1 of 2) Both Helo's airborne (pic 2 of 2) Aus_Viper providing overwatch for the squad Stout Hearts |RE|Warhawk
  21. @Nova Does Ireland even have a navy? Outside of rowboats that is...... sorry couldn't resist. Here's a pic of one from Australia. This has got to be one of the best looking vessels I've seen in a while. Stout Hearts |RE|Warhawk
  22. That's ok your from Manitoba....... We understand. Stout Hearts |RE|Warhawk
  23. It's pics like these two that make me miss being at sea again. Stout Hearts |RE|Warhawk
  24. If they are in fact Merc's then that's what they are. Gun's for hire. Not necessarily anything wrong with the title per se. Unless you perscribe to the notion that the UN is good for the world. Stout Hearts |RE|Warhawk
  25. Here's a new one. Desktop here Stout Hearts |RE|Warhawk
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