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  1. Congrats Hack!! Stout Hearts |RE|Warhawk
  2. Just goes to show you when you want something approaching a sense of realism this won't be from GR:AW or UBI. Oh well. More of the "you'll play the game the way we want you to" kind of thought. No creative thinking, no chance to really exercise your mind. IE lets gear to the kids and the....... (nevermind sometimes even I can excerise some amount of self control ) Stout Hearts |RE|Warhawk
  3. @the.ronin Thank you for your part in this project. It means alot to this vet. <S> Stout Hearts |RE|Warhawk
  4. Not always. Which I....nevermind. Stout Hearts |RE|Warhawk
  5. That's not because of the content. Rather of some who choose to discuss it and somewhere along the way leave their maturity, in some cases what little they have, at the door. @xG5kdo The problem with the immigration policy in Canada is not necessarily the immigrants themselves but the policy itself. I have witnessed first hand the lax way the immigration officers deal with "refugees" coming into Canada. In one specific case a "new immigrant" walked into the border crossing office after I had already been in there for 10 minutes. He walked up to the window and said (and this is no joke) "refugee" "Canada". Those were the only two words he said. He was taken to the back and walked out 5 minutes later with an Immigration officer saying "Those papers are all you need to work in Canada welcome to your new home" "Please report to this address on this date for your immigration hearing" and the immigrant walked out. Immigration Canada lately reported that they do not know the where abouts of some 80% of those who claimed refugee status to get into Canada. Of those nearly all failed to appear for their hearings. Stout Hearts |RE|Warhawk
  6. @the.ronin I like it so far. Understanding you still have some work to do on it as well. I heard the version with the commentary and have to say I like it without it. I say let the words on the cards be your commentary. Let the politican's have their soundbites in the media. Stout Hearts |RE|Warhawk
  7. ****emphasis mine**** Stout Hearts |RE|Warhawk ← Actually it's politics not policy... ← Actually I know that but the site I pulled the quote from had policy. Probably a translation thing but at the root policy and politics can and often are the same thing. Stout Hearts |RE|Warhawk
  8. That's what I was refering to. ← I hadn't forgotten and I knew what you were referring to. My point remains the same. Stout Hearts |RE|Warhawk
  9. Remember: ****emphasis mine**** Stout Hearts |RE|Warhawk
  10. I think out of all the countries that I have looked into Austrailia seems to be about the only ones willing to do it right in the first place. Not only do you have this but consider what they do with those claiming "refugee status". Those people get to spend a bit of time in not so nice surroundings, last time I heard guarded by the army because they were acting a fool in their previous detention area, while their status is actually confirmed. I know for a fact that Canada for one could learn a lesson or two from the Aussie's reguarding how they handle new immigrants. Especially so-called refugees. But I'll stop now before I get on my soap box. Stout Hearts |RE|Warhawk
  11. Tennesee is 3:41 and Brothers is a bit longer at 4:06 In case you didn't know, IE your actually from another planet or have been living in a cave with bin hiding, Hans Zimmer did both of those. Stout Hearts |RE|Warhawk
  12. @the.Ronin How about the song "Brothers" from Pearl Harbour. If you needed it to be longer you could then use "Tennesse" ahead of it. The two, with Tennesse being first go perfectly together as far as I'm concerned. If you need them let me know. The Edmund Burke quote is good I agree. Something a little more original might be better though. What about, "When the world called they answered. Now they call upon us to remember." "Their duty was to protect the innocent and the oppressed. Ours is to remember." "They responded when the wolf was at our door." May seem kind of corny. Maybe quite a bit to some. But hopefully it they might serve to get some more creative juices flowing. Stout Hearts |RE|Warhawk
  13. Score one for the good guys. Stout Hearts |RE|Warhawk
  14. Rest easy brother. Rest easy. Stout Hearts |RE|Warhawk
  15. Who me? Rub it in? Now why would I do that? But let me guess your not trying to rub it in with this statement are you? Stout Hearts |RE|Warhawk
  16. Longest shot to date...... 1312m Weapon used.... Not able to disclose at this time. Stout Hearts |RE|Warhawk
  17. Quilty as charged. Though that's from just being lazy. Do my best not to do that. Even when I want to bust a jarhead's chops. Stout Hearts |RE|Warhawk ← Its ok mate i make allowances for you obviously, i count it towards my charity work .. ← Yeah I got some charity work for you to do. Come over here and muster on station. Stout Hearts |RE|Warhawk
  18. Quilty as charged. Though that's from just being lazy. Do my best not to do that. Even when I want to bust a jarhead's chops. Stout Hearts |RE|Warhawk
  19. The one thing that remains constant in this world is people's right to free speech. Whether that right was protected for me, Dannik or gained for the people of Iraq the outcome is the same. It takes the common soldier, sailor and airman to guarentee that right. Not some politician. We may not always agree with what people say but they do have the right to say it because of those in uniform. Stout Hearts |RE|Warhawk
  20. Would be a shame if some admin went in and "adjusted" your posts everytime you got close. Stout Hearts |RE|Warhawk
  21. Don't care if I win or not. But my entry: For Reconsnake, may your travels be accompanied by fair winds and following seas whereever you maybe. Stout Hearts |RE|Warhawk
  22. @Foxhound No longer being able to post that your copy of VBS1 is for sale is news to me. By that I didn't know about that until you said it and I checked it for myself. That does hinder one's ability to sell VBS and sure there is no more of a guarentee that the person buying it, whether on Ebay or the official forums, is n't someone that you might not want to have VBS. In other words by selling online you don't know who you are really selling to. Keep in mind I could care less really if some 13 year old 1337 g4m3r gets it. It's been my experience those that act in that manner often find themselves on the outside looking in at most servers I've been to. What bothers me is the possibilty of this software making it's way to say those people who the ADF train to fight. For one example. Up to this point I think BIA and even (and I have to really fight not choking on my words here) CTCorp, have done a great job of ensuring that doesn't happen. I feeltoo that SniperAndy wouldn't intentionally do so himself. But at somepoint you know the genie is going to get out of the bag. Who knows though by then VBS2 will be out making it all academic. Stout Hearts |RE|Warhawk
  23. Just 18 years into the 20th century and the world had been transformed. Gone was it’s innocence and forever present was a new term. World War. In 1914 the world was plunged into a war that was soon tagged as the war to end all wars. Mankind had seen war before. But never like this. This war was not just confined to the land or marked by great sea battles by dictorial captains of old sailing man o’wars. It took place not only in those places but also under the ocean and in the air. Mankind got it’s first taste of the use of weapons of mass destruction during combat. When Germany first used Chlorine Gas the world cried out. But quickly the world followed suit. It was a time of both man and machine. A time of new inventions. New ways for man to kill man. The airplane made it’s first appearance as a scout. As the war dragged on it turned into a bomber and fighter. Sometimes one and the same, sometimes all three. This war also saw the first use of submarines in a new kind of warfare. Submarines had indeed been around for a while previous to the beginning of hostilities but their use was limited by the fact that the people often onboard the submarines were on a one way mission. Technological advances of the time meant that this new threat in war was one that was credible and not to be ignored. In a prelude of things to come civilization learned that technology when used in a wartime situation yielded horrific events and casualties. The common soldier and sailor long knew of the horrors of war but the civilians the fought for and to protect new relatively little. That would change. Casualties for World War I included: Aproximately 5.17 million for the Allies, 8.6 million for the Central Powers worldwide (figure includes losses from the Ottoman empire) and 15.1 million civilian casualties. Other casualties were those of the “Old World Orderâ€. World War I marked the demise of the absolute monarchy in Europe with four monarchy’s shattered and broken. Gone were the Russian, German, Austro-Hungarian , and Ottoman Empires. Many lost their lives in this “Great Warâ€. Many came home a shell of their former selves. Some with wounds so deep that they would never heal. Lost in the eternal fight for their own sanity. Grief for their fallen brothers, the friends they would not see again. Some buried in the very land they fought to free. Some to a grave in the deep oceans. Have we remembered them? Are the lost on the RMS Lusitania remembered? What about those lost on the western front? Or those in the sands of the Ottoman empire? Every year about this time people have events of past wars brought back to the forefront again. What I find sad is that some have to have this reminder. Remembrance shouldn’t be about what we do once a year. It should be about what we do everyday. We can honour those fallen hero’s by remember of their sacrifice. We can honour the courage of the innocence caught in the crossfire. Some fought for freedom. Some for King and Country. Others because they had been called to do so. No matter the reason. No matter the cause we should remember that the freedoms we have today we owe not to our politicians, news media or other such self serving group. We owe our freedoms to those brave souls that stood watch and visited harm on those who would have taken our freedoms and the freedom’s of others away. Do not underestimate the power of the words “Thank You†to a vet. Do not just utter those words on November 11th. Say it then to be sure, but also say it through out the years. Whenever you get the chance. Don’t say it expecting a response. If that is why you are saying thanks, then please don’t. Instead take the time and effort to learn why you should. By way of example let me share something with you. A few weeks ago I went to the store. Not an unusual trip for me to be sure. At least not at the start but things changed quickly as I pulled into the parking lot. As I sat in my car, impatiently waiting for a driver to back her big SUV out I looked past the source of my irritation at an elderly couple getting out of their van. As one would expect it was parked in a handicapped spot. The couple didn’t attract my attention at first. It was what was printed all over the van. On the van were messages reminding us to thank vets for the freedom’s we love. As I watched the driver, an elderly gentleman probably in his late 70’s early 80’s, struggle with his cane as he walked to the store I noticed a few kids riding their bikes between the cars. Seeing my spot vacated I quickly pulled in as I could see the kids were on their way to a “collision courseâ€, of sorts, with this couple. As I got out of my car the man’s wife pulled on his shirt sleeve just as the kids went by. “Watch it old man!†one of them yelled. The old gentleman didn’t miss a stride. He put his head down and moved off to the store. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to imagine what I would have done had I gotten a hold of that little ###### but I was more affected not by his words but by this old warrior’s demeanor. There is not doubt in my mind that in his day he could have turned that kid every way but lose and I’m sure many here would have paid a good penny to see that show. I caught up with the old couple at the door to the store. “Excuse me sir†I said with my hand extended. “You don’t know me and are not likely to meet me again but I wanted to thank you†“Too many of our kids today do no realize the treasure they have in the freedom’s they have thanks to many like you.†“Thanks to you sir, and many other great men like you, I had the opportunity to follow my dream as has my step son.†I shook his hand briefly, with him never saying a word. He didn’t have to. He had already done enough. I stepped back and let them through the door ahead of me and we parted ways. I’ll never forget the look on his face. That look was one that no words can describe and until you have the chance to experience it yourself you never will understand what it’s like. My question to us all is this. Do we really realize the treasure we have in the freedom obtained for us by those that have gone before us? Do you? Stout Hearts |RE|Warhawk
  24. GR has been uninstalled since Feb. of this year. To be honest, I don't even know where the install cd's are. So the short answer is no. On the same token GR:AW in it's current state won't be on my PC either. I'm not going to rehash the reasons over and again as to why. Best thing to do is use the search feature on this board if you want to know why as I have said it enough times. UBI has let me down for the last time. Stout Hearts |RE|Warhawk
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