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  1. Thanks to all. Can you stand more Q's and a couple of comments? Does GR, etc. change behavior when you save a game and restart play at the save? I've never played a game that did this before. To Crimson re the clicks: When I move through a mission I hear clicks or clicking sounds. Do you not hear them? I'm not sure that I can describe it more accurately than that. Anyone else hear 'em? (BTW: Why 2005? You haven't given up on '04 already have you? ) To SotoMac: Thanks for the excellent WT's but my question was more about why the game wasn't geared more toward rewarding the work done in the intial levels. My concern was that I had not played GR at a high enough level (elite) to bring those heroes with me into the expansion packs. It was also directly related to my troubles with DS3 and DS4 where silenced weapons seem to be required; but the only silenced weapons I had seen up to that point were in GR with Grey and Ramierez. To Dark Ranger and supasniper: Checking it out! Later
  2. Hey all, I'm new to the board but have used the site and the WT's. I hope you can answer a few questions. Is there a way to carry the unlocked heroes from GR into DS or IT? I bought the Gold Edition because I was gonna marry Grey and make Ramierez best man! Now as I begin to play DS it's rookies again. Are some of the heroes lame? It seemed that Osadze, despite the size of his gun, would come back from a mission with 0 kills or would open up at exactly the wrong time and place. I started to refer to him as 'Osadsack'. What is the signifigance of the clicking sounds? Are they an indication of anything? Will the AI teams use both weapons, or will they use the primary weapon only? Do you folks consider using Igor to explore a map cheating or reconnaissance? I'd like to thank Yodasplat, NYR, SOTO Mac, Crimson, Xian Saint, Sartillies, and Stalker for your excellent WT''s! Later
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