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  1. So you're not voting then are you? It was sarcasm, as it's finest. I vote, and surely not for nader. But im glad nader is running so it takes some left wing followers away from Kerry.
  2. I'd rather have people not vote, than make un-educated votes. Nothing worse than someone voting for someone when they dont know the policies being offered by the candidates. Go nader.
  3. Like someone said earlier, make SOAF an expansion pack to Ghost Recon. It would have made much more money that way, because i bet everyone of us here would have bought it. Cause i know, i didn't buy it, considering the fact it was a movie, and figured it would be a poop game. Call it Ghost Recon: Sum of All Fears.
  4. Try not to take offense to this, but that is the exact reaction I was expecting. Back to the original topic, Martha... seems shes loosing hundreds of millions of dollars because of people selling her stock. Talk about a ruined life. And all over just a little money, relatively compared to what other money she had.
  5. Thanks for correcting me, big man. You seem to argue alot on the boards. I didn't like you before this thread, and my thoughts on you havent changed.
  6. How did i know that you wouldnt answer the question, you would just turn the question. And how can i give proof of an opinion? Thats all i ever stated was my opinion. I'm going on the basis that if i had 2 ultimatums. 1 being that i steal something. and 2 being that if i got caught i wouldnt have a hand. I think i would think loooooong and hard, and me, in my personal opinion, would choose to have a hand.
  7. I'm going to call you on your game. Show me some figures that show that theft is still present in countries that cut off your hand for stealing. Please show me.
  8. I never said chopping off a hand was morally correct. I merely stated that if you chopped hands off for theft, you wouldnt have so much stolen. Right or wrong, i dont think people could deny the fact people wouldn't steal.
  9. Any viewsonice monitor will do you good.
  10. LOL and people wonder why America has tons of crime. I guarantee you if you got your hand chopped off for stealing there wouldnt be much theft.
  11. I have an HP Pavilion f1703 and i love it. Its an LCD monitor. I have no ghosting, no lag on any games. The graphics looks smoooooth, and run fast. Did i mention i actually have a desk now? well not really anymore but the first day i put the monitor down i had a desk, now the space removed by the crt to lcd move is now covered in papers lol.
  12. Ive always been kinda soft on women criminals, even more for older women like ms stewart. if I had the authority, I wouldnt send her to jail, Id have her do some serious community service. helping the neady. I thought lady justice was blind?
  13. ROFL i heard a guy on tv commenting on the case and he had some words of advice for martha. he told her that if one of the inmates tells her that she will toss her salad, that its not what she thinks.
  14. Snake man, I am no psychology major, but what i think your condition is called, is "little man" syndrome. Its when a man is smaller than the average guy, and is picked on in real life. Normally having a smaller than normal pen0r. Therefor he goes around acting like he has the biggest stick on the block, and instead of working it backfires on him, and just makes him look like a little man with a short temper. Trust me bro, no one cares about how good you are at video games. It's getting alittle old that 90% of your posts go along the lines of "Who plays (insert game title) because if you do, i will so own you at that game, because im uber l33t, omg ###### i rule and you dont. i know algebra because me + my game > you + your game." And to sum up that paragraph into 1 sentence. NO ONE CARES!
  15. I bet she won't be a ###### in prison, i bet she'll run the joint before long.
  16. I won't even comment on the Bush quote, don't want to start something.
  17. http://money.cnn.com/2004/03/05/news/compa...rdict/index.htm At her hearing, she was said to say "This is not a good thing." buahaha ^j/k
  18. The ban does nothing. If someone wants a fully automatic weapon, they will get it by what ever means necessary. Like someone said earlier, all you're doing with the ban, is hurting the gun enthusiest who would use those weapons for target practice.
  19. I find it funny you people are arguing over pictures of "soldiers" around an embassy. You will never ever know who they are, or what service branch they are from. And especially since all SF customize their equipment, so you can't say "Oh well he has his side arm on his right leg, in a black holster, he must be Delta" you cant say anything like that, so how can anyone possibly say who is who in those pictures? I think everyone needs to get off their high horse, and stop trying to be a bunch of know-it-all's.
  20. I saw this a few years back on the History channel, and they had a few of these attached to HUMVEE's. Pretty neat device.
  21. If you're going to allow Semi-automic weapons to be sold, they're just as leathal in the right hands, as a fully automatic weapon in someone elses. I like the motto "It's not the gun that kills, its the person behind the gun." And if someone comes back with the reply of "What about a gun going off on accident, or a child getting a hold of one and accidently killing their friend or themself." Well my reply to that is, what about a car, and it just happens that the breaks go out. And the person driving can't do anything but stear, and they accidently run over a child. Is that person in the wrong? Or was it because of faulty break pads? You can not justify regulations through morality.
  22. I want to buy this game, but i don't know which to play it on... Playstation 2 or PC. Could you all please compare and contrast the differences and your preferences with the 2. Thanks.
  23. Roger that, atleast its in your plan. Good luck.
  24. Not trying to be a butthead here, but that site is just a plain phpnuke skin, with no customizable aspect of it. If you're wanting a successful site, i suggest trying to get something that catches the viewer's eye.
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